The Bayside Film Festival is an annual event held in the City of Bayside that screens local, regional and international films made by upcoming and established filmmakers. Our goal is to help filmmakers further their passion and career, by providing a platform for them to display their hard work to local and abroad audiences.


Staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers and industry professionals, our focus lies in helping build an industry in our local community. We are here to help every filmmaker grow and be recognised for their hard work. Our team is determined to make the Bayside Film Festival an internationally acclaimed festival that everyone can submit their films to, attend and enjoy.


The Bayside Film Festival screens films over three nights to diverse audiences with a judging panel determining the best film in each category. Our organisation strives to make an entertaining and enjoyable event for everyone. Our objective is to help filmmakers further their passion and have their hard work appreciated. By carrying out a festival we are hoping to be able to help filmmakers and industry professionals network with one another in order to help build a community and better careers.


The Bayside Film Festival was a well renowned event in our local community, and was once a major film festival in Melbourne. 2015 marked the last year of the festival after successfully screening films for 12 years. Today, the Bayside Film Festival Inc. is looking to restore the Bayside Film Festival to its once proud stature as a enjoyable festival for all audiences. Through our new annual festival we are hoping to bring in a much larger audience from all backgrounds. We are hoping these festivals are more enjoyable overall than what they previously were.


The Categories

The Bayside Film Festival has multiple categories for films to be submitted to. Below are the listed categories:

- Short Films (<20mins)
- Music Videos
- Documentaries
- Feature Films (>40mins)
- 20 under 20 (20 best films made by people under 20)
- Made in Bayside (films made in the city of Bayside)
- Best Editing
- Best Cinematography

The Awards

We have numerous awards for the best films of the festival, determined by our judges. Every award winning film/filmmaker will receive a valuable prize, which is currently under consideration.

- Best Short Film
- Best Music Video
- Best Documentary
- Best Feature Film
- Made in Bayside award
- 20 under 20 award
- Best Editing
- Best Cinematography

Some general information

All films submitted will be viewed by our judges and will be considered for live screenings and awards. If your film contains graphic violence or extreme themes, our film festival team may not be inclined to screen it in our program. If you would like assistance or have any questions about film submissions please message us or get in contact.

All films submitted will be considered for the prize within the corresponding submitted category.

If you believe your film meets the criteria of more than one category, you must submit your film to the corresponding categories for it to be considered for multiple awards.

Only individuals aged 20 and under can submit to the 20 under 20 Competition.

All films submitted will be notified by the notification date if their film has or has not been selected for live screening.

There will be no refunds for films that have not been selected to be screened at the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Really happy that my short was screened at this filmfestival. Maybe it would be great to see some photo's or video from the festival days.

    October 2019
  • Julian Micallef

    It was fantastic being part of Bayside Film Festival and we really appreciated the opportunity to have The Tame Painter screened! Highly recommend attending next year!

    October 2019
  • Benny Goldman

    Very well organised and professional festival. Great communication and networking opportunity with local filmmakers.

    November 2018
  • Steven Gebert

    Great festival, well organized and executed. Well done folk.

    November 2018