TAFIC is one of the most important short film festivals in Argentina.

The International Film / Short Film Festival of Tapiales is a film event of important social and cultural impact, not for profit, organized by JC Films OFCT, which takes place in the town of Tapiales, a town belonging to the La Matanza party, located in the Buenos Aires province. Tapiales Cine / Corto is also a competitive event, where the selected short films that later receive the Aboriginal Prize are screened according to the decision of the honorable jurors. The event is carried out under the premise of exalting the popular, free and open-air character, summoning an approximate amount of 3000 spectators per edition over three days. Tapiales Cine / Corto also proposes parallel activities, such as training spaces, talks and special shows outside the competition. The objectives of the Festival are to stimulate the increase in the quality and quantity of national short film productions aimed promptly at popular sectors, promoting the dissemination and national and international exchange of audiovisual works that account for the cultural diversity of the villages. The Tapiales Film Festival project determines its short and long term goals: In the short term, the project is limited to a period of one year, time that passes between one edition and another. During this period, the objective to be fulfilled is to provide the highest possible number of audiences with free cultural film programming, promote the production of audiovisual short films and the exchange between filmmakers from abroad and the country and carry out parallel activities that encourage people's interest in cinema and audiovisual art in general. This edition also adds the generation of a direct containment and expression space for at-risk youth living in the La Matanza party, developing parallel activities specially aimed at them, such as a short film making workshop whose result can be exhibited. Festival days. In the long term, the objective is more ambitious and consists of educating the public, awakening cultural interest and improving the social and professional development of the community. A long and continuous project because for the La Matanza party this is more than the realization of a film event, it is part of an event that leads to the democratization of our society and equal opportunities for all inhabitants. Before a film festival was an elitist concept, linked and reserved only to culturally elevated cities. In our town this project encourages the development of many professionals who begin to realize their first jobs, of young people who need to expand and find a space to make their creations appreciated and of a general public that receives entertainment, content of decent quality if appreciated even outside our borders.

Querandi Awards.

1. The festival is open to any film in any genre.

2. All expenses related with shipping of the films for submission will be on applicants’ account.

3. Films will not exceed 45 minutes.

4. Production format is open to filmmakers’ own discretion.

5. Films must have been produced from 2019 onwards.

6. It is also mandatory to include information: credits, director’s filmography or CV, short film synopsis, 2 digital images (may be film scenes photographs, backstage photographs, actors or director photos)

7. The Festival Selection Committee will be responsible for the film selection and the program will be determined by Festival Programming Department.

8. The members of the Jury will be chosen by the organizers and their names will be published after the deadline for submissions.

9. Winner films will be granted Aborigen Awards to the following categories: Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Production, Best Photography, Best Sound, Best Animated Film, Best Documental film and Best Foreign Film.

10. No copy of the films (selected or not) will be returned. All of them will become part of Tapiales Film Festival archives and may be used for special showcases and/or national or international exhibitions. Filmmakers will not be entitled to claim any compensation for the use of their films by Tapiales Film Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Yannick Karcher

    Great festival ! Thanks again for having us !

    December 2020
  • So happy for being recognized

    January 2018
  • Ruth Gomez

    el mejor de los festivales! muchos éxitos rotundo!

    December 2017
  • Andre Campbell

    Enjoyable. I'm coming back for my next film...

    December 2017