In its 13th edition MINA, the Mobile Innovation Network and Association, will present a public screening of smartphone, mobile and pocket films and internationally via Urban Screen TV and MINAVault online.

MINA is the longest-running film festival dedicated to celebrating mobile and smartphone film-making internationally. MINA creates connections between filmmakers, communities and the creative industries.

The #MINA2024 International Mobile Innovation Screening will showcase short films (8 min maximum duration) produced on and with smartphones, mobile and pocket cameras.

In the last eleven years, MINA featured new developments in narrative and non-narrative explorations, in documentary, experimental and abstract filmmaking. In 2017 MINA successfully introduced drone filmmaking and in 2018 Mobile Cinematic VR productions as part of the screening program. Mobile AR, mobile VR and drone project videos can include project showcases and documentation (maximum duration 4min). Last year we introduced a Vertical Video category in collaboration with Vertifilms and this year MINA introduced Mobile AI as part of its Innovation category.

In 2024 MINA will present

- an open call for mobile, smartphone and pocket films
- New Voices: Next Gen smartphone filmmakers - a category for young and emerging filmmakers (including students)
- Mobile Cinematic VR & 360° Video Production: The Future is Now - a category for Cinematic VR and 360° Video Production
- Innovation category: Mobile AI, Vertical Videos & Mobile Films, Mobile AR, Mobile XR, Mobile Storytelling, live streaming, mobile social media apps, micro-movies & micro-formats (such as TikTok videos) and other pocket cameras (such as GoPros) & mobile devices.
-#EcoSmartphoneFilms, focus on Ecology

Submissions must be filmed on a mobile, smartphone or pocket camera and can be edited on a mobile device, pad, smartphone or desktop computer.

MINA Screening Partners:
Urban Screen TV
Luma Touch
FiLMiC Pro
Moondog Labs

13th International Mobile Innovation Screening & Smartphone Film Festival

Smartphones provide opportunities to see the world in a new perspective and change the viewpoints of representation. With the rise of MoJo (mobile journalism) and transmedia storytelling filmmakers, artists, activists and designers establish new forms of connectivity and sociability. Collaborative and co-creative film-making practices empower communities around the world to express themselves. With the constant innovation of camera technology and image/video processing applications, mobile and smartphones aesthetics are shaping new experiences and enable storytellers to cover new ground. In order to make the program accessible in an uncertain time for travelling the screening reel will also be streamed via MINAVault and UTV.

For further questions or if you would like to host a smartphone filmmaking screening or workshop email

Selected works from the #MINA2024 International Mobile Innovation Screening will be featured in the MINA program and MINA’s international partner festivals & screenings.

Submitted short film, documentaries, experimental films and videos shall be filmed with a mobile, smartphone or pocket cameras. Filmmakers agree for videos to be featured in MINA promotional material, online & in print, in the MINA show reel and featured MINA screenings and exhibitions.

Projects can be edited on smartphones, mobile devices or desktop computers.

Filmmakers have to submit a short synopsis (200-250 words), a short biographical note (100-150 word), Twitter and/or Facebook name.

In order to make the program accessible in an uncertain time for travelling the screening reel will also be streamed via MINAVault (or an alternative platform).

Title of Film, Name of Filmmaker, duration, country of production, name of smartphone/tablet shall be provided with all submissions.

Please note that by submitting your smartphone film to MINA, you accept and agree that you grant MINA a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, screen, broadcast, and distribute the smartphone film as part of the annual MINA screening program, online screenings and future MINA screenings without any compensation to the submitter. We are in the process of exploring minting all films selected for the online screening program as a NFT. Each filmmaker will receive one NFT.

All copyrighted material(s) used in the submission must be cleared by the submitter before submission. Any issue(s) that may arise due to infringement of copyrights is the submitter’s sole responsibility. MINA, sponsors and/or supporters and its members are not responsible for any infringement of copyrights.

Overall Rating
  • David Leibowitz

    So honored to be included in this renowned Mobile Art Film festival. The level of engagement and features associated with this festival is astounding and their outreach via social media is much appreciated by a contributing artist like myself. Their recent efforts to establish an international marketplace for my movies and other independent filmmakers to sell our work within their organization’s framework is beyond my wildest dreams, making past, present and future submissions a no-brainer. Thank you MINA, for liking my movies and giving them an international audience. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

    December 2023

    Thank you very much for the selection of my short film SOPHIA'S DREAM. Feels like a professional festival with clear communication :)

    December 2023
  • Marcelo Lagreze

    MINA is excellent!
    I am very grateful to be part of the festival with two of my short films. "Utopia of the indignant" / "(PAUSE)"
    Congratulations to all the team for such great work.

    November 2023
  • Gabriela Mendonça

    It was really an honor to have been part of this festival. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and for having selected my documentary "Pluvial".

    May 2023
  • Sebastian J. Lowe

    Thanks MINA for having us! Hope to make it one year.

    December 2022