The Joziwood - Perth South African Film Festival aims to showcase short and long form South African content to audiences in Perth, Australia.

Joziwood mainly supports outstanding and creative stories from South African content creators that have not received deserved exposure outside South Africa. PSAFF considers narrative, documentary and animated short films (30 min and less), long format films (60-150min) and in multiple genres from around the world, as long as there is a theme of South African culture, locations, language.... anything really.

The PSAFF will be held The Hub - a cultural hub run out of the Prendiville Catholic College in Ocean Reef, Perth.

Why 'Joziwood'?
The South African film industry is known as Joziwood, similar to Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood!

South African expats in Perth, Australia are hungry for South African content. South Africa will always be a part of all South Africans, no matter where they live in the world. This film festival is here to show expats what creative and amazing stories are told in SA at the moment.

Best Feature Film

Best Short Film

Best Documentary (short or long)

Best Foreign Language Film (Anything that is not English)

Audience Choice Award


- All Films must be submitted through FilmFreeway by 27 October 2017. 

- All films must be submitted and provided digitally. PSAFF will not accept any postal entries. The film should also be available to download from the FilmFreeway website for screening purposes.

- All films need to have a link to South Africa - It can be crew, cast, story, locations, anything that links the film to South Africa. You can be a South African making a film in China, or have an American cast but set in South Africa - as long as there is a link to South Africa!

- Short films must not exceed 30 minutes (Automatic disqualification if it exceeds 30 minutes)

- Long format films should be a minimum of 60 minutes 
and must not exceed 150 minutes (Automatic disqualification if it exceeds 150 minutes)

- Film makers who are selected give the PSAFF permission to screen their films at the Festival in November 2017.

- Film makers who are selected give the PSAFF permission to use any material for promotional purposes.

- Filmmakers hold all rights to their films.

- We do not have a premiere policy


- PSAFF would prefer that All non-English films have subtitles, but enter it anyway if it doesn't.

- PSAFF will not accept any films with explicit sex, drug use, violence or language. It is a G rated audience.