FESTIVUS nicknamed as the film festival for the rest of us is an international film festival with a focus on promoting films made by independent filmmakers from all over the world.. Our goal is to support and encourage awesomely badass, truly independent film. Festivus isn't for the deep-pocketed Hollywood type. We're here for the guy that pawned his car to make a film. That's what independent cinema is about. That's what FESTIVUS is all about. Festivus is for you, the truly independent filmmaker.

The task of the Festivus Film Festival is to create conditions for international and inter-regional contacts in the spirit of independent film production, to establish partnerships in the implementation of joint projects, including inter-regional and international levels.

The Festivus Film Festival is a competitive film festival and runs under the motto "Raw and Creative."

Best Narrative Feature Film ($2,000 prize)
Best Animation Feature Film ($2,000 prize)
Best Documentary Feature ($2,000 prize)
Best Narrative Short ($1000 prize)
Best Animation Short ($1000 prize)
Best Documentary Short ($1000 prize)
Filmmaker-to-Watch ($750 prize)
Award for Best Experimental Short Film ($500 prize awarded by the Denver Art Museum)

Runner up prices and certificates will be awarded as well.

Certificates will be given to runner ups in all categories

1. Eligible films must have been completed after Jan 1st 2021
2. Entries must be in English or have English subtitles.
3. Films must be available for screening as part of the Festivus Film Festival in Spring 2022.
4. Films that have been submitted to previous editions of the Festivus Film Festival should not be resubmitted unless there have been significant revisions or you have been invited to do so.
5. There is no premiere status