Since 2006 Directors Notes has featured the work of the world’s best filmmakers, sharing the production stories behind their outstanding films with a worldwide audience of industry professionals, festival curators and dedicated film fans. Eclectic in its tastes, Directors Notes is where you can find the most cutting edge films regardless of genre, length or technique.

The Directors Notes team works closely with all accepted filmmakers to create a feature article for the DN website detailing the production story behind their work as well as presenting the film to the thousands of subscribers to our curated WeAreDN Vimeo channel.

What type of films do you feature?
Directors Notes has always been eclectic in our tastes, featuring a broad spectrum of films across all genres and forms, and so the best way to gauge what we’re looking for is to take a look at the work we feature.

Do you accept both shorts & feature submissions?
Yes we do. We consider anything under 40 minutes a short and over that length a feature.

How long until I hear back?
Once submitted, the Directors Notes curation team will respond to your submission within 7 days.

What if my film is already online?
Not a problem. Directors Notes doesn’t require exclusivity or premiere status to feature your film, although we do give priority to our premiere releases.

Can I submit my unreleased film?
Of course, be sure to include the password in the submissions form so we can watch it.

My film is still on its festival run and not ready for an online release yet, do I have to wait until it is to submit?
Not at all, we regularly run features for films on the festival circuit and not yet available online.

Will a Directors Notes feature earn me a Vimeo Staff Pick?
Whilst many of the films we’ve featured have donned that most coveted of badges, there is no guaranteed route from a Directors Notes feature to a Vimeo Staff Pick. However, as discussed in our How to Get a Vimeo Staff Pick interview, we do know that DN is one of the sites the Staff Pick team regularly check in on when hunting for films so fingers crossed!

Can I get a refund?
The submission fee covers the process of the Directors Notes curation team assessing your film and is therefore non-refundable.

Will you definitely feature my film?
Of the thousands of films submitted to Directors Notes, only a small percentage make it to our pages. We’re very selective about the work we choose to feature – it’s what makes DN what it is – and so submission in no way guarantees coverage.

If selected, when will my film be featured?
Once selected, we will work with you to find the best date to feature your film on Directors Notes. We have a very busy editorial calendar here at DN so if you have a particular date in mind the more notice you can provide, the higher the likelihood of that publication date being available.

How will Directors Notes promote my work?
As well as being featured on Directors Notes, your film will be added to the WeAreDN Vimeo channel, our weekly newsletter and shared across our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). We also suggest that you do the same across your accounts and get cast, crew, friends and family to pitch in spreading the word too.

Can I get feedback?
Sorry, at this point in time Directors Notes does not offer a feedback service for submissions.

Do you grant fee waivers?
No, we do not offer submission fee waivers.

Overall Rating
  • DN was incredibly flexible and supportive of our film and wrote a very flattering article about our process.

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Joe, hope we have the opportunity to speak to you again soon.

  • Adam Palmer

    A fantastic platform for filmmakers to showcase their work. They featured my short 'JUDAS' alongside an interview and chatting with them via phone was a great experience. Will absolutely be submitting my work in the future in the hopes that it's featured again!

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the kind words Adam, it was a pleasure to dig into the specifics of Judas' creation.

  • Peoples on Directors Notes was very very kind, professionals and very interested on the project.
    you feel that they do their job out of passion. For us directors is very important that exist people like that, that promote our work and are interested really to the art with no other goal in mind than this.

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for submitting Human, it's a transfixing film that we felt strongly compelled to dive into!

  • Karl Richter

    Director's Notes is a Premiere platform to exhibit material. Not only do they invest in you as a filmmaker and do a feature on you, but they push your film through their social channels to make sure you get exposure in a unique way. This is a fantastic outlet, and they do a wonderful job.

    August 2020
  • Julian Muller

    So thrilled to have had our film 'Sickboy' featured on Directors Notes! The folks at DN are super accommodating and you can tell they really care about their work and supporting the artists they feature. Overall a fantastic experience!

    August 2020