Lisbon is the spot to be presented to the best of sad cinema from around the world. A festival which is designed to pull on your heart strings and make you break down in tears.

Triste Para Sempre is the festival that dedicates all its spotlight to melancholia, sadness and anything but happy endings. Triste Para Sempre...meaning "Sad Forever".

So if your film is all about making people sad and about causing uncontrollable fits of crying...then send your film to us!

The festival will be showcased in the beautiful city of Lisbon (Portugal) late 2024.

“International and National Tear Award” – Chosen by a jury
"Audience Tear Award" - Choosen by the Audience

1. If the film is not in English it is required to have English Subtitles
2. The film has to fit the theme of the festival
3. Films completed after 1st January 2022 are eligible for the festival
4. The submission fee is not refundable.

We do not have a premiere policy.
Any Language accepted as long as there is English Subtitles (unless the film is in English).

Overall Rating
  • Alexandre de Villeneuve

    A "sad" theme BUT an amazing festival according to its program

    December 2022
  • Sarah Zeppilli

    Amazing experience with Triste para sempre festival, very proud to be part of it with my very first short

    December 2022
  • igor lovato

    We are a family of film lovers trying to keep the art alive in Brazil. Our film was done totally independently with our savings money. Being part of the TRISTE PARA SEMPRE was not only an honor but also proof that there are more like us around, struggling to keep the art alive, free, and strong. Thank you so much for renewing our hope!!!

    June 2021
  • I can't imagine a better festival. I feel like part of the Triste Para Sempre Family now. I highly recommend

    June 2021
  • Angel Puado Veloso

    Marvelous festival, where you never be sad

    September 2020