At a time of quarantine as a result of COVID-19 as well as different social justice movements, we recognize the importance of essential perspectives across the globe. Essential perspectives are those that are unique to one's position and circumstance in society and the current environment. The DocFilm Institute at San Francisco State University will host an inaugural festival of "Essential Stories" as part of their annual Pluralities conference in 2020. We want to hear stories from people who are living this reality to create an archive for those documenting their experiences.

Projects can be as simple as a video diary or as complex as a produced short film. We will also accept alternative projects like VR, AR, archives of relevance, or other timely submissions.

By submitting your project, you give us permission to exhibit without restriction your project if selected. This includes sharing your name, occupational role, image, and project(s) throughout our social media platforms, websites, film festival, and other electronic spaces where the submitted content may appear.