****** Important Update for Submitters-2018 ******

Please notice that our selection committee still have been carefully reviewing all films & screenplays submitted for All Deadlines. The results will be sent to filmmakers by October 24, 2018.
If your film is marked as Undecided on Filmfreeway.com that means you will be hearing from us very soon. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

American Filmatic Arts Awards is an organization focused on Independent Films internationally .
It is the 2nd year that organized annually to revive & celebrate Indie cinema and new filmmakers worldwide in the USA.
Award ceremony will be held with live screenings in Brooklyn, New York.
It consist of more than 20 jurors who are in the field as film critics, filmmakers, industry professionals, distributors and producers internationally.
We strongly believe in that all unique films deserve to get a review by film professionals and new filmmakers have to be encouraged and applaud for their filmatic visions.

Founded by New York Eurasian Film Festival directors.
American Filmatic Arts Awards intends to discover contemporary Independent cinema, to restore and to create a new cinematic culture in response to the rapid changes in media seen in the 21st century.
AFAA presents the international competition section to find potential cinema artist and discover new indie films to be classic in the future.

Please visit our website for further info.

Feature Film (Drama)
Feature Film (Comedy/Dramedy)
Feature Film (Action/Thriller)
Feature Film (Horror)
Feature Film (SCI-FI)
Feature Film (Foreign)
Documentary Feature
Feature Film (Animation)

Short Film (Drama)
Short Film (Drama) Student
Short Film (Comedy/Dramedy)
Short Film (Comedy/Dramedy) Student
Short Film (Action/Thriller)
Short Film (Action/Thriller) Student
Short Film (Horror)
Short Film (Horror) Student
Short Film (SCI-FI)
Short Film (SCI-FI) Student
Short Film (Animation)
Short Film (Animation) Student
Short Film (LGBT)
Short Film (LGBT) Student
Short Film (Foreign)
Short Film (Foreign) Student

Documentary Short
Documentary Short Student
Experimental (Short)
Experimental (Short) Student
Nature/Environment/Wildlife (Student)
Webisode/New Media
Webisode/New Media (Student)
Music Video
Music Video (Student)
TimelapseTimelapse (Student)
Movie Trailer
Television - Pilot/Episodic
Reality Show
Public Service Programming/PSA
Script - Commercial
Screenplay Short
Screenplay Feature

Best Actor Male (Feature)
Best Actor Male (Short)
Best Actress Female (Feature)
Best Actress Female (Short)
Supporting Actor - (Feature)
Supporting Actor - (Short)
Supporting Actress - (Feature)
Supporting Actress - (Short)
Actor - Commercial
Actress - Commercial
Actress Under 18
Actor Under 18
Ensemble Cast

Editing (Feature)
Editing (Short/Series)
Editing (Commercial)
Editing (Music Video)
Sound Design (Short)
Sound Design (Feature)
Music score (Short)
Music score (Feature)
Production Design
Visual Effects
Cinematography (Feature)
Cinematography (Short/Series)
Cinematography (Commercial)
Cinematography (Music Video)
Women Filmmakers
Young Filmmaker - 17 and younger
Director (Feature Film)Director (Feature Film-Student)
Director (Short/Series)
Director (Short/Series - Student)
Director (Commercial)
Director (Commercial - Student)
Director (Music Video)
Director (Music Video - Student)
Producer (Feature Film)
Producer (Feature Film - Student)
Producer (Short/Series - Student)
Producer (Commercial - Student)Producer (Commercial - Student)
Producer - Music Video
Producer - (Music Video- Student)

Video Art (Student)
Video Art (Animation)
Video Art (Graphic Design)
Video Art (Live Action)
Video Artist

To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements:

* ANY Country(ies) of Production which has been completed after January 2015.

*Short Films must be no more than 40 minutes in length including credits..

*Feature films must be no less than 59 minutes in length including credits. If your film is not meeting these criterias, still welcome to submit it.

*All non-English language films must have legible English language subtitles.

All films will be considered for each category that any film submitted for
"American Filmatic Arts Awards" will be judged by our jurors and committee to apply one to another award which may be best fit.
So the filmmakers have to submitted only for 2 category for now. As Short and Feature film and then jury will make the best decision for the award.

*All films must have been completed after January 2015. .

Only completed projects will be accepted. Filmmaker or distributor must have obtained all clearances for exhibition and must certify that the work is original and no disputes regarding ownership exist on the film.

Overall Rating
  • Very friendly and nice. Thanks a lot for the Award.

    February 2018
  • Teresa Mular MD

    Great festival.I was not able to attend but one of the participants in my film was present to receive my award and she only had great things to comment about the festival. Thank you for giving the honor and privilege of participating in your festival.

    January 2018
  • Great experience! Thank you for this award!

    January 2018
  • Aitor Gonz├ílez Iturbe

    Thank you very much American Filmatic Arts Awards!
    I already have the two awards of PAJERO (THE WANKER) at my home.

    See you later!

    December 2017
  • Johnny Zito

    Do yourself a favor and submit to this festival. I was very honored and to have had my short film selected and awarded Honorable Mention among such high quality and diverse films. The awards ceremony was a blast too. They treat filmmakers with they respect and dignity we deserve.

    December 2017