We’re more fun than a party in the Shire and louder than a Bantha in heat. That’s what makes us The Droids & Dragons Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival. The festival is a celebration of all things geek film. Science fiction, fantasy, and all the sub-genres in between are what we love to watch and wanted to honour in an all out film festival.

Our inaugural year 2016 kicks off at After Dark Lounge (121 Osborne St) in Winnipeg, a one evening event of screenings, awards, friends, and food. We plan to live-stream it online so anyone can watch but you won’t want to miss the Baked Ravioli – trust me it’s delicious.

We’d be honoured to judge your submission. Make us think. Make us laugh. Make us be proud to be geeks.

Submit, inspire, and (channelling our inner Sir Patrick Stewart) engage!

Best of the Fest - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
(The award given to best film regardless of whether it's fantasy or sci-fi.)

Best Science Fiction - First Prize. Second Prize. Third Prize.

Best Fantasy - First Prize. Second Prize. Third Prize.

Each Award Winner will receive a plaque commemorating their achievement.


By entering a film into THE DROIDS & DRAGONS SCI-FI and FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL, you and your entire team agree to the following conditions:

(1) Selection

All entries will be subjected to a selection process by a panel of industry professionals according to criteria left solely to the discretion of the Film Festival organizers. Only finalists will have their entries shown on the screening nights. The names of finalists will be placed on our website, www.droidsanddragons.com, one month (or less) prior to the Winnipeg screening night.

(2) Entrance & Due Date

All entries must be submitted on or before The FINAL DATE GIVEN on FilmFreeway. NO exceptions will be allowed (except as specified per category) for interstate or international entries, please post your films early. Late entries will NOT be accepted and once entries have been received and selected for screening, they are considered as final. No re-edited versions will be accepted after the deadline. Entries may not be retracted after the deadline has passed. Moreover, the accompanying entry fee is non-refundable.

(3) Use of your entry

THE DROIDS & DRAGONS SCI-FI and FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL aims to screen your film for our Winnipeg audience, promote your film, and provide exposure to you as a filmmaker. Entrants to THE DROIDS & DRAGONS SCI-FI and FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL consent that on occasion the organizers may need to edit or reproduce in appropriate formats or for other reasons, the entry for use. Furthermore, THE DROIDS & DRAGONS SCI-FI and FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL reserves the right to showcase the submissions during the festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, for its audience. The entrant(s) grant non-exclusive worldwide rights to their film and all materials contained within and indemnify THE DROIDS & DRAGONS SCI-FI and FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL against any losses or damage incurred through usage of their film.

(4) Copyright & Permission

The entrant(s) agrees that all copyright in the sound recordings and footage belongs to them or has been used with permission and/or under license of the owner. Moreover all actors and persons appearing in the film have given consent to appear.

(5) Agreement

By entering a film, all entrants agree to these terms and conditions and this agreement is governed by the non- exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Manitoba, Canada. The singular includes the plural and vice versa. The words and expressions used in this agreement have the meanings given to them in the Copyright Act, 1985 Canada http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-42/ unless expressly stated to the contrary in this agreement. In the case of any inconsistency between the provisions of this entry form and any other language contained in THE DROIDS & DRAGONS SCI-FI and FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL marketing material, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions prevail.

Overall Rating
  • Herman Wang

    I know that Winnipeg in the wintertime is not high on filmmaker's radar, but this was an intimate festival with solid selections and generous hosts.

    December 2016
  • nicholas gianforti

    Everyone at Droids and Dragons were amazing! Prompt responses to questions and they communicated extremely well as we headed into the festival. Despite being unable to attend the festival, they made me and my team feel as if were part of their family! I can't wait to take part in many more Droids and Dragons Festivals!

    December 2016
  • An absolutely brilliant festival. Although I wasn't able to attend I still really felt part of it. The team at Droids and Dragons were lovely and their communication and feedback was excellent. I would definitely recommend the festival.

    December 2016
  • Darren Langlands

    Can't rave about this festival and its organisers enough. Terrific comms that made our team feel a part of things even though we couldn't attend and were on the other side of the planet. It can be difficult to engage sometimes when you get into a festival and can't attend, but Droids and Dragons didn't feel that way at all.

    December 2016