I am an online Web Variety Vlog on the drunken Zombie Network, that focuses on reviews, news, and culture relating to Tabletop RPGs and LARPing. I post every other week on the Drunken Zombie Podcasting Network and am looking for short and feature length films to feature on my show and a weekly screening at a local business. I am Not a festival, this is a free venue to showcase your short and feature films to a; hopefully growing, regional audience who are loyal to the show. Though my show is RPG related the short and feature films do not have to be, I am just looking for solid genre projects to premier to a new audience. My goal is to use your video to entertain and expose audiences to independent works along with giving you the filmmaker a chance to show your short/feature film to a new market.

There are no prizes as of yet, after a year of showcasing short films that may change. If you want to be apart of this experience please contact me and pay no attention to the event dates. I am wanting to start showcasing features as soon as possible.

Free to enter, just email me if you are interested in having me showcase your short film.