intersections of culture... CONNECT. FUSE. REPEAT.

KAFFNY invites the world to participate in creating the first platform for "Infinite Cinema." Culture is not a fixed point. The mere idea of a "tradition" can be used for inhuman purposes. By applying the concept of infinity, KAFFNY turns the dialogue to all those artists who recognize a needed deference to the concept of humanity, and away from any official definition of global culture.

KAFFNY's expertise in programming comes from the application of a third culture perspective, which is a proactive form of cultural awareness from the inside-out, rather than politically reactive. For the first ten years, KAFFNY honed this by looking at the condition of the Korean diaspora, showing films from five continents, with all kinds of ethnicities, characters, stories, genres and mediums.

Whether presenting works by documentary filmmaker Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, DJ Spooky’s live musical re-score of the 1956 seminal classic Korean film, “Madame Freedom,” pioneer video art by Nam June Paik, multi-faceted perspectives on the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, or a three-wall gallery projection dance party for a music film set to the entirety of Girl Talk’s definitive mashup album, KAFFNY moves across platforms to bring present the richest exhibition of the hidden intersections of global culture.

Originally founded in 2006 as the Korean American Film Festival New York, our festival venues include: Wythe Hotel Cinema, Village East Cinemas, TheTimesCenter, SVA Theatre, Chelsea Clearview Cinemas, Skirball Center at NYU, Anthology Film Archives, as well as gallery and outdoor public spaces throughout New York City. Our partners include: Ford Foundation (Good Neighbor Committee), Korean American Community Foundation, The Korea Society, CUNY Asian American/American Research Institute, Korean Association of New York Artists, Korea Times, The Korean Channel. KAFFNY is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

KAFFNY Infinite Cinema's mission is to allow the audience to connect stories that are often missing from the mainstream narrative, allow the audience to engage in dialogue with the content makers to fuse a new understanding of our world, and hopefully inspire our audience to repeat this process by seeking out new ways to connect to a culture outside their own. Which is KAFFNY's motto: CONNECT. FUSE. REPEAT.

KAFFNY Infinite Cinema Call for Entries

Who should submit?
KAFFNY invites filmmakers and artists of all backgrounds, from any country, with features, shorts, or documentaries which reflect the commonalities of humanity across cultural divides, highlight multi-cultural interactions, challenge existing narratives, or provide mirrors for people to reflect on their own culture through the experience of another. Korean diaspora filmmakers are also encouraged to share their works. Films completed within the last two years preferred.

Our past experience in telling Korean American stories helped KAFFNY identify and find commonality with other stories at the intersection of all cultures. Our mission has always been to identify unifying commonalities and dissolve cultural stereotypes by connecting voices through our shared experiences.

Overall Rating
  • Très bon festival, animé et organisé par une équipe de professionnels passionnés de cinéma. Je recommande ce festival à tous mes amis réalisateurs.

    November 2023
  • Mahalo KAFFNY for a wonderful weekend of diverse films! Enjoyed the range of films and networking with fellow indie filmmakers from across the country! We had such a great time in NYC and we hope to return again one day :)

    November 2023
  • Eddie Shieh

    Wonderful festival that communicates really well with their filmmakers. Honored to take part and support KAFF especially under this year's circumstances. And we hope to be back in person. Thanks again!

    November 2020
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my online Festival experience with KAFFNY Infinite Cinema. I'm grateful for their excellent communication, the quality of films, and the support they provided! Highly recommend this Festival!

    November 2020
  • Thanks KAFFNY! Such fun people and a great turn out! It was exciting to screen film with this content to the Korean American Film Festival, with great support from CUNY Graduate Center and Asian/Asian American Research Institute. Thank you!

    November 2019