Calling all filmmakers, journalists, and amateur Nancy Drews!

Do you have a great scoop? What about an interesting take? Is it time to scream your singular truth? Are you ready to give the world a reality check? Have you been working on a non-fiction story during the endless hours of quarantine? Well, get it on film and send it to SCOOP!

SCOOP! is a new documentary short film festival brought to you by your friends at The Stranger and The Portland Mercury.

We're looking for short documentaries (15 minutes or less) of all kinds. Educational, journalistic, humorous, or poetic—all documentary styles are welcome at SCOOP! Submit your film by October 8th 2021 for a chance to be part of the 1st Annual SCOOP Film Fest!

SCOOP! Serving the truth, one short documentary at a time.

There is no fee to enter SCOOP! SCOOP shares 10% of all ticket sales with those filmmakers who are selected to be a part of the lineup.

* 15 minutes or less!
* Racist, bigoted, homophobic or sexist submissions will be immediately tossed.
* Whether using your phone or a video camera, make sure you are recording in 1080p.
* If using a phone, please shoot in landscape and not vertically.
* Preferred file formats are .mp4 or .mov
* Using Zoom? Please don’t use 25fps