Welcome to Worcester Film Festival!

Join us for a packed second year, where we'll be welcoming you back to our prestigious screening and gala venue at The Royal Porcelain Works and the impressive Guildhall for an exciting launch event. Alongside the films, we'll be hosting various Q&As and networking evenings. This is an event for you, the filmmakers.

Come enjoy our city and see what we have to offer. We want this to be a festival in every sense of the word with a jam-packed map that will leave you wishing you could be in two places at once.

Join us for this 5-day event and we promise you'll want to return year after year!

Day 1 (October 12th) - Opening Night (come together for canapés and drinks to celebrate the launch of our second year)

Day 2 (October 13th) - Films, Q&As and Networking Events

Day 3 (October 14th) - Films, Q&As and Networking Events

Day 4 (October 15th) - Films, Q&As and The Awards Gala (the gala will be a black tie evening with a 3 course meal and the presentation of our awards)

Day 5 (October 16th) - Winners Day (showing the winning films from this festival and as an added bonus, the winners from 2021)

Trophies will be given at the Awards Gala for the following categories:

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Midlands
Best Student
Best Performance
Best Director

Films must not have had a commercial release prior to submission.
Short films must be under 40 minutes
Feature films must be 40 minutes or longer.

The Festival welcomes all forms of film production – animation, experimental, etc. However, promotional films are not eligible (e.g. films promoting tourism, charitable appeals, etc.)⁣
- Films that are available to purchase are NOT eligible; this includes DVD/Blu-ray/VHS formats.⁣
- Films that have previously been publicly screened, broadcast or otherwise made publicly available (including online) will NOT be considered.⁣

- To be eligible for the short film competitions, films must have been completed after 15th January 2020 and be 40 minutes or less in duration⁣
- To be eligible for the feature film competitions, films must have been completed after 15th January 2020 and be 40 minutes or greater in duration⁣
- Please note that films submitted through the incorrect category will not be considered.

Non-English language films⁣:

To qualify for selection, all non-English language films must have an English-subtitled screening copy available.⁣

How to send your film⁣:

Please submit your film via the online submission platform, FilmFreeway. WE DO NOT ACCEPT FILMS OTHER THAN VIA THIS PLATFORM.⁣


Due to the large amount of submissions received, the Festival will only contact those filmmakers with work selected for competitions and notification will be given by May 2022. The Festival cannot offer feedback regarding films that are not selected for the programme. Please don’t be discouraged if your film is not accepted to Worcester Film Festival. There are often many influencing factors on why your film may or may not be accepted or be suitable for the Festival.⁣

Using extracts of the films and film stills for promotion⁣:

The entrant agrees that up to three minutes of their film may be used by the Festival in promotional activities including screening a clip on television, inclusion in the Festival’s trailer, and on the Festival’s website. Please ensure that uploaded stills and headshots are of print quality and that you have permission to allow the Festival to use these for promotional and press purposes in perpetuity. ⁣

Unsolicited submissions, waivers and discounts⁣:

The Festival respectfully requests that entrants do not send a DVD directly to the Festival, do not send unsolicited Vimeo etc., links to Festival staff, and do not appeal for fee waivers. The modest fees are necessary to ensure that all films are viewed and fairly considered, as well as to support the costs of curation and Festival delivery.⁣


Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions implies that the entrant will abide by them in their dealings with the Festival and also that the entrant is legally entitled to submit the film for consideration. Entry to the Festival implies that the entrant has the right to do so, has pre-cleared all materials that comprise the film, and is an authorised representative of the team that holds the intellectual property in the film.⁣

Entering a film to Worcester Film Festival implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.⁣

The Festival wishes all potential entrants the best of luck with their submission and their film.⁣

The Festival reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.⁣

Updated January 2022.⁣

Overall Rating
  • Jess Clark

    Worcester Film Festival was well run and thoughtfully curated. The standard of films in the festival was incredibly high and we were honoured that our film LOVE won an award amongst such a great selection. Fully recommend submitting to this festival which champions independent filmmaking and nurtures emerging talent.

    October 2022
  • Alex Di Cuffa

    One of THE best festivals we've been part of! Great organisation, involvement, information and even better atmosphere! Very friendly team and great quality films! Didn't see a bad one! Would 100% recommend and would love to be part of it again!

    October 2022
  • Joseph Archer

    Wonderful festival that supports filmmakers as well as engages the local audience! Perfect event!

    October 2022
  • Jennifer Bulcock

    A wonderful festival and such an honour for our short film, The Last Supper, by Anh Do, to be selected. Thank you so much for having us.

    October 2022
  • Renate Zylla

    I am a festival agent from Germany and did submit a film tothis festival for the first time. I must say I had wonderful experiences - in the end the film, I did submit was an award winner of the Worcester Film Festival. I could not particpate at the festival. But I am looking forward to do this in futuere . I will new films to this film festival for 2023 this for sure! Hope that we can continue our great experiences...

    October 2022