Indie Street Film Festival is a regional film and arts festival that combines its curated film selections with connective community events in order to celebrate human creativity and storytelling. ISFF is searching for films that voice high impact human stories from across all genres. We hand pick the most resourceful and innovative filmmakers from the US and across the globe to screen and connect with the engaged arts community of Red Bank and the Northeast. In the last 6 years, the festival has touted films that have also been official selections/nominees and award winners at Sundance, Slamdance, SXSW, Spirit Awards, and the Oscars.

The festival was born from a cooperative distribution platform, so focuses on education and nurturing of our filmmakers through the ever-evolving world of technology, distribution, and audience engagement, regardless of budget size and in spite of restrictive funding. Throughout the 5 day interactive festival, both filmmakers and attendees enjoy panel discussions, live art, music, education and networking events sponsored by local breweries and restaurants that provide artisanal food and drink for festival goers.

Jury Prize Winners receive:
-A Hand-Crafted Original Franklin Award!

Winners will also receive a 4-month InkTip Pro Membership. As an InkTip Pro Member, thousands of filmmakers can find and read your scripts, and you'll be able to pitch directly to production companies every week. With over 3,000 options and 400 movies made, InkTip is the place for independent film.

Official Selections receive:
- All Access Pass to attend film festival screenings, parties, workshops, and panels with industry experts.
- Official Indie Street Laurels

All films must have been completed no earlier than calendar year 2022.

Along with your submission, we would love to know:
A) Is this your first time submitting to ISFF?
B) How did you hear about ISFF?
C) What is your project's total budget?
D) Is anyone on your team a New Jersey local?

Overall Rating
  • Erin K Fleming

    Indie Street Film Festival is a must for any filmmaker. The quality and diversity of selections was impressive. Five full days of content to consume from all over the globe. Incredible location in a charming American town with easy access to theaters, restaurants, bars, and transportation. The post screening dialogue between filmmakers and the audience added to the richness of the event. Event organizers created a relaxed, engaging space for networking and relationship building.

    September 2022
  • Kate Hinshaw

    Indie Street Film Festival was excellent!

    September 2021
  • Though I was only able to attend a few events / screenings, I had such a great time! I believe that in a decade's time, the Indie Street Film Festival will be one of the top "must-submit-to" festivals in the northeast.

    Having a short of mine programmed, there was clear, kind, and abundant communication from the staff leading up to the festival. They also conducted a nice Zoom Q&A for the block of shorts I was in (which was to be presented during the virtual selection of the festival).

    What was really excellent is the festival experience and location. Red Bank is the PERFECT place to hold a film festival, as the open, communal atmosphere of the town's center keeps you comfortable between screenings and makes your walks between venues short yet enjoyable. Of the screenings I attended was an animated shorts block that was simply outstanding! I couldn't believe that I saw such inspired and complete films at such an up-and-coming festival, but that goes to show the quality of their programming and where they're heading.

    In short, I will certainly be submitting again next year, and whether or not I have my film programmed, I will attend the festival because the experience is just that excellent.

    September 2021
  • Chris Del Sordo

    Great festival and even greater people who helped put on a fantastic show. It was a highly organized event and the communication was thorough throughout the entire festival journey. Can't say enough positive things about Indie Street Fest...

    September 2021
  • Shaheen Sheriff

    Very cool festival. In the corona pandemic, the online version looked very professional. Interviews made it feel more interactive. Very glad to have my film here!

    October 2020