This three-day, inaugural film festival is hosted by the Waltham Film Factory, a community-based collaboration residing at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation.

The core of the Museum's mission is to encourage and inspire future innovation in America. The Waltham Film Factory Shorts Fest has been created to celebrate the filmmaking industry and the art and science that it manifests. The short film genre was chosen because of its inclusiveness; more films can be viewed in the time available, and more aspiring filmmakers are able to complete high quality short projects than feature-length films—a truth that will inspire—in a very inspiring place.

The Waltham Film Factory Shorts Fest welcomes films of up to 25 minutes in length. Festival categories are:

• Animation
• Documentary
• Narrative, and
• Experimental.

English-language subtitled Foreign Language submissions are welcome.

Refreshments will be available. There will be panel discussions that explore the art, science, and technology of filmmaking. The Festival will include a family-friendly track.

**The Charles River Museum is located in the historic Francis Cabot Lowell Mill, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Mill, portions of which also have National Historic Landmark status, was the first fully-integrated factory in the United States, and is the cornerstone of the American Industrial Revolution.**

The Inaugural Waltham Film Factory Shorts Fest offers filmmaker awards in several different categories and more than $3,000 in cash and prizes. The Grand Prize is $1,000.

1) Entries should not exceed 25 minutes in duration including all titles and credits.

2) There is no production date restriction.

3) If the film is not in English, then it must have hard-coded English subtitles.

4) The Waltham Film Factory Shorts Fest (WFFSF)reserves the right to refuse to screen any submission deemed by the Festival to be inappropriate. Should you wish to question WFFSF about their decision, you can contact us by email at

5) All submissions are screened and evaluated by the WFFSF Preview and Selection Committees, appointed by the festival steering committee. Their reports are final and confidential. All films received, which meet our criteria, will be screened at the festival at the Charles River Museum. These films will be screened at least once during the festival. Due to the amount of films we receive only the top scoring films will go through into the competition. Submitters will be advised via email as to whether they’ve been selected. Selections will be announced on our website and on our Facebook page on March 14, 2018.

The finalists, to be announced late on Friday, April 6, 2018, will be chosen by the Judges and will be posted on our website, on our Facebook page and in the Museum window. The winning films will be selected from the list of Finalists and announced at our Awards Ceremony on the evening of Saturday, April 7, 2018.

6) In the event of a film being withdrawn, WFFSF will not be liable to refund the fee or return the materials entered.

7) WFFSF will determine the date and time when submissions will be screened. WFFSF cannot be held accountable for changes to the schedule after the festival line-up is announced.

8) Participation in WFFSF grants us the authorization to show the entered film at the Festival. Viewing will only be possible during the Festival.

9) A fee is required upon submission. For payment structure, see elsewhere on FilmFreeway website.

10) One entry fee per category, per film. The same film can be entered into one or more categories, but each category requires an entry fee. If the filmmaker chooses to enter more than one category with the same film, please add an incremental numerical addendum in brackets after the title; i.e. “Film Title” (1), “Film Title” (2) etc. as the system requires this differentiation in the case of multiple entries with the same title.

11) Exclusively the participant shall pay all fees in relation to the uploading or mailing. The Festival will not be responsible for the cost of receiving any additional materials i.e. posters, photos, etc.

12) If music or additional film material used in your film is not original, then permission from source must be obtained. The responsibility for this rests entirely with the filmmaker. Failure to obtain clearance could result in your film being withdrawn from the Festival. In this event, WFFSF will not be liable to refund the fee or return the materials entered.

13) The submission of a film to WFFSF will be considered to be an acknowledgement of the festival rules.

14) Entrants should UPLOAD their film to FilmFreeway on the day that the entry form is completed. Please include your press kit including still photos. Please write a 10-15 word (ONLY) synopsis for use in our festival program – should your film be selected. WE WOULD LIKE TO ENSURE THAT THE JUDGES VIEW YOUR FILM IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY POSSIBLE SO WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT FINAL VERSIONS. PLEASE SURE THAT YOUR FILM IS READY AT THE TIME OF ENTRY.

15) WFFSF will contact you if there are any problems with your film. Once downloaded by us, your film will be loaded onto our festival server.

16) Please do not send DVD’s or copies of your film directly to us unless requested to do so. At time of submission we will only accept your entry if your film is uploaded to FilmFreeway.

17) WFFSF will attempt to resolve any technical matter related to your submission. For more information and queries contact

18) Once we have received your Film, Photo(s), Fee and Form you will receive an email confirming your entry is ‘In Consideration’. Please note that unless we receive ALL these items your entry is NOT confirmed.

19) All queries relating to your submission should be sent to