Third Eye Film Festival (TEFF) aims to build a community dedicated to showcasing 'otherworldly' stories and supports the work of visionary female filmmakers in spiritual, fantasy, and horror genres.

The 2nd annual TEFF will be held February 16–18 at Howl! Happening Gallery in NYC's historical Lower East Side!

We are so proud to be a part of the Third Eye family and congratulate everyone involved in those three wildly successful nights of screenings that launched our premiere in NYC, and encored in New Orleans last May and in Los Angeles last August. More information about the event can be found on our website and social media channels.


We are seeking films in the following categories:

    Female Eye *

* Third Eye Film Festival pledges to endorse women and female-identifying persons in the film industry. The genres of this festival are ones where the female perspective is underrepresented and TEFF aims to make these voices heard. The festival offers discounted submission costs for qualifying films that compete in the Female Eye category.

⁃ Films in this category MUST have female or female-identifying Director or Director of Photography, AND fit into one of our festival genres: Horror, Fantasy, or Spiritual. We proudly embrace the queer and LGBT communities. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Awards & Prizes


Rules & Terms

Films must be completed within two years of the festival date. Premiere status is irrelevant, though we prefer films that are not easily accessible online. Exceptions can always be made, so please contact us if you have any questions!

If submitting as a student, we require you to e-mail a scan of your student ID or other qualifying paperwork within 1 week.

If selected, please be prepared to deliver a digital file of your film + press kit via downloadable link.

15 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Quyen Nguyen Le

    This was such a great and unique festival to be a part of!

    July 2017
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    Jordan Harrison

    I can't say enough good things about this festival. Darian and Namu were a joy to communicate with leading up the event and especially lovely to meet in person. They totally nailed it their first year out. The festival was perfectly curated with breathtaking, strange, and wonderful films that all fit well within the vision of Third Eye. I especially appreciated the focus on films made by women. The level of professionalism, organization, and friendliness of everyone involved blew me away. And it was packed every night. It was clear that something special was going on in the room and that there is a large audience for films in the horror/fantasy/occult genres. I fully expect Third Eye to become a major event on the festival circuit.

    February 2017
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    Stephanie Twyford Baldwin

    Third Eye Film Fest was by far the most enjoyable festival I'm honored to say I've been a part of. Not only was it shockingly well-organized in scheduling and design/branding, but it was genuinely inspiring as far as their selection of screened films goes. Their specific focus on women filmmakers in such a specific, yet male dominated, genre such as horror/fantasy is absolutely revolutionary. Extremely proud to say I was there for the very first NYC event, and hope to be a part of this for years to come, as I know this ground breaking festival will only grow in size and influence with passing time.

    February 2017
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    Kevin Kopacka

    Great festival organized by two great people! Namu and Darian were very accomodating and all there were many chances to connect with the other participating directos, who very all very interesting and nice.
    Hope to see you all next year!

    February 2017
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    Izzy Lee

    Awesome new festival. There are few festivals with such good selections --- and such good communication --- in their first year. My film Innsmouth played, and I wasn't able to attend, but I hear such great things. This is a festival to watch!

    February 2017