Top talent comes from music videos.
Visualizing music is an art. No matter if it’s experimental, performative, direct, graphic, or fun, it is an incredible feeling to see video that encapsulates the feeling of a track. So many of the best visual artists hone their skills in this genre. We want to find the next great auteur, the next great musician, and the next great music video.

We’re looking for the underground. We’re looking for the artist we haven’t heard of. We’re looking for people who just started out and we’re looking for experienced directors. We’re looking for the new idea. We’re looking for something we’ve never seen before.

We’re waiting for you. Submit now.

February 2021
first edition accepting submissions starting Feb 4th until Feb 14th!

A call, a selection, winners, and a screening every month.
Winners will be announced on our website and social media pages every month.
Take the experience with Music Video Clip Monthly Awards will have a chance:

– to be chosen in Official selection;
– to be a winner in one of the categories;
– to be screened on Festival streaming event.

You never wait more than 29 days to know you final status


**** each winner of the month in the major categories will participate in the final where the best works of the year will be chosen as Golden of the Year****

Selections to annual categories starting December 28th will be considered for the 2022 festival


A competition festival exclusively focused on music videos, music, animated music videos, and other special stuff made of music and video.
We select Music Videos from all over the world and we screen them to give young artists both sides of the camera an opportunity to be noticed for their talents.

You have music, you have images, but it's bizarre or borderline? Submit to Best Experimental and we will consider you with an open mind.

We are looking for all sorts of music videos from everywhere.

- High level competition: check our website to see for yourself
- Budget friendly: the festival market is currently inflating its prices... We don't.
- You never wait more than 29 days to know your final status (winner, selection, not selected) for the monthly category of course.
- selection of winners get interviewed or reviewed by partner press outlets.
- Facebook and Instagram monthly & annual posts for winners, along the biggest names in the industry.

The festival has the following structure:
1. The selection of videos: we see all submitted videos.
2. Selected videos will receive the status "Official Selection" of the month.
3. The jury selects winners of the month.

Each month we will award the best in each category with our special Music Video Clip Monthly Awards Trophy.
The show will be streamed live on our social pages.

**** each winner of the month in the major categories will participate in the final where the best works of the year will be chosen as Golden of the Year****

Please allow file download on FilmFreeway or Vimeo so your Music Video can screen in time!
Only use our official provided laurels.
SPECIFY the name of the BAND or the ARTIST name. If special project, please mention it in credits or overview.

Your FilmFreeway profile must be complete with Country, address, website, director Bio and Name of the Band / Solo artist.
If left empty, we reserve the right to disqualify your submission.

Student must come with picture of student card or equivalent. If not... We reserve the right to disqualify your submission.

We accept Music Video, Dance Films from all nationalities.
Each category requires its entry fee.

Your Music Video may be a music video intended for a band, but also a music video you edited with existing footage or existing music. If such, it must offer a narrative take, or promotion endeavor, or artistic aspect distinctive to what Music Videos are.

Your work must be under 10 minutes.

Your work may include some dialog parts, if these are not preeminent in the final edit.
If there is a long and a short edit of your work, please submit with the short one. If selected, we'll chat with you about the best version to screen.
Works in progress are not accepted.
We only accept online digital submissions.
We accept any form: live, animation, stop-motion... As long a music and video make it a Music Video.

The festival is the one and only to choose which award category you may fit in. We may repurpose your submission to the category it fits best, not select your submission or disqualify your submission. Festival is the sole decision maker.
Entry fees are non-refundable. 

We do not provide feedback about the selection or not selection.

The festival organizers may refuse, not select or disqualify any unfit video, illegal, non-artistic, fake, false, incomplete entries.
Festival can, at any time, qualify or disqualify any work of its choice.
Festival will cease to reply to any discussion, messages, inquiries that contain any form of aggression, attack, suspicion, will to fight or troll our work. All we do is online, just check it out. You don't like it: don't work with us. We focus our efforts on artists who want to stand out.

By submitting your music video to our festival and competition, you authorize the festival to use limited pieces of your material for promotion. All promotion actions are free of any financial ties in any way.
This includes ALL elements used in your submission: text, videos, pictures, promo stills, biographies... All pictures may be used for promotion. Video trailers will be used and published (not only shared but published). Clips of your music video may be published, under 20 seconds total.
Submitter is responsible for the content of his submission.
If you wish to decline promotion, or if your video is subject to any exclusive rights at some time / in some territories, please just send us an email to let us know.

Overall Rating
  • Great experience, very well organized.

    June 2021
  • We are lucky to have Clip Monthly Awards running for us as independent artists! Very responsive and fun to work with. So glad they even posted my "thank you" video on their Instagram site! I am submitting my latest music video project now!

    June 2021
  • Zirzeria Wright-Beveridge

    This has been a wonderful festival to be a part of. I am so excited to have won for best originality for a music video. I love how they put things together for the presentation to present to the winners, that was so cool, because friends and family was able to see it as well. Great experience! I have so many people requesting music after winning this.

    May 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Zirzeria, we hope to have you again at our festival with a new project.

  • Debra Zarne

    We were delighted to be an Official Selection at this festival and to win the Best Performance award. The festival did a fantastic job creating an awards video showcasing the winning music videos. Fun experience and greatly appreciated!

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank so much, for your review. We hope to have you again with a new project!

  • Rita Weyls

    I loved this festival. They were very responsive and kind. They answered my questions immediately.
    It was a wonderful experience. Definitely, everyone who can should enter this one.
    Rita Weyls

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much, we hope that your new project will be in competition with us soon