The Asia Rainbow TV Awards is co-established by the China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television Production Committee and Hong Kong Televisioners Association. As the 4th Asia Rainbow TV Awards, this year’s Awards will be co-organized by the China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television Production Committee and Juviter Group Sdn Bhd and Hong Kong Televisioners Association.

The Asia Rainbow TV Awards aims at strengthening communication and cooperation in TV programme production among Asian countries and regions, promoting the development of Asian TV production industry, creating Asian multicultural co-flourishing environment.

Awards Settings

A) TV Drama

1、 Programme Category:

Modern Drama
Costume Drama
Action Drama
Web Drama

2、 Individual Category:

Leading Actor
Leading Actress
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Leading Actor in Comedy
Leading Actress in Comedy
Leading Actor in Web Drama
Leading Actress in Web Drama
Theme Song

B) Entertainment

1、 Programme Category:

Variety Show
Game & Quiz Show

2、Individual Category:

Programme Host
Programme Hostess

C) Documentary

1、 Programme Category:

Society & Culture
Nature & Environment

2、Individual Category:


D) Animation

1、 Programme Category:


2、Individual Category:

Character Designer

*The First prizes in each category will receive The Asia Rainbow TV Awards' trophy.
*The Second and Third prizes in each category will receive a certificate.

**The Awards Office will check the qualification of each participating entries and report to the Organizing Committee for confirmation. The programmes confirmed will be enlisted as qualified entries.

The Organizing Committee invites distinguished TV professionals from Asian countries and regions to form the Judging Committee. The Judging Committee will evaluate the entries by categories.All the participating programmes will be viewed by the judges on the Internet based on categories. The First, Second and Third prizes under each programme and individual category will be decided according to the scoring results.

The Chairperson of the Judging Committee will preside over the evaluation procedure and confirm the final awards list. The award results will be announced by the Organizing Committee, and the winners will be awarded with trophies or certificates.

Participation Qualifications
1) All the participating entries should be produced by companies in the Asian countries and regions. The entries must be broadcast, cablecast, or webcast for the first time in the period from July 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017.
Note: Web Drama must be series and broadcasted on the internet first. The duration of each episode should not be less than 15 minutes, and number of episodes should be more than 10.
2) The contents of the entries should not involve any political, religious or ethnic conflicts. In addition, the contents should not emphasize on porno, violence, slaughter, and etc.

Submission Methods
1)All the participants must complete the Asia Rainbow TV Awards Entry Form and Upload related materials (Video, Basic Information and Photograph) on the Website: before November 15,2017.
2) Participating organizations are allowed to submit only one programme under each category. Series programmes should provide 4 episodes (beginning, middle, end). All entries should provide English soundtrack ,subtitles or scripts.
3)Each individual category is included in the submitted programme. ( If you want to submit individual categories (i.e. A-2, B-2...),You must submit programme (i.e. A-1, B-1...) first*

*If you have any questions please contact us :

Overall Rating
  • Hamid Reza Hosseinian

    thank you for accepting my film. peace

    April 2018
  • Yoshimasa Higashi

    so cool. It is great that my film work of BERGUS CHAN and TAKA KURA went to CHINA!!

    March 2018