The Asian World Film Festival (AWFF) Short Film Program is dedicated to supporting and promoting filmmaking in Asia and the work of Asian/Asian-American/Multiracial-Asian filmmakers globally. Our mission is to showcase the diverse and talented voices of Asian filmmakers and provide a platform for their creative expression. The short film format offers a unique opportunity for filmmakers to tell powerful and impactful stories in a compact and compelling way. By focusing on short films, we aim to provide a space for new and emerging filmmakers to showcase their work and receive recognition for their talents.

Awards to be announced.


Submission Rules:

Length: Submitted films must be no more than 16 minutes (including credits) in length.

Format: Narrative only (animation and documentary films will not be accepted).

Asian Connection: Films must be either directed and/or produced by an Asian/Asian-American/Multiracial-Asian filmmaker or feature a predominantly Asian/Asian-American/Multiracial-Asian cast.

Year of Production: Films must have a release date of 2023 or 2024.

Quality: Submissions must be of high quality and meet industry professional standards.

Language: Films must be in English or have legible English subtitles.

Content Restrictions: Films should not contain violent, sexual, political, discriminatory, or religious themes that may offend audience members.

Copyright: The filmmaker must hold the rights to all elements within the film, eg. music, footage, images, etc.

The deadline for submission is midnight PST, August 31st, 2024

Finalists will be required to deliver the DCP of their film via drive or upload in accordance with The Culver Theater and AWFF DCP guidelines, which will be provided at the time of announcement. All delivery costs will be at the filmmakers' expense.

No AWFF Team Members or their families, or any of the sponsors’ members or their families, may be involved in the production of any of the films selected for consideration for their respective Award/Scholarship.

By submitting a film to the festival, filmmakers agree to the above rules and understand that any film that does not meet these criteria will be automatically disqualified from consideration. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to viewing your work.