-> Spring into Autumn 2018 as an award-winning filmmaker!
-> Support grass-roots arts
-> WE EMBRACE INDIE FILMMAKERS! An independent film festival, hosted at an independent theatre

***NB: If you entered for the 'June 23rd' festival date, this has been postponed until 1st Sept due to a number of requests to hold the festival after graduation dates! Your film WILL be considerd for the new later date.***

Croydon International Film Festival is - just like the films it screens - small, independent and eye-opening.

For the 5th time, our short factual film festival, run by volunteers on the outskirts of London hopes to bewitch film veterans and newcomers alike, just as it has done since it was founded by award-winning filmmaker Donna Lipowitz and the artist Ben Bridges.

"Life moves fast...and life is weird." Two truths summed up by the films we screen: sub-10 minute factual films or animations, often with a focus on quirky, true stories.

The CroydonIFF is run by Neil Ridulfa, host of the Croydon Film Festival events since 2013 and a fantastic team of volunteers. Originally an audience member, Neil found that he simply had to be involved in this entertaining and uplifting event, and hopes 2018 can be its best year ever.

The venue, The Front Room in Croydon is a brand new, purpose-built, independent theatre which we are very excited to be working with in their debut season.

The focus for the festival is to make it an entertaining afternoon of films. The local audience in Croydon has embraced the festival since it began with a full house at every screening so far.

The festival will be September 1st, 2018.

At the end of the festival we hold a short awards ceremony* where prizes are given to the Best Documentary, Best Animation, and Special Recognition Awards which don't fit any neat headings(!)

We hold a party at the end of the festival for all filmmakers which is a great opportunity for networking.

*Note awards will only be given to filmmakers attending the festival

All festival entries MUST be UNDER 10 (TEN) Minutes.

We only accept Documentary Films, Animated films with a factual theme. We can also accept Mockumentaries.

- The producer grants the CroydonIFF the rights to:

(a) Exhibit the film in the CroydonIFF

(b) Reproduce the film trailer (if provided) for promotional purposes, together with the

CroydonIFF Name & Logo

(c) Exhibit a short excerpt of the production and promotional material provided by the filmmaker in part for promotional purposes

- The producer warrants to the CroydonIFF that they have obtained all the necessary
permissions to enter this film and that the film does not infringe the rights, including
copyright, of any third party. This includes use of music and literary (ie if your film is
based on a novel or poem).

- Only online entries via Festival Platforms will be accepted (*NO postal or email entries)

- Entries must be received by 1st April 2018 - Entries may not be withdrawn after this date.

- If your film IS selected for the competition we will write you a personal email mid-April 2018, to let you know, with follow up emails explaining how to forward us your screening copy and publicity materials.

- We encourage all selected filmmakers to attend the festival, Unfortunately we can not guarantee funds to cover travel and accommodation as yet, but we are looking into funding.

- If your film is NOT selected we will also send you a personal email letting you know in advance. Due to the high volume of entries, and our small voluntary staff, we are
unable to provide detailed critique of films not selected.

For Selected films, Digital master files must be received by 1st May 2018
at the very latest, via digital upload (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Mega)

- Films will be screened from Digital Files eg: (mov.file) via laptop & Projector - Films in
languages other than English must be supplied with English subtitles.

- The CroydonIFF will only screen productions finished as Digital Files. To ensure
your entry is screened correctly, you must include screening gauge and ratio details.

- This is a non profit film festival run by filmmakers and Artists, we appreciate the time
you take to enter our festival, and we look forward to viewing your films.

Please note, this festival is open for online entries only.
Entering a film in this festival implies the acceptance of these regulations.  

We look forward to viewing your films : )

Overall Rating
  • Amanda Sukenick

    I couldn't attend sadly, but the communication was excellent - clearly a tremendous amount of time, effort and love is put into this festival, and it was a joy and an honor to have been selected!

    November 2016
    Response from festival:

    Hi, can't believe I missed these reviews. Thanks so much Amanda. :) I hope you're other projects are going well too.

  • Absolutely amazing experience to see my film get selected and be screened in front of an audience for the first time alongside my camera operator, huge thanks again to Neil and his team for their dedication and putting together a fantastic afternoon! Would recommend in a heartbeat.

    November 2016
    Response from festival:

    Hi James, Sorry, it's now Feb 2017 and just saw your review now(!) Such a pleasure to play a part in your filmmaking development. :)

  • Nirobon Yuenyong

    It was very friendly festival and chilled

    November 2016
  • Will Binks

    Great time! Awesome film festival for local and international film and networking!

    November 2016
  • Frankie Fairbrass

    Fantastic festival by people who love and understand film. Would recommend and will submit again in the future.

    October 2016