Welcome to the Hyart Film Festival, named after the historic Hyart Theatre in Lovell, Wyoming. The Hyart is a grand movie palace, featuring one of the largest screens west of the Mississippi.

Construction began in 1950 and the theatre opened in 1953. Long considered to be one of the finest small-town theatres in America, the Hyart is a classic movie house with royal red carpeting and plush red seats. A real "Red Carpet" experience!

The Hyart shows first-run movies every weekend and volunteers take care of ticket sales, concessions and clean-up. In 2009, the theatre was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The town is known as the gateway to the Big Horn Mountains and is home to the Big Horn Canyon Visitor Center and the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center. Within the Big Horn National Recreation Area, just a stone's throw to the east, is the 10,000-acre Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat, great boating, camping, hiking and fishing. The Pryor Mountains are a short drive to the north. Both the Pryors and the Big Horns are highly visible from anywhere in town.

Allow for time to visit the Medicine Wheel, on top of the Big Horns, and Devil's Canyon - the Grand Canyon of Wyoming, in the midst of the first federally designated wild mustang range.

Enjoy wide-open spaces, spectacular vistas, a wide range of recreational opportunities and a more relaxed lifestyle in Lovell, the Rose City of Wyoming.

Opportunities for outdoor activities, stress-free living and peaceful surroundings contribute to a highly desirable and much sought after quality of life for residents of the area.

The Town of Lovell is located on Highway 310 in Big Horn County, within the Big Horn Basin, in north central Wyoming. It is 45 miles northeast of Cody, Wyoming, 90 miles southwest of Billings, Montana and 90 minutes from Yellowstone National Park.

Food, lodging and camping are available in Lovell and the surrounding area.

Free popcorn, drinks and entry to those accepted and attending. Discounted lodging to those attending. Free candy made personally by yours truly. Personalized tours of Devils Canyon and Queen Bee Gardens. A chance to unplug for a while. You can't put a price on that!

Films have a maximum run time of 30 minutes.

All genres are encouraged.

Films with nudity, strong language (including F____) and/or excessive violence WILL NOT be accepted.

Films that can be viewed in their entirety on YouTube or any other searchable free viewing site WILL NOT be accepted.

If film is accepted for viewing at the Hyart Film Festival, the Hyart Film Festival must be able to burn it onto a master Blu-Ray/DVD. This means we are not able to use a Blu-Ray/DVD that is copy-protected. As always, the Hyart Film Festival will only use your movie for promotion of the Festival and viewing at the Festival.

Overall Rating
  • William Aydelott

    Have attended many festivals, but have seldom been treated better. The director, Jacob, arranged for local tours, site visits and uniquely Wyoming activities, providing meals and other amenities as appropriate. His staff was equally enthusiastic. The Hyart Theatre (1950) is a classic cinema venue with quality sound and projection, and the format of repeating the featured line-up multiple times over the weekend makes for extremely fair audience evaluation. Also all short film titles are literally printed on their custom festival tee-shirts, so as these folks continue to build audience attendance, they are clearly more than a little welcoming to participating filmmakers.

    June 2018
  • Sadly I wasn't able to attend the festival but the communication from Jason and the Hyart team was excellent and I was able to keep track of events on social media. I was delighted that Archway 0173 was selected and screened to such an appreciative audience.

    June 2017
  • Roger Barker

    Really grateful for the opportunity that Hyart gave to our film. We are highly influenced by US film-making and are gratified by the interest that US festivals like Hyart have shown in our latest movie. The submission process was efficient and encouraging, and the Hyart venue is an impressive screening venue. Proud to be part of the festival.

    June 2017
  • Eugene Park

    Jason Zeller and the team behind the HYART Film Fest did an amazing job. As a producer of one of the featured films, I was touched that the community of film-goers from Lovell and other nearby towns were so warm and welcoming. We had a lively and engaged talk-back and it is inspiring that Jason's dedication brings such a series of progressive films to his local community of film goers. The theater itself is a throwback to the 1950's and is absolutely beautiful. If you're a filmmaker and your thinking of attending in-person...do it! And get there a few days early - you'll be treated to a fabulous tour of Lovell and its surrounding beauty!

    June 2017
  • Oliver Theurich

    Thanks to be a part of Hyart Film Festival.

    June 2017