The 7th Aaaargh Retro Film Festival stands out for its unique atmosphere and captivating programming style. The event celebrates retro and cult genre cinema, providing cinephiles with an immersive experience into the world of classic films, hidden gems, and beloved cult favorites.

The festival takes place at Quai 22. This cultural center, located at the heart of the University of Namur, is perfectly situated just a few steps from the city center, easily accessible with ample parking. It boasts a beautiful screening room as well as a bar and exhibition space. The bar, designed in a lounge style, provides visitors with the opportunity not only to refresh themselves but also to meet others, engage in discussions, and network.

As dedicated fans of genre films, our selection at ARFF is strictly genre-based. We do not accept any other type of short films than the ones that fit into the “genre category” (sci-fi, horror, fantasy…)

Meet our Special GUESTS this year:

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith, born in 1970 in Bristol, is a British director known for his talent in the genres of thriller, horror, and black comedy. His journey, starting with short films, has led him to become a versatile director with a distinctive style characterized by dark atmospheres and captivating plots. Among his notable films are Creep, Severance, Triangle, and Black Death. Smith's ability to create stressful situations and manipulate audience expectations has earned him critical acclaim, making him a major figure in British horror cinema.

Harry Kümel

After honing his skills with short films, Harry Kümel gained experience in television and documentary filmmaking. This apprenticeship provided him with the knowledge and confidence necessary for directing feature films that could be described as "formalist," although he would likely be quite irritated by that term. Elusive and allergic to any intellectualization of his works, we owe him, in addition to the sublime "The Red Lips," the classic "Malpertuis" (1971), an adaptation of Jean Ray's novel featuring Orson Welles and Michel Bouquet, as well as "Repelsteeltje" (1973), a retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin tale starring Rutger Hauer, which he described as a "simple exercise for film school students," according to his own words.

Jérôme Vandewattyne

Born in 1989, Jérôme spent his childhood and adolescence (and his post-adolescence, actually) devouring as many films as possible. Already, during his schooling at the Institut de la Providence in Wavre, he clandestinely made numerous gory short films in the empty corridors of the Catholic school with his faithful classmates. After completing his secondary education, he founded the music group VHS From Space and then pursued studies in communication at ISFSC, with a thesis project: "She's a Slut," a fake horror trailer for the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF). In 2012, BIFFF gave him carte blanche to direct a short film, the stroboscopic "Slutterball." Television doors then opened for him, allowing him to direct two full seasons for the teen web series "What The Fake ?! RTBF," alongside Be tv for which he edited a large number of cinema trailers. At 25, he hopped into the van of the Experimental Tropic Blues Band to follow them on tour for over two years. This experience gave birth to his first feature film: "Spit'n'Split."

Best International Short Award
Best European Short Award
Best Belgian Short Award
Audience Award - determined by audience votes for the best short film from all categories

The winners from each category will receive an Indie-Clips Original Interview: directors will be invited online to discuss the behind-the-scenes of their short film, and share their story to a large audience. This special interview will be published and promoted on (


1. The aim of ARFF is to showcase emerging talents in genre cinema. The selection will feature the best of genre films: science fiction, horror, fantasy, thriller, etc. Fictional or animated short movies that are strange or closely aligned with genre film will be considered for selection.

2. The 5th edition of ARFF will take place from Tuesday 29th October to Sunday 3rd November 3rd, 2024 in Namur (Belgium).


3. The deadline is Saturday 17th August, 2024.

4. Selection will be announced Sunday 15th September, 2024.

5. Once submitted a movie cannot be removed.

6. The submission must be before Saturday 17th August 2024 (very late deadline). It must contain:
- Film title;
- Running time;
- Country;
- Production end date;
- Director's name;
- Production company's name;
- Poster in HD;
- A synopsis in French or English;
- A minimum of two promotional images in HD;
- A link to the movie in HD password protected or not ;

7. Only movies of the science fiction, horror, thriller, or fantasy genres will be selected.

8. We accept films from any production year. Maximum running time is 25 minutes, including credits.

9. Movies must be in their original version. If the spoken language is other than French, subtitles in French or English must be provided, even if the spoken language is English.

10.We accept short films that have already been screened at other festivals or are already available online. We do not require exclusivity for screenings in our festival. However, if the movie has not been screened in Belgium at the time of submission and is selected for another festival in Belgium between submission and selection, please inform us. Please also let us know about the premiere of your film (worldwide, international, European, Belgian).

11. If submitting more than one film, a separate completed entry is required for each title.

12. All short films submitted will enter in competition for the Audience Award


13. Selected movies must be sent in DCP format before Sunday 13th October, 2024 to avoid cancellation. We only accept unencrypted DCP in the following formats:
- 2K-DCI: 1998x1080p or 2048x858p.
- Audio: from stereo to 5.1.
Please ensure that if you share your DCP copy via a hyperlink, it is uploaded in a zipped format. The parent folder containing your DCP must be zipped.

14. The transportation (to and from) of the films will be at the expense, risk, and liability of the participants.

15. The festival does not cover expenses related to the transport, accommodation or stay of guests related to selected movies. However, the festival commits to offering a pass granting access to all screenings to the director if he/she attends the festival.


16. The festival will not purchase insurance for the loss, theft, or damage of selected film copies, whether during transportation, storage or screening.


17. Participants grant ARFF permission to use screenshots for promotional purposes. They also allow ARFF to reproduce a sample, not exceeding 2 minutes, for promotional purposes on television or the internet, or to create a teaser.


18. Participation in the festival implies your agreement to adhere to the current rules. In case of conflict, only the French version of this regulation will be considered, and only the Belgian Court of First Instance will have jurisdiction.

19. All submissions not adhering to these terms will be rejected.

20. Rejected submissions will not be refunded

Overall Rating
  • Un gros merci à l’organisation du festival pour la sélection et notre prix. Nous avons bien aimé faire partis de cette édition. Au plaisir de se revoir.

    November 2023
  • Arno Pluquet

    Super festival, top qualité des court métrages. Bonne communication. Je reviendrais .

    November 2023
  • Diogo Cunha

    Great festival. Hope to see you with my next film!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Diogo for the rating. It was a pleasure to screen your short at our festival and we hope to see more from you in the future.

  • Joel Caetano

    Great festival. Thank you so much for showing my film.

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your feedback Joel. It was a pleasure to screen your short at our festival and we hope to see more from you.

  • Our Film Crappy Christmas - Operation Christmas Child screened at ARRF 2022 in Namur and I attended the Festival in Person. The Comunication with Festival Director Frederic was very good. I really like the concept of celebrating old Masters in form of retro reature films and support newcomers with the short film contest. I had a wonderful time at ARRF, enjoyed it very much and hope the festival keeps on growing and will be around for a long time.

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for you message Jürgen. It was a great pleasure to meet you and to screen your short at our festival. We hope to see more from you in the future.