MSMFest is a music festival that is on its sixth year running! They are doing something different this year and are including a film festival to screen after the music festival.

There are no awards presented or winners, this is a film screening to showcase independent filmmakers.

-Must be a short film (3-25 minutes in length)
-Films must be filmed in Indiana or surrounding areas (Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky)

Overall Rating
  • Devorah Snively Snively

    Sadly, I could not attend. But everything ran smoothly from what I could tell. Sounds like a great event. Very cool that it's a music fest, too.

    June 2017
  • I was very proud to have been included in this festival. Nice thing about it was how profesional they were in promoting our films and having our info on the website. I wish I could have known in time to get off work but it just didn't work out that way. I would have loved to seen what the audience thought of the movie. They had to show it late at nigh tafter the music festival and I wonder how many peopl stayed awak to watch it.

    June 2017