Le Festival international du film ornithologique de Ménigoute (79, France),
Un rendez-vous tout naturel !

Le Festival international du film ornithologique de Ménigoute est l’un des événements mondiaux majeurs du cinéma animalier. La première édition s’est tenue en 1985, le Festival de Ménigoute est porté par l’association Mainate (Ménigoute animation internationale nature environnement).

Le festival de Ménigoute offre l’occasion de présenter une nouvelle sélection des films, pour la plupart en exclusivité française. Le jury est composé de professionnels du cinéma et de l’environnement.
La manifestation propose des activités pour toute la famille sur une période de 6 jours.

Le Lirou d’or – Grand Prix de Ménigoute
Prix Paul Géroudet
Prix Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine de la créativité
Prix de Protection de la Nature
Prix du Parc Naturel Régional du Marais Poitevin
Prix des Clubs Connaître et Protéger la Nature
Prix Paysages
Prix du Jury
Prix Crédit Agricole
Prix Clic Clac
Prix Coup de Crayons
Prix Coup de pattes

To submit your film, you can either do it on filmefreeway, or for free, on our website : https://www.menigoute-festival.org/vous-etes-realisateurs.html.
You don't have to submit your film twice on the two plateforms.

The 39rd International Festival of ornithological film of Ménigoute

General organization

Section 1 - DATE AND PLACE

The 38rd "International Festival of Ornithological Film" will take place from October 27th to the first of November 2022 in Ménigoute (Deux-Sèvres - FRANCE).

Section 2 - OBJECTIVES

Ménigoute Festival’s main purpose is to inspire to the greatest public increased awareness of the need to conserve the natural environment. At the same time, it aims to encourage the documentaries’ production and broadcasting. About 40 ornithological and wildlife entries, French premieres, will be selected to be screened in competition during public performances.



Any film longer than 15 minutes will be entered in the category "long program" and all films less than 15 minutes in the category "short program". The rules and conditions of participation are identical for these two categories.

Entry for films to the competition is completely free, and implies on the part of the makers or copyright holders their permission to screen them in public without claiming any rights or payment of any kind. 1 - The theme of films - The theme should agree with the objectives of the Festival; they need not be exclusively about ornithology. The Organising Committee will decide.
2 - Genre - Films of all genres (reportage, documentary, fiction, animation, educational, research, etc...) will all be eligible for selection.
3 - Quality - Only films without any joins or subtitles will be accepted. 4 - Format :

For preselection
online viewing link (preferably) or 2 DVD (The DVD movies proposed in the competition, selected or not, will be kept in the festival's video library). 

For the competition
The files should be sent on hard drive or USB drive that will be returned after the festival (or during the festival if the director come to present his film) at the address listed on the registration form by mail tracking.
Copies for foreign films in the original version, in order to make the dubbing in French of the commentary, must be no subtitled and only the following formats will be accepted: Apple ProRes 422 1920x1080 24, 25, ou 30 is (images/secondes)

Including imperatively 3 tracks:

Track 1 will be the original soundtrack
- Track 2 & 3 international mix (without narration)
Should you hesitate about these conditions, please contact us: a bad format could mean the film’s removing from the selection.
For foreign language films (English, German, Spanish or Italian) selected for the competition and having no existing French version, the Festival will assume the dubbing. To ensure it, it is requested that the script in Word document is sent with the time code, comprehensive and consistent with dialogues and the voiceover, and written authorization to proceed to the dubbing (see page 6 the registration form).
5 - Exclusivity - The films should be recent (maximum 2 years old), and not offered for selection for an earlier Ménigoute festival, and never have been previously shown publicly in France.

Section 4 :
Festival organizers may eventually choose some movies that have not been selected for the competition to present out of competition in public sessions. These films will be included in the official program. The copyright and any other type of compensation shall not be demanded for programming and projection of films or presented to the public during the Festival, either in competition or out of competition.

Entries and calendar

Section 5 – ENTRIES

Entry opens January 1st 2022. Full material must be delivered to the Festival Office before 1st July 2022. In all cases, should it be required, an additional delay may be agreed if a film is close to being completed.
Registration for the Festival will be taken into account upon receipt of the following documents: 1) Online viewing link (preferably) or Two DVD copy of the final version of the film.
2) The entry form online duly filled in and signed.
3) Photographs: 3 from the entered film and 1 of the producer, for promotion of the film and of the Festival : Catalogue print: JPEG or EPS - Resolution : 300 DPI - colour CMJN 4) A trailer Trailer for the promotion on the website internet of the Festival:
Apple ProRes 422 1920x1080 pixels – 24, 25 or 30 i/s (images/seconds) Foreign films, entered in the original version, not dubbed in French, must be accompanied by:
5) In Word document the complete final script (commentary and dialogues), with time code and labelled “final script representing the final version of the film submitted to the Festival", on CD or by e-mail. In case of dialogues, indicate the different voices numbers. Please be sure to send the corresponding script to the same movie running time.
6) List of the Latin names of all species of animal and plants ONLY mentioned in the script.


