Activists Without Borders Film Festival (AWBFF) is your gateway to a world of transformative cinema. Join us in the United Kingdom for a film experience like no other, featuring documentaries and dramas that resonate with social justice and a better future.

Our mission? Celebrate diversity in film content and perspectives. At AWBFF, we amplify voices often unheard in the industry. Engage in post-screening dialogues with filmmakers, participants, activists, and journalists, opening doors to collaboration and networking. Together, we bring vital issues to the forefront and empower change.

Join us at AWBFF, where films inspire action and connections foster impact. Together, we're rewriting the script for a more just and hopeful world where activism knows no boundaries.

The festival is hosted by Activists Without Borders (AWB), a registered non-profit organisation in England and Wales. AWB is a global movement dedicated to Empowering Voices, Defending Rights, and Creating change worldwide.

The film screening will take place at Mini Cine Cinema, Manchester, on Saturday, 16th December 2023, from 2 pm onwards.

Best Short Documentary (30min max)
Best Feature Documentary (Over 30min)
Best Experimental Film (30min max)
Best Short Film (30min max)
Best Animated Film (30min max)

Submissions meeting technical and social issue criteria will be considered for official selection. Top films will be screened in the cinema during the festival and receive laurels and relevant awards after the notification date.

1. Non-English productions must include English subtitles.

2. Filmmakers accepted to and attending the festival are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and all other related expenses.

3. All submissions must adhere to the duration guidelines, submission deadlines, and other requirements set forth by the festival organisers.

4. Submitted films should address social issues directly and go beyond mere entertainment. These issues include, but are not limited to:
o Human Rights
o Climate Crisis
o Gender Rights
o Poverty
o Social Justice
o Political Matters
o Animal Rights
o Labour Issues
o Peace and War
o Health and Disability
o Education
o Cultural Activism
o Community Activism
o Religious and Faith-Based Topics
o Artistic Expression
o Housing and Homelessness
o Refugee and Migrant Issues
o Consumer Rights
o Drug Policy Reform
o Black Lives Matter
o Domestic Violence