KINNO is a short film festival which is taking place in hotels, on their dedicated TV channel. We love to say that our partner hotels have now (thanks to our festival) all rooms with a view - a view to the outstanding international short stories that are not taking place outside the window of their room, but in front of their eyes, inside the room.

As you know, many hotels have their dedicated TV channel where they are broadcasting a short commercial video about their venue, offers, menus, facilities or surrounding attractions. As you also know, the tourists are changing the channel in the next second after they turn on the TV on this specific in-room information channel. The reason why tourists are not interested in watching this program is simple: the content is too repetitive. So we came with a solution to make this program more interesting for the hotel guests: KINNO, the short film festival or the short film TV for hotel dedicated in-room TV channels.

KINNO [Moscow] is a permanent showcase of the newest awarded short films from all over the world. The KINNO program plays on a continuous loop in each of the 125 rooms of the Brosko Hotel Moscow for 6 months.

KINNO [Moscow] includes Comedy, Drama, Horror, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Narrative, Student, Children, Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Music Video, Mini Short, Mobile Phone, No/Low Budget, Amateur, Series (Web/TV), Fashion, Commercial/Ad/TVC, Stop-Motion/Time-Lapse short films.

KINNO [Moscow] gives filmmakers the chance to show their films on a dedicated channel in every room of Brosko Hotel Moscow. Selected filmmakers have for 180 days, a public venue in which to showcase their films. Hotel guests can enjoy the films at their leisure, can read details regarding the films, choose their favorites and contact the filmmakers for copies or for collaboration.

Please read the Awards section for more info about how KINNO [Moscow] will promote your film.

In-room TV Channel
-We are broadcasting the awarded short films for a period of 6 months (next season is taking place from 1st of August 2020 till 31st of January 2021).
-We have a 12 hour program of short films which is playing in a continuous loop on the dedicated TV Channel of the Brosko Hotel Moscow.
-The films are playing in a changeable scheduled program so they will cover all the interval hours of the day during one week.
-Each short film will be broadcasted more than 300 times during the 6 months period.

-We are printing a festival programme brochure with details, posters and info about the films, alongside contacts of the authors. The brochure is placed in all 125 rooms, near the TV. In this way, we are making sure that the hotel guests will be aware of the existing film festival that is running in their rooms.

-We are printing KINNO flyers and promotional materials which can be found at the reception.

-We are printing KINNO flyers and promotional materials which can be found in the lobby.
-Brosko Hotel Moscow has a huge led screen (7mx2m) in the lobby where we are screening trailers of the short films included in our programme.

-One time per month we are broadcasting the short films on the TV screens from the restaurant.

All filmmakers submitting a film to KINNO [Moscow] accept and agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions.

KINNO [Moscow] only accepts online registrations and submissions to be assessed. We accept films in any language. However, films not made in English MUST have English subtitles.

The person submitting a film to ‘KINNO [Moscow]’ is ‘You’ or ‘Your’ and You agree that Your film will be broadcasted at KINNO [Moscow].

All submission fees are nonrefundable.

All films will be accepted and assessed with the view to broadcast them at a KINNO [Moscow] at Brosko Hotel Moscow.

By submitting a film, You grant us the right to screen Your film, copy and/or reproduce, modify, adapt and any part thereof, up to one (1) minute of the film submission. We may also use Your submission and any other promotional material/photo’s and/or information submitted by You to communicate it to the public in all media, including via our website and publicity materials, or to advertise and promote KINNO [Moscow], events, its products and services, or all, and to showcase Your film.

You own the copyright to Your film as its author and represent and warrant that You have (and will continue to have during the duration of KINNO [Moscow] and thereafter) all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions we need to use Your film and You will provide evidence of such on our reasonable request.

For further information please contact KINNO [Moscow]:

Overall Rating
  • I love the concept of this festival ( showing award winning films in numerous hotels) ! I’m honored to have “ The Ledge” chosen to be among those selected ! Thank You , Keith Biondi

    August 2020