Cinema Public House presents the Latino Screenwriting Competition. Where we are designed to inspire and empower emerging Latino writers and producers, and any storyteller looking to tell great stories about Latino culture.

We are passionate about cinema and dedicated to the success of the next generation of talented Latino filmmakers from all over North and South America. We want to support storytellers who are already passionate about generating narrative content about our communities in the United States and abroad - from inner city Los Angeles, New York, and Miami to the tip of Argentina to Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America, and Latinos around the world.

We value all of our stories from tales about revolution in El Salvador to the U.S. Military, from the Pope to the Governors Mansions in three states, to the favelas of Sao Paulo and the beaches of Rio. We want to support you in telling all of your stories. We want to create a platform for the stories that have shaped – and continue to shape – our lives and the communities we live in. We hope that the scripts and films generated will increase the number of Latinos working in the film industry and geometrically increase the number of stories told about our culture in both Hollywood and abroad.

Because Latinos come from a myriad of cultures to form the quilt of our communities and our stories are the stitches that bind us together, we accept script submissions from authors around the world of any sex, sexual orientation, and of any ethnicity, white, black, Latin, Asian, and everything in between. We believe in true diversity.

We are passionate about discovering the next great Latino filmmaker and we love all kinds of stories from studio flicks to art house films. No two souls are the same and no two stories are alike either. As long as your script is about our community, characters from our communities, or the issues affecting our communities, where ever that community might be, be it in the U.S. or outer space, we welcome your submission. We just want to see Latinos telling more stories and more stories about our communities getting produced.

We want our screenwriting competition to inspire talented Latino storytellers to create great work so that we can have the opportunity to introduce more great films about the Latino experience to the motion picture industry. And we don't want to just inspire Latinos to tell stories about our communities we want everyone to share in our culture and history. Our goal is to inspire talented filmmakers to tell stories so great they inspire the next generation of writers to tell great stories that is why we award our winners with prizes and distribution to at least three top talent managers.

Last year's winners were personally introduced to several industry executives and our grand prize winner received a one hour script consultation with a top executive at Fictional Entertainment.

Only our Grand Prize Winner and top two Finalists will receive industry distribution and prizes. Semi-Finalists will only be rewarded with recognition like in most screenwriting competitions.

Writers retain all rights to their work.

We only accept submissions directly or through partner websites.

Script cover pages must contain author name(s), script title, email, and phone number of at least 1 writer.

No limit to the length of the scripts

Scripts can be in script or treatment form.

No limit to the number of projects you may submit.

Scripts must be written in English or Spanish and can be in any film or television genre.

Entrants must not contact the judges during the competition.

All fees are non refundable. Contest is void where prohibited by law, be it state, federal, or local.

Employees and family members of the film festival are not eligible.

Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter the contest.

All fees are non-refundable

Submitted material must be original, and all rights must be wholly owned by the writer(s).

All entries must be the original, and unpublished, un-produced, un-optioned work of the entrant and entrant’s writing partner. The entrant and or partnership ensures that he or she is the sole author of the work.

The competition, its judges, and its officers accept no liability whatsoever for any claims of damages, real or perceived, by any entrant(s) as a result of their participation in this contest.

All writers at least 18 years of age are eligible.

Material submitted to other competitions or contests are eligible.

Professional writers, journalists, poets, and previous contest winners are eligible as well as amateur writers.

There are no requirements as to when the material was written.

Material must be your original work. And all work must be wholly owned by the writer(s).
The material submitted must not be encumbered by any obligation to, or option held by, a third party prior to entering the competition.

By submitting your material you agree to be added to our email list, but can remove yourself by unsubscribing at anytime.

We do not provide feedback, notes, grades, or rankings of any kind. We assume you already know how to write at a professional level and that is why you are entering this contest.

Please note that the Latino Screenwriting Competition is in no way affiliated with any other film festival, screenwriting competition, writing group, networking group, film school, or film related enterprise or organization.

We reserve the right to revoke recognition status at any time with or without cause.

By entering the competition you hereby accept these competition rules.  

Overall Rating
  • Jermaine Jones

    I was a semi finalist in the competition. The competition was well run and I was shocked to find out I advanced as far as I did. The big plus for me was the contest beat their own deadline a few days early to give the results. I love it when competitions do that.

    June 2019
  • Luiza Sanjuán Szklarz

    I am thrilled to be recognized by such a great festival. It motivates me further to continue writing. We got notification promptly and the festival organizers are very professional.

    May 2019
  • Eric Sollars

    Great contest. Honored to be recognized by such a prestigious contest. Very professional staff and contest.

    May 2019
  • andrew gomez

    NEVER BEFORE has a sponsor or judge of a film festival called to congratulate me. NEVER BEFORE has a film festival promoted my work to Producers and clicked me in on the emails. My script has won or placed in a number of festivals and Never Before have I felt as appreciated as the Latino Screenwriting Competition. As a Finalist with my Rom/Com, The Countertenor, I also received a subscription to Ink Tip... more Producer views; someone's doing their homework. Thank you LSC.

    May 2018
  • Judith Robbins Rose

    I appreciated the opportunity to get my story out there. I am not Latina, but I wrote this work from personal experience, and a desire to address the issue of the children of undocumented parents. Thank you to The Latino Screenwriting Competition for not ignoring my qualifications to tell this story. It is important to give a face to the victims.

    May 2018