MicroActs 14

We are now accepting submissions for MicroActs 14 - an evening of artist short film!

We celebrate artist filmmakers from around the globe & across genres, and aim to create an international spirit and champion empathetic creativity. We will showcase a selection of exciting & inspiring Artist Film from all over the world, at a live screening in the month of March in Central/South London* for our first screening of 2023!

...short stories...small rebellions...mini manifestos...personal fables...snippets of memory...

MicroActs is a program of short films, 6 minutes or less, exploring concentrated storytelling through moving image. From bold political expression to delicate personal memories to abstract experimental collages; MicroActs aims to create a thought-provoking, informative and diverse evening of film. Works can be narrative or non-linear, experimental or scripted, abstract emotions, comedy sketches, music videos, and more, MicroActs is looking for works that share politics, intersectional experiences and tell stories.

The aim of these events is to champion subjective & personal political moving image works, promote artist film in London, and create a community of artists & filmmakers sharing their works and supporting each other.

All filmmakers who show with us are featured in the MicroActs' Filmmaker Archive on our website, an online showcase with direct links to each artist's website/digital presence, this resource allows exposure to a whole new audience & celebrates the range of works we've screened over the years. With over 260 artists/filmmakers from over 46 countries, we can't wait to keep growing the international MicroActs community!

*exact date & venue TBA, we are aiming to expand our screenings during 2023 and this includes collaborating with new creative spaces!

• Films must be approx 6mins or less, our focus is on "micro" short films.

• We accept films from all over the world, however, films not made in English need to be provided with subtitles in English.

• We champion LGBTQ+ voices, and do not accept films that promote hate [eg. racist, homophobic, transphobic etc.], however films discussing these issues/experiences of marginalisation are, of course, welcome & considered.

• By submitting, you agree to show your film with us and be featured on our website as part of the MicroActs' Filmmaker Archive.

Overall Rating
  • This is a great festival if you make art films, or other kinds of experimental films. Excellent communication and professionalism, reasonable submission fees, and they did an impressive job of promoting the festival via social media. I'm very thankful that festivals like MicroActs exist for filmmakers who are not mainstream!

    December 2022
  • Thanks, MicroActs for choosing my short film "Time is a loop", I wish and support young artists. That means a lot to me. The event is great.

    September 2022
  • Though I wasn't able to attend the screening, I was very impressed by the communication, overall professionalism and general programming. Give it a go and submit!

    August 2022
  • Anna Clark

    Really honoured to be included amongst such wonderful artists. Thanks for having us.

    August 2022
  • Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

    Thanks MicroActs, for supporting and highlighting LGBTQ+ experimental film and thanks for including my film, DREAMING IN ASPECT RATIO. It is so important to stand up right now (!) to protest the rise of racism, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia in America - and also the prejudice against all immigrants and LGBTQ's around the world.

    Thanks for programming of such diverse and amazing non-linear and truly experimental film work. The curating and foregrounding of avant-garde work in this festival is superb. Liberty is amazing and does such a wonderful job curating and making this a great festival. Thanks!

    August 2022