Film Rush is Manatee County’s competition to showcase creative, talented student filmmakers.

The film contest is open to all students in grades K-12. Entries must be created exclusively by students (under the guidance of an adult adviser), and all entries must follow necessary guidelines for submission.

Our Judging Rubric:

This juried film competition is the first step for students entering FAME’s (Florida Association for Media in Education) Jim Harbin Festival. The festival is in honor of Jim Harbin, a former Florida DOE consultant who originated the idea of a statewide student media festival. Winners in each category will move on to regional, then state competition.

All entries must be student written and produced in their entirety, with the signed approval of an active MAME/FAME member. Teachers/ sponsors are NOT allowed to write, record or edit. Teachers/sponsors are only allowed to advise.

Important note about using ANY non-student-produced content (images, video, or audio):

All non-student written and produced materials must include a signed release, specifying permission for use from the owner of that material. Copyright permission must be credited in writing on the entry form for use of images, all music (original or non-original), and authoring programs. Entries with identifiable copyright violations will be disqualified. Fair Use Guidelines do not apply to Jim Harbin entries. Creative Commons licensed content is allowed but must follow the correct guidelines, and attribution must be included. Please include attribution or proper notation for ALL content, even CC0 and Public Domain content.

Please see the website for complete rules and entry information:
Our Judging Rubric: