The Good. The True. The Beautiful.

Values that transcend all races, cultures and religions. Throughout history, story has been a primary vehicle for bringing these things into our lives.

Your film is no different.

The industry — the world — needs films that transcend the human experience and writers that are filled with goodness, truth and beauty.

At Act One, it doesn’t matter what level of experience you are, if you’ve got potential, we want to find and help you. This is why we’ve developed the ACT ONE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION.

We want to give an undiscovered screenwriter, an artist that fills their work with goodness, truth and beauty, the opportunity to meet with producers and executives in Los Angeles that can help take your script and make it into a film.

This competition isn’t for cash prizes, its for something even better. In lieu of a financial prize, we want to give you relationships…relationships with individuals with decades of experience in developing new creative talent. The winner of our screenplay competition will be given the resources, contacts and knowledge to turn your passion for screenwriting into a life-long career. We want to help you build a solid foundation for a sky-high career in the entertainment industry, not just another line on your resume.

Why? Because the entertainment industry is all about relationships. Writing a great script is only the first step. The Act One screenplay competition will help you take that next step of developing relationships with key individuals that have the experience and ability to move your script and career forward.

In addition, Act One is partnering with several multimillion dollar film funds to assist them in finding original, new screenplays to be developed into major motion pictures. The winner of this screenplay competition will be automatically considered by each of these film funds for a chance to be fully financed and produced.

Don’t wait. Submit your screenplay today and see what doors open for you.

Jump on in.

Simply submit your best screenplay(s). One writer from the TOP 25 will be chosen. The judging criteria is based on overall script presentation, originality and marketability. Again, we are for looking for artists whose work represents a passion for story and is imbued with the good, the truth and the beautiful. Writers of all levels from around the world are encouraged to submit.

The Mission

Since 1999, Act One, Inc., has existed to create a community of Christian professionals for the entertainment industry who are committed to instilling goodness, truth and beauty into all they do, so that through their lives and work they may be witnesses of Christ to fellow artists and to the global culture.

• One week all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles (airfare, hotel, rental car)
• 3-5 meetings with key industry executives who will talk to you about your screenplay
• All-access pass to the two-day Act One Screenwriting Conference featuring top industry professionals in June 2017
• Partial scholarship to the Act One Writing Program for Summer 2017
• Consideration for financing by several multimillion dollar film funds

We are accepting: unproduced FEATURES
85-120 pages
ALL genres
Languages: ENGLISH