Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival (HBFF) is a Bengali film festival in the city of Hyderabad and is being organized annually since 2014. The venue of the festival is the Prasad Film Preview Labs, Hyderabad (adjacent to L V Prasad Eye Institute). The first edition of the film festival was held in the year 2014. It is the only curated Bengali film festival in India.

The festival is organized by a Hyderabad-based registered Bengali group- Bengalis in Hyderabad (popularly known as BiH). The fourth edition of the HBFF was held from 30 June to 2 July 2017. The fourth edition of the festival screened eight Bengali movies, along with two Telugu movies. All the seasons of the festival were attended by the directors, casts and crews of the movies which were screened, and there are several panel discussions and Q&A sessions with directors organized.

The fifth year saw the introduction of short film and documentary section rightly named SEED. The competitive short film section saw more than 50 entries coming from various languages including Sinhalese(Sri Lanka), Bangla (Bangladesh) and other Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam and Bengali. After much deliberation by the Jury, 17 short films were selected and screened. The short film and documentary section was held at the Ramanaidu Film School, Hyderabad.

In the documentary section, two documentaries were premiered in the festival. Thy Daughter O' Mother Earth: A documentary on the life & work of the legendary dancer & cultural anthropologist Manjushree Chaki Sarkar was made by noted filmmaker Shekhar Das. Meeting a Milestone (A documentary on India's Shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan) made by another famous filmmaker Goutam Ghose was also premiered at the festival.

Viewers' Choice Awards:

1. Best Supporting Actor, Female
2. Best Supporting Actor, Male
3. Best Actor, Female
4. Best Actor, Male
5. Best Actor in Negative Role
6. Best Film

Jury Awards:

1. Best Makeup
2. Best Editing
3. Best Cinematography
4. Best Music
5. Best Screenplay
6. Best Actor, Male
7. Best Actor, Female
8. Best Director
9. Best Film
10. Special Mention

1. HBFF is a competition of Bengali Feature films. The feature films made in other languages than Bengali, can also be submitted to be considered as the Guest Films/ or a representative of the Guest Languages.
2. The short & documentaries can be submitted made in any language. There is no language bar for short & documentary segment.
3. Run time to be accepted (including the credits): i) Short Film: 30 minutes or less, ii) Documentary: 60 minutes or less, & iii) Feature Film: 60 & above
4. The submitter must declare if the film is available online streaming engines or OTT channels; e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon, Alt Balaji etc. If the online streaming rights are sold but yet to be screened before screening at HBFF, the submitter must declare that. Ideally the Festival Management team encourages in screening the films that are not available for any public viewing; however, the team may consider the entry based on the merit.
5. Only films completed on or after 1st January 2017 are eligible for entry into the 2019 Festival competitions.
6. Last date of submission: Extended deadline: June 27, 2018
7. Notification date: June 30, 2019
8. All films must contain subtitle in English, if the original language of the film is English.
9. Link (Vimeo URL/ or any other secured viewing platform) with Password (for curation purpose) is must while you submit the entry form, for screening purposes.
10. Submission Format accepted at Seed (HBFF) for screening:
a) DVD b) Blu-Ray c) MP4/movie file
11. Technical Format accepted:
a) Aspect Ratio: (i) 2K (ii) 2.35:1 (iii) 16:9 (iv) 4:3
b) Audio Format: (i). 5.1 Surround. (Ii). Stereo. (iii) Mono.
12. The best films/ artists/ crews will be awarded with a plaque, citation, and screening opportunities* (*conditions apply) at a later stage. If there is any addition to awards (cash or kinds) could be announced in due course.
13. Award categories:
a. Short & Documentaries: Best Short Film in Bengali; Best Documentary in Bengali; Best Short Film in any language other than Bengali; Best Documentary Film in any language other than Bengali. The festival management team holds the right to make changes in the award categories.
b. Bengali Feature films: For the feature film segment, the competition involves only Bengali films. The award categories involve: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor Male, Best Actor Female, Jury Special Mention, Most Popular Film etc. The festival management team holds the right to make changes in the award categories.
c. Guest Language (films made in other languages than Bengali): Films those are not made in Bengali originally, should not be considered for any competition. But they could be considered for a special screening with a status of Guest Film/ Guest Language.
14. The festival management team holds the screening right of a film submitted at Seed (short & documentaries in HBFF) up to July 31, 2019.
15. Team HBFF reserve the right to refuse to screen any submission deemed by the Festival to be inappropriate. Should you wish to question HBFF about their decision, you may contact us by email at reach2hbff@gmail.com.
16. All submissions are screened and evaluated by a competent Preview and Selection Committee, appointed by the festival management team. Their reports are to be considered as the final and confidential.
17. The shortlisted films (short and Documentary), which meet our criteria, will be screened at HBFF 2019 in our selected venues, between July 18 and 21, 2019. Ideally a film would be screened once for the competition. However, the festival management team may arrange for a special screening for the Jury or public. In case of a special Jury screening, we may require the Blue Ray/ DVD/ Secure Link before the festival actually inaugurates.
18. The festival management team holds the right to screen the film numerous times throughout the festival.
19. Due to the amount of films we receive only the top scoring films will go through into the competition. Submitters will be advised via email and the list will also be announced on our website and on our Facebook page by June 30, 2019.
20. One (1) DVD and one (1) Blue Ray of the selected films must reach to the office of the Festival Director on or before July 10, 2019. In case there is any technical issue, we may ask the submitter to make backup arrangements.
21. Please find the address of the office of the Festival Director for communication: Partha Pratim Mallik, 201, Sri Sai Srinivasa Estate, Plot No. 4-9, Vinayaknagar, Hafeezpet, Hyderabad, 500049, Telangana, India. E-mail: reach2hbff@gmail.com
22. Registration will not be considered as completed until unless the entry fees are paid.
23. In the event of a film being withdrawn, the entry fee won’t be refunded.
24. Team HBFF will determine the date and time when submissions will be screened. HBFF cannot be held accountable for changes to the schedule, in case of any unavoidable circumstances, after the festival line-up is announced.
25. Multiple submission from the same production house is permitted.
26. Multiple submission of the same director, but under different production house is permitted.
27. Festival Directors must receive the following soft copies of the promotional materials on or before June 10, 2018: high res poster, working stills, trailer, teaser, media reports etc.
28. If music or additional film material used in your film is not original, then permission from source must be obtained. The responsibility for this rests entirely with the filmmaker. Failure to obtain clearance could result in your film being withdrawn from the Festival. In this event, the festival committees will not be liable.
29. The submission of a film to HBFF will be considered to be an acknowledgement of the festival rules.
30. The festival management team holds the right to change the terms and conditions, screening options, venue etc. under unavoidable circumstances.
31. Selection of a film in HBFF does not guarantee any support in terms of travel, accommodation or visa fees to attend the festival. If you wish to attend the festival in person, please apply to the Festival Management Team: reach2hbff@gmail.com.

Overall Rating
  • AFX Animation

    Nice festival I was so happy to have my film screened there.

    January 2020
  • l am very proud to be in part of this film festival

    August 2019
  • Was proud that a Kannada short was selected in HBFF, Best wishes for the next edition.

    July 2019