The International Films & Indigenous Arts Festival in Wallmapu

Dakel’ün ka mangeluwün /
Calls and Invites /

Indigenous and non-indigenous audiovisual filmmakers, from various nationalities
and territories, to submit their works on indigenous and / or Afro-descendant themes,
free style and length, individually or collectively created, to the 6th edition of the
Ficwallmapu Festival, to be held between Monday, January 11 until Friday,
January 15, 2021, in the city of Temuko, Ngülumapu, Mapuche Territory (in the

Araucanía Region, after the installation of the Chilean state).
The deadline to participate is Friday, July 31, 2020.

The audiovisual productions that are submitted to Ficwallmapu must respect the
views and voices of the different communities of Indigenous Peoples and / or Afro-
descendants that participate in the process behind and in front of cameras. The
festival will privilege the selection of films that contribute to decolonization processes
and that are in tune with the values ​​and worldviews of the peoples involved, moving
away from the productions that promote cultural appropriation, stereotypes,
discrimination, prejudice, machismo, direct propaganda of political parties, among
other aspects that are detrimental or prejudicial to the peoples.
In its sixth edition, Ficwallmapu calls, with particular interest, films that address the
right of self-determination of Indigenous Peoples and / or Afro-descendant Peoples,
that make visible proposals of governance, economies, social and cultural rights
from a perspective and character of decolonization.

Awards and Acknowledgements
Ficwallmapu is not a competitive Festival . The work done is recognized by the ones
that commit and stand out in the thematic areas stablished in the rules. The awards
will not be given by numerical hierarchy; meaning, there is no First place, Second
place nor subsequent places. Only if it is required, the International Jury, in the
context of the main event, will grant special acknowledgments to the previously

1 Criteria not mutually exclusive

unknown works that stand out for their quality in the Special Acknowledgements
category of the International Jury.
The audiovisual works that highlight the following themes, will be acknowledged:
● Rights of indigenous and / or Afro-descendant women
● Sexual diversity in the Indigenous and / or Afro-descendant Peoples
● Defense of the territory
● People of African descent
● Community cinema
● New indigenous audiovisual languages ​​(experimental cinema, video dance,
music video, art cinema, new narratives, among others).
● Choyün (sprout): movies for children.
● Wallmapu: producer or indigenous teams
● Linguistic revitalization.

Selection Criteria 1 for films to be part of the festival are

● That promotes the production of indigenous and/or afro-descendant
● That contributes to the local production in Mapuche Territory, Wallmapu on
both sides of the Andes mountain range: Puelmapu and Ngülumapu.
● That promotes the right of communication, creativity, self-representation,
quest and development of aesthetic and narrative resources of the Indigenous
and / or Afro-descendant Peoples.
● That promotes the rights of Indigenous and / or Afro-descendant women,
childhood, youth, sexual and affective diversities.
● That denounces the violation of the rights, persecution and genocide suffered
by the Indigenous and / or Afro-descendant Peoples.
The works, chosen by a specialized jury, will form part of the different sections of the
6th edition of Ficwallmapu as part of the Official Selection.

1.1) Dates
● The date of production of the works must be posterior to December 31, 2016.
● Deadline to submit the work: July 31st 2020 (unpostponable).
1.2) Language
● Movies that are not in Hispanic language (spanish) must send their respective
● Subtitles should not be added to the movie but sent as an attachment in SRT
● If you have English subtitles, you must attach them to the submission
(separated from the movie).

● The film submission for the 6th edition of Ficwallmapu doesn’t have cost.
● The registration form can be downloaded from the website, and it is also attached in this document to be sent directly
to the e-mail
● The following websites are available for application: FilmFreeway
4) Image and sound formats
● MOV and/or MP4, codec H264 (DCP excluded).
● Accepted resolutions: Full HD 1080p (files should not exceed 10GB), 2k and
● Image: just like the frames attached to your film, they must be in 1080x1920.
● Audio: Sound 2.0, format ACC 320 kbps 48KHz stereo.
5) Submission
● Audiovisual productions must be sent duly identified by name in capital
letters and in their final version, to and / or by the
platforms previously indicated with the name of the person/s responsible and
next to the title of the work. It is recommended that this submission is made
through digital platforms that allow viewing and/or downloading such as:

Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Firefox Send, Mediafire,
along with the corresponding access code.
● For the dissemination material of the audiovisual work (catalog, posters, web
banner, giant print, graphics for social networks and the press) HIGH
RESOLUTION photographs (300 dpi) must be sent in the compressed file
duly identified to the email
● The submission of the work and its supporting materials must be done when
you complete and send the registration form by any of the authorized

6) Contact Information
● The only authorized channel to solve inquiries will be the following e-mail

Overall Rating
  • Yannick Nolin

    Amazing and important festival ! I hope this festival will continue to spreed its messages of reflection on building a better and more egalitarian world. Focusing on the first nations that know much more how to live in harmony with the Pachamama.

    February 2021