The upcoming 2nd annual 49 Hour Film Festival is set for November 10 and 11, 2023 @ The Dolby Theater at UNLV.

Join us at the Annual 49 Hr Film Festival, featuring captivating short films, compelling features, and the thrilling 49-Hour Film Challenge submissions. Whether you're a filmmaker or an enthusiast, you can submit your short or feature film, or dive into the adrenaline-pumping 49-Hour film challenge. Let's create cinematic magic together!

1. Submitted films can be short films under 20 mins or feature film under 120 mins.

2. The 49 Hour Film challenge is a weekend-long team-based filmmaking competition with randomly assigned prompt and genre requisites. Submitted films are judged with a point-based system through a series of categorizations (EX: cinematography, mixing, acting, audience polling) by local veteran filmmakers to determine the winners of these categories and to ultimately determine the winners of the competition and the grand prize!
Registration to take the 49Hr Film Challenge is on the website!

Awards will be given in the following categories such as best picture, best cinematography, best use of line and prop, and audience choice.

1. Open submissions for short and feature films start on September 21, 2023. Submissions must be received by no later than November 4th,. 2023 @11:59pm (pst) in order to be considered for the film festival.

2. For The 49 Film Challenge competition:

Teams must be registered and payments must be submitted by November 3rd at 6:59 pm in order to compete.

The 49 Hour Film Challenge will occur between November, 3rd, 2023, Friday 7pm PST and through Sunday, November 5th @ 9pm.

Kickoff: on Friday, November 3rd @ 7-8pm, we will give teams their necessary genres, props, and character interactions.

Official Time Period: The teams will have from Friday, November 3rd @ 8pm until Sunday, November 5th @ 9pm, to make their films.

Only works that meet the submission deadline (Sunday November 5th @ 9pm) will be officially part of the competition. All films received on Sunday, November 5th @ or before 11:59 P.M.(on-time and late) will still be screened.