- For preselection :
Copies material, together with all the documents needed for the competition, should be sent to the office as soon as possible, before 1st July 2022. We recommend copies material to be declared at a value less than 23 €.
- For public screening copy :
The projection copy of the selected film, NO SUBTITLED, on hard drive or USB key, will be absolutely available to the Festival organization to 20st September, 2020 last time.

For films coming from abroad, please, use the LTA tickets or enclose with the film a pro forma invoice clearly mentioning


For copies material, transport and insurance and all other costs including customs dues are to be paid by the sender. The Festival organizers will cover the cost of storage and insurance of films until they are sent back. In case of loss or damage, the organizers are responsible only up the cost of replacing the copy as indicated in the entry form.


The Preselection Committee, composed of naturalists, ornithologists and scientists will view all documents registered and subjected to selection; selection will determine the films that will be shown in competition at the Festival. Any film whose quality is deemed insufficient selection, result in disqualification of the submitted work. The decisions of the Selection Committee will be final (all complaint received in writing at the end of the selection will be forwarded to the Screening Committee).
The official selection will be available in early September on the festival website:


Section 9 – PROMOTION

The producers or copyrights holders of entered films will provide a minimum of 3 stills photographs and for up to 3 minutes of each production submitted to be made available, free of charge to the broadcast media for the promotion of the competition.
Prize-winning films may be shown in some decentralized event.
The films selected for the competition of Menigoute festival will also be a selection for their projection, competing or not, at a later stage other events planned by either partner organization of the Festival Menigoute. To this end, the films will be viewed by that organization. Permission or not beneficiaries should be explicitly mentioned on the entry form and Communication (p.6).

Section 10 – VIDEO LIBRARY
A copy of the films screened in competition will be kept to the video library of the Festival. These films can be viewed for educational purposes for schools and the general public in a non-commercial purpose. The aim is to broaden the audience of the Festival and to promote the diffusion of these documentaries, opening spaces of knowledge, meetings and debates.
Competition, jury and awards

The competition takes place during the public showings at the Festival. The Organizing Committee is on sole charge of setting and altering the programming and place of projection of films. Producers are invited to present their films in person during the public screening. The Festival will provide accommodation and meals for two persons maximum per film for two nights, with 1 room reserved with 1 double or 2 twin beds. Rooms in supplement will be paid at the Festival’s reception at the beginning of the stay.
Upon arrival, a hostess at the Festival welcome return your pocket with your badge, documentation and the key of your accommodation.

Section 12 - JURY - PRIX

The Jury is selected by the Organizing Committee, to include people selected for their ability in the fields of their audiovisual arts, information, education or scientific knowledge. The composition of the Jury will be made public at the start of the Festival. The Jury has every right to decide to award one or more additional distinctions or not to award any of the announced prizes. Its decisions are final.
Winners may announce their awards in the credit titles of prize-winning films.
Nine prizes, will be awarded for qualities of cinematography, education and humankind’s relationship with the natural environment and with animals.
A producer may present several films; however, he can be awarded a prize for only one of them.
In case of a tie, the prize will be shared among the winners. A trophy may be awarded to the producer of an award-winning film, or his designated deputy. It will not be sent by post. A copy of the awarded-winning films will be made on a DVD, at the expense of the Festival, to be offered to sponsors to thank them for their financial assistance. This DVD may be watched in no-commercial, in-house screening.


Director and/or Producer of the film titulare of all royalties authorized to give permission to show the film and use the text and photos without charge during the Menigoute Festival.
He also give authorization to use the text, photos and film without charge for the promotion of the Festival (with a 3 minutes maximum extract).
He accept that this film can be viewed by a partner agency of Menigoute Festival and authorizes to the International Festival of Ornithological Film of Ménigoute to make a copy of the film in order to show it in its video library for educational and information purposes.
He also grant permission to burn DVD or Blu-Ray discs of the French version in case my film would be scheduled in various venues during the event.
Taking part in the Festival implies acceptance without reserve of the present rules. In case of dispute, the French text will be relied on. The Organizing Committee may decide all cases not foreseen in the rules.


The 38rd International Festival of Ornithological Films is organized by the Association MAINATE «Ménigoute Animation Internationale Nature Environnement" together with numerous other private and public organizations.
All correspondence and documents (films, DVD, photos) must be sent to the permanent office situated at this address:

Association MAINATE - B.P. 10005 - 16 bis rue de St-Maixent - FR - 79340 MÉNIGOUTE http://www.menigoute-festival.org
Marion Subin : contact@menigoute-festival.org - 33+ (0)5 49 69 90 09
A copy of these rules is deposited with a lawyer in Ménigoute, whose name and address are in the French version.
The International Festival of Ornithological Film is registered at the I.N.P.I. N° 134031339.

Overall Rating
  • Olivier Laval

    Très belle expérience, que ce soit avec le chaleureux accompagnement des organisateurs du festival, comme l'accueil du public et l'ensemble des participants lors des cinq journées de festival. Je reviendrai dès que possible !

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Bonjour Olivier,

    Merci de ce retour très positif. Nous sommes ravis que vous ayez apprécié le Festival.

    Au plaisir de vous revoir à Ménigoute,

    L'équipe du Festival