Roadmap Writers is proud to partner with management/production company Schemers Entertainment for our DARE to SCARE Horror Feature Competition. The competition is designed to discover the next great horror writer who can blend scares and story into a truly special script.

The competition, which is open to feature scripts in the horror/thriller genre will select one grand prize winner who will receive representation by Schemers Entertainment managers Gavin Dorman and Daniel Seco, a $1,000 cash prize, industry meetings, and a suite of online educational programs from Roadmap Writers.

Schemers Entertainment is a full-service production and management company founded by producer/manager Gavin Dorman. Schemers represents a diverse slate of writer, director, and producer clients whose award-winning works have appeared at numerous film festivals - including Sundance, TIFF, and SXSW - and have been financed, produced, and/or distributed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Blumhouse, Netflix, and Hulu. Schemers prides itself on molding up-and-coming talent and helping them transition into the studio world.

Prior to launching Schemers, Dorman honed his craft as a development executive at Vertigo Entertainment, where he helped shape a number of the company's biggest studio hits including THE LEGO MOVIE, IT, and DEATH NOTE. Overseeing the "Dare to Scare" competition on behalf of Schemers is Daniel Seco, who joined the company as a literary manager in 2018 after cutting his teeth at several agencies, management, and production companies including CAA, Writ Large, and Netflix.

Beyond the Grand Prize winner, our runners-up and finalists will also receive prize packages to help create opportunities to put them front and center with industry executives and reps.

Horror writers, don’t miss out on this opportunity to scare your way to the top!

Grand Prize

Guaranteed representation by Schemers Entertainment
$1,000 cash prize
5 Virtual Meetups with industry professionals
Featured in our Competition booklet, circulated to over 300 execs
Exclusive Interview, featured on Roadmap Writers' website

Top 3: Finalists

Meeting with Schemers Entertainment (in person or via Skype)
2 months of Roadmap's Manager Track Program
3 Virtual Meetups with industry professionals
Featured in our Competition booklet, circulated to over 300 execs
Featured on Roadmap Writers' website

Top 10: Semi-Finalists

3 months of Roadmap Writers' On-Ramp Program
2 Virtual Meetups with industry professionals
Featured in our Competition booklet, circulated to over 300 execs
Featured on Roadmap Writers' website

Top 25: Quarter-Finalists

One month of Roadmap Writers' On-Ramp Program
Featured in our Competition booklet, circulated to over 300 execs
Featured on Roadmap Writers' website

“Dare to Scare” Feature Competition Rules and Guidelines:

Please submit your feature script in PDF format.


Feature scripts must not exceed 120 pages (not including cover page). All submissions must adhere to standard industry margins and font.

Submitting your script with a cover page with your name, scripts name, and contact information is recommended. This should include just a title, author name, WGA registration number and/or Copyright information. The cover page does not count towards the overall script page count.

Must be written in English in 12-point courier font.

Do NOT cheat in an effort to reduce your page count, your script will be disqualified. As a standard rule, 1.5” left, 1” right and 1” top and bottom dimensions are acceptable.

Do not include any additional documents with your submission i.e. pitch documents, series, look-books, etc.

All submissions are final. No substitutions of pages, drafts or scripts will be allowed.

The competition is open to feature scripts of the horror/thriller genre.

All scripts submitted will remain the property of the writer(s). Neither Roadmap Writers nor Schemers Entertainment or any of its readers/judges and/or their respective companies assume any attachment to your work.

Scripts submitted in the competition must NOT be under option, in production or previously purchase or produced at the time of entry.

Screenwriters who have had previous feature or pilot screenplays produced and distributed by non-independent means are ineligible.

Must be 18 years old and over to enter.

Must be an original idea; free and clear of any copyright issues.

Adaptations are ineligible unless the underlying rights are owned by the writer or the work is currently in the public domain.

The competition is open to all persons from anywhere in the world, however the material submitted must be in English.

In the event of multiple writers, please list all additional co-writers. No attachments (producers, directors, actors).

Entrants may be contacted as a result of the competition by Roadmap Writers, Schemers Entertainment, a member of the judging panel, or other industry professionals.

Only entries that purchase Feedback Notes at the time of submission will receive written feedback.

Roadmap Writers is not responsible for screenplays stolen or lost in transit.

Roadmap Writers’ writing competition readers’ decisions are final.

Submissions will be evaluated by experienced script readers and judged on the criteria of: Premise/Concept, Characters, Dialogue, Story, Structure, and Voice/Style. Submissions will receive multiple evaluations based on the competitions proprietary scoring system.

Announcement Dates are tentatively scheduled as follows (dates subject to change):
Top 25 - June 12, 2019
Top 10 - June 26, 2019
Top 3 - July 10, 2019
Winner - July 17, 2019

Feedback notes will be returned to writers at the time of the Top 25 announcement.

The writer(s) of the Top 3 will have an in-person or virtual meeting with a member of the Schemers Entertainment team.

Roadmap Writers reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change or modify these terms at any time without notice.

If a judge or competition partner is no longer able to serve in their specific capacity, Roadmap Writers will make best efforts to secure a replacement.

Multiple screenplays may be submitted but each screenplay is required to pay separate registration fees.

By entering the Dare to Scare Feature Competition, you agree to receive competition updates via email and periodic marketing emails from Roadmap Writers. You may unsubscribe at any time.

See the Submission Agreement for a full list of Terms and Conditions for submitting an entry.

To enter the Roadmap’s Dare to Scare Feature Competition, you must agree to its Terms and Conditions​.

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

While it is not a requirement, we encourage writers to register their script with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or Writers Guild of America.

Overall Rating
  • Erik Kollar

    Overall I was impressed by the professionalism of the representatives that contacted me regarding the competition. However, I am tired of hearing about the script executives that won't read past the fifth page of your script if you don't follow certain rules. Really, is that why Disney keeps remaking the Lion King? It is disappointing to watch the crap pour out of Hollywood and break all the sacred rules people/companies try to "sell" online.

    August 2019