- Description
Andromeda Film Festival is a film festival that was established under the International Cinema Community. Like any other festival it is associated with, one of the goals of this festival is to fight unfair competition. Because of this, all films that are standard in terms of cinematography and directing will be accepted to the Official Selection. The involvement in of real filmmakers in festival management who are expertise in their field and seeking justice will put you in the location where you deserve at this festival. AFF, whose main principles include to create a future for the filmmakers, Based on this principle, it works to embrace all filmmakers, regardless of whether they are famous or not, to respond to their wishes and to solve filmmakers' problems. Because we respect labor, we always value every movie and never forget that they are "pieces". In the film eliminations, our doors will be open to the films which are in standard level of our festival and which we feel the labor. Thanks to the Laurel that you will win, you will not get only this but also you will become a part of a real festival and more.

- Our Difference
There are so many festivals and it is almost impossible to know that which ones of them are really the best or the most accurate to distribute your film. Many of them are very costly or they do it for you with taking large amounts. Andromeda Film Festival, which is open to everyone from all over the world, is the only festival that can offer you an honest and equal competition in the festival and will make your PR without an expectation. The most important factor that distinguishes us from other festivals in our 3-season adventure is, accepting all the films which are standard about cinematography and directing to the Official Selection. Second one is distributing your films to different festivals, receiving waiver code for you. Our third biggest difference is that our entrance fee is suitable for every segment and we host all filmmakers on this platform. After we receive the movies, we do not separate our paths with the filmmakers like other festivals, on the contrary, we stay in touch with them, protect their work and support them. The experienced team that we have gathered to offer you these opportunities provides you a film and festival network. Withal, thanks to this feature, which is among the privileges of our festival, there is also the promotion of your film on the film platforms with which we are connected, to maximize you.

- Social Platform Supporting
Watching films in our busy daily life is difficult for most professional distributors and filmmakers. However, it is a fact that social media is indispensable for all of us, so we are constantly sharing, throwing hashtags and this enables us to reach the right audience. We have a network of films and festivals which is consisting of our lower branches and partners. In this way, with these networks, we ensure that the right people reach you, through hashtags, comments, advertisements, shares, and social platforms. In addition, we share the films that you send, with many different film festivals and platforms; We are trying to get you considerable discounts by providing the network with other festivals.



- Andromeda Monolith (%100 Wood)
- Certificate
- Publishing On Opprime.tv (The Award-Winning Films Get Copyright According To The "Viewing Rate", So That The Filmmakers Will Earn Money As Their Films Are Watched.)
- Andromeda Special Designed Laurel
- Festival Distributions or 50% Waiver Code For Our Other Festivals
- Free Social Platform Advertisements
- Marketing Communication Support (Only for Feature Films)

- We do not accept the film from Turkey in any way. (Türkiye'den hiçbir film kabul edilmeyecek, gönderilen filmler diskalifiye edilecektir)
- All films that are standard in terms of cinematography and directing will be accepted to the Official Selection.
- All categories and lengths are accepted.
- You can submit from all the countries as being student, filmmaker or distributor; there is no restrictions.
- There is no age limitation, anybody can participate.
- Films such as feminist, racist and fascist (which undermines the rights of men, women, people and all kinds of living things) will be disqualified.
- Submissions in languages other than English must contain English subtitles.
-There is no genre limitation.
- Any situation related to music and copyrights belongs to the sender.
- By submitting, you agree to publish your film's trailers & images and you agree yo share your data to other festivals for promotional purposes. (Just for discounts.)
- Distributor may ask for special discounts
- The fees for the films that are applied but withdrawn, will not be refunded. Withdrawn films are considered they were disqualified.
- The shipping fees of the award winning films belong to themselves.
- Poster and film frames should be added to the project (for promotion).
- At the Andromeda Film Festival, the Digital Official Selection Certificate is sent free of charge. However, if you would like to have our reward %100 Wood Trophy, our pricing for shipping costs + expenses is $300. (excluding the TROPHY section)

Overall Rating
  • Chris Oledude

    From Christopher R. Owens, President, CESO Enterprises, Inc. crowens@cesony.com:

    On behalf of CESO ENTERPRISES, INC., Alyssa Dann, Chris Oledude, and all of our production participants, I would like to compliment the organizers and operators of the Andromeda Film Festival. When we created our first music video (which was long enough to be a short film), we knew nothing about film festivals. With the help of FilmFreeway, we started researching. The categories were good. Everyone who contacted us on behalf of this festival was helpful. The submissions looked excellent.

    It was indeed exciting to discover this new world and to be so warmly welcomed by the inhabitants!  To have GEORGE FLOYD: SAY THEIR NAMES selected for inclusion was an honor in and of itself.
    We were happy to “get the word out” and continue motivating people worldwide to consider the injustices embedded within our nation’s criminal justice system. After all, situations where a powerful segment of the population uses its law enforcement apparatus to abuse and oppress other segments of the population are recognizable in and common to many societies.
    We recommend submitting your work and we certainly intend to participate again in the future. Peace and stay safe!

    July 2021
  • CHLOE COKO films

    My team and I are so blessed to have been nominated and awarded in this festival. They kept us updated via DM and emails and we really felt honoured. Thank you ones again for the Award. We are encouraged because of you to tell more stories and grow better.

    July 2021
  • Thanks so much for selecting my short film and for the award! Very honoured! :)

    July 2021
  • Pedro de la Llave

    I feel so honored my film was awarded on this great festival! Thank you!!

    June 2021
  • An amazing festival, thank you, extremely honored that our film dead boy was selected for best documentary.

    June 2021