InShortFF is an international, independent & inclusive short film festival.

Our festival is here to promote international collaboration. We believe that cinema is the best medium that is capable to build bridges between different countries, connect different cultures and unite people.

Go beyond & make your short film within an international team! Best projects with at least 1 international crew/cast member will be screened in at least 3 different countries! We want to help emerging filmmakers reach a wide & international audience, encourage talents to push the boundaries & present a very diverse programme.
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InShortFF is made within the culturally diverse team of event producers, festival partners, artists in residence, jury members, festival competition entrants and audience.

Awards & Prizes

* Public Award awarded by international audience
* 10 best short films with international collaboration will be selected for the programme that travels the world!

Rules & Terms


1) short films made by anyone & from anywhere
2) less than 15 min long
3) new productions with original content (produced after 01/01/2015) no premieres are required but highly anticipated
4) any genre made with any budget & any camera (documentary, fiction, music video, animation, experimental video, video art & everything in between)
5) you can submit up to 3 shorts (each of them needs to be a separate entry)

* STORY is a key, unique script is more important than a high budget
* DIVERSITY - get team members from different countries, cultures, groups & backgrounds! It will bring a fresh perspective to your project!
* make ACCESSIBLE films - create subtitles for those who don't speak an language well or for hard of hearing audience (all films selected for InShortFF festival will be required *STR subtitle files in English). It will help you enter other international festivals too!
* MARKETING - It's the 21st century! Add Facebook/Twitter/Instagram links to your submission - it's a great way for any festival to promote your work directly. And be proud of entering festivals - spread the word about InShortFF!
* always read festival RULES carefully, if in doubt ask at Subject: Submission Question

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    Prano Bailey-Bond

    It was fantastic to be selected in the Top 10 shorts of InShort 2016. I saw some excellent films and the atmosphere at the festival was brilliant.

    November 2016