FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS (FWB) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering the next generation of digital storytellers. FWB filmmaking competitions and contests award prizes to emerging filmmakers from around the world. Completed narrative, documentary, experimental, animation, and new media projects are eligible for consideration.

Goals & Objectives
- to empower the next generation of digital storytellers
- to promote diverse communities and cultures
- to share unique perspectives and stories
- to support emerging voices from around the world

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FWB awards projects that explore the following themes:

- community
- identity
- social justice
- women’s voices
- indigenous voices

Relevant projects in each category are considered for the following honors:

Feature Films:
Best Film (Narrative)
Best Film (Documentary)
Achievement in Directing
Achievement in Acting
Achievement in Editing

Short Films:
Best Short Film (Drama)
Best Short Film (Comedy)
Best Short Film (Animation)
Best Short Film (Documentary)
Best Short Film (Experimental)
Achievement in Directing

New Media Projects:
Best Project (Fiction)
Best Project (Non-fiction)

Best Original Short Film
Best Original Feature Film
Best Adapted Short Film
Best Adapted Feature Film

FWB accepts submissions to x3 distinct categories:
- Emerging Filmmakers: Applicants must have been 30 years old or younger at the time of the film’s production.
- University Students: Applicants must have been enrolled at an accredited university at the time of the film’s production.
- K-12 Students: Applicants must have been enrolled at a K-12 educational institution at the time of the film’s production.
* Applicants from any country are encouraged to submit their projects.

Submission Requirements:
- Films/projects and all supporting materials should be submitted entirely online. FWB does not accept dvd discs, blu ray discs, or any other physical media.
- All submissions must be submitted via FilmFreeway. FWB is unable to consider emailed submissions.
- After initial review, shortlisted projects will then be required to submit supporting materials directly to FWB. Related procedures will be provided to all shortlisted candidates and can be reviewed at

Overall Rating
  • A great organization that communicated professionally and in efficiently. I wholeheartedly respect what they do for filmmakers like myself and hope to submit to future festivals! This being there first online run festival, one can always expect faults in the process. It was clear that they cared about the filmmakers and I wish them the best for future online contests/festivals!

    August 2018