Born as the Amateur Film Festival of Vilagarcía in 1973, the Curtas Film Fest has been held uninterruptedly for 45 years in Vilagarcía de Arousa. It’s the film festival dean of Galicia and one of the contests with more tradition of Spain. Next to its forty-sixth anniversary, which began as an amateur cinema competition created by the enthusiastic people of the Liceo Vilagarcía’s Lyceum, it was consolidated as one of the most prestigious festivals in the state. In 2018 it will host, for the third consecutive year, the Comic Festival of Vilagarcía.

- Best Film Award
- Best Film 'Made in Galicia' Award
- Best Director Award
- Best Director 'Made in Galicia' Award
- Best Acting
- Best Script
- Jury Special Award
- Best Film Audience Award

- Best Short Film Award
- Best Animation Short Film Award
- Best Short Film 'Made in Galicia' Award
- Best Short Film Director Award
- Best Short Film Director 'Made in Galicia' Award
- Best Short Film Audience Award

- Best Documentary Award
- 'Documenta Galicia' Award to the best Galician documentary

- 'Roberto Camba' Award to the Best Film

- Submit your feature film or short before August, 1st 2018.
- All the movies will be submitted in original version with Spanish or English subtitles.
- All the movies needs to be premiere in Galicia.

Please check the complete rules at