The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival presents film makers of diverse backgrounds offering meaningful perspectives on environmental issues. It supports the charitable work of The Zoological Lighting Institute, an international NGO dedicated to science in support of animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Learn more at

The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival champions 'Environmental Equity at the Equinox'. It will be featured at the Asia Society in New York City, held in everyday workplaces at WeWork locations globally, and featured at an Annual Reception at the American Museum of Natural History. At film-makers discretion, we will also promote independent screenings of winning entries in PhotoDiversity Events throughout a given Festival year.

The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival celebrates the value of Diversity for Science, Ecology and Community. The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival supports the creative arts, so that they in turn can have an impact on the health and ecological well being of our global communities.

1. Best Science Feature: Professional & Student
2. Best Wildlife Feature: Professional & Student
3. Best Arts and Culture Feature: Professional & Student

4. Diversity Award: Professional & Student
5. Best Short: Professional & Student

6. Best in Festival: Professional & Student
7. Best Cinematography: Professional & Student

A Special 'PhotoDiversity 'Lifetime Achievement' Award' will also be granted at this time.

Non-English speaking films must have English subtitles, and bilingual films must have subtitles in the appropriate language for any English spoken within. Multi-lingual films are encouraged.
Accepting films completed between January 1, 2015 and December 2017.
All films must be submitted through and a DVD copy sent to The Zoological Lighting Institute, 85 Broad Street, NY NY 10004 USA
We accept shorts to feature length films.
Shorts: 0-30 minutes
Feature length: 60-90 minutes
**Shorter festival edits of feature length films will usually be preferred.
$25 per film submission. We encourage a donation to The Zoological Lighting Institute, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, whose mission will be supported by proceeds from the film festival.
If your film is selected to screen at the PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival at WeWork we will request 2 copies of any of the following for exhibition: BluRay, ProRes HQ & H264.
By submitting a film to the Festival (and agreeing to these terms and conditions) you are confirming that all necessary permissions have been sought from contributors to the film, and royalties paid, including 'release' from those appearing in the film and creators of any soundtrack/music. Films must be clean of all advertisements for exhibition.
I, the undersigned, have read The PhotoDiversity™ Film Festival at WeWork (PDF Festival) entry procedures and rules and I agree to abide by them. I acknowledge and agree that, to the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided is accurate, the film submitted is an original work and I am duly authorized to submit this film and promotional materials to PDF Festival. Any copyrighted materials included in the work have been legally cleared for use, and PDF Festival is not responsible for any copyright infringement resulting from public screenings.
I agree that, if this film is selected, PDF Festival has permission to screen the film at WeWork on March 19-24, 2018. If this film is to be screened at PDF Festival, I also agree that PDF Festival has the right to use footage for promotional materials (ex festival trailer) and to publish selections from the promotional materials, such as still images, in any or all publications for the purpose of promoting PDF Festival. I hereby hold PDF Festival harmless and release it from any claims that I or others may have with respect to the use of the promotional materials and the public screening of this film.
Accompanying materials will be donated to PDF Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Ran Levy-Yamamori

    As an overall view, it was a very good and positive experience to be a part of PhotoDiversity Film Festival.
    Communication was great, and I hope that for KOUNOTORI, winning "Best Environmental/wildlife" documentary really gives hope that the message, inspiration and message will spread wings and more people will care about the environment.

    March 2018
  • Henry Worobec

    The organizers communicated well and are passionate about promoting the films as well as the causes they represent.

    March 2018