With its long tradition, the Film Festival of Fine Arts in the city of Szolnok was completely renewed in October, 2018 in the spirit of the world-famous Hungarian-born artist and Oscar-winning production designer and was renamed the festival Alexandre Trauner ART / FILM Festival.

Between 16-20 October 2019 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival. The Festival provides forum for various kinds of films which, in some way, attempt to introduce new paths of storytelling in motion pictures.

We expect film submissions in the following categories:

I. “My story”
In 2019 we invite submissions of long features made after 1 January 2017 in Europe or in European coproduction; where the production design is decisive. We intend to show 15 films by invitation or by submission in this competition category.

II. “Your story”
In this section we invite films made after 1 January 2018 of university students (under the age of 30) taking part in film, media or art studies.

III. “His/Her story”
Based on the traditions of the festival we invite the following films to the “Visualised Science” competition category:
● Documentaries and portraits about scientists, scientific discoveries which visualize and explain scientifically invisible procedures
● Experimental films, which use the achievements of science and technology in order to renew the moving picture expression.
● Films dealing with the relationship of science and pseudoscience.
● Mock documentaries, which introduce nonexistent scientific innovations as if they were existing
● Documentaries dealing with the protection of nature and environment
● Simulation films - which “dramatize” scientific processes, or visualise scientific experiments
● Explainer videos - animations growing more and more significant in the field of applied videos during the past decade that are in close connection with scientific work, its visualisation, popularization and education.

IV. “The story of you all”
In 2019, for the first time, we provide an opportunity for the introduction of VR and computer game programs as new and emerging art forms. We expect works which focus on production design and story-telling.

Entry Regulations

1. There is no entry fee

2. General information
You can enter films produced after 1 January 2017. One filmmaker – the director or the editor – may enter not more than two films. The organizers will provide free accommodation for one representative of each film selected for the competition by the preview jury.

3. Entry process
You can register for the Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival 2019 on Filmfreeway and on the official website of the festival:
https://filmfreeway.com/AlexandreTraunerARTFilmFestival http://festival.tiszamozi.hu/000_Fesztivalok/2019/ .

The list of films in competition will be officially published in July 2019.

● For the festival screening, in case of selection, you need to upload your film on the server of Tisza Cinema until 15 September 2019
● For the promotion materials and the festival catalogue, we will need a photo of the director, a still from the film, a brief synopsis (maximum 500 characters) and a short biography of the director. These documents needs to be provided when submitting your film or supplemented no later than 10 August 2019.
● The official languages of the festival are English and Hungarian. All materials such as synopsis and biography must be submitted in either English and/or Hungarian. All films in competition must have English subtitles in case their original language is not English.
(In case you have any question or comment about the online application, please contact us via e-mail: office [at] tiszamozi.hu).

4. Festival Screening and Rigths

The festival is only allowed to screen the film in competition during the film festival. The organizers may use the promotional materials for popularizing the festival via television, radio, online and in the press. In case the film in competition does not have a trailer, the festival may use maximum of 20 sec of the film for promotional reasons.

The screenings of the film festival are free of charge.
With the submission of your film the filmmaker ensures that he holds all the copyrights regarding his/her film. The filmmaker participating in the festival contributes to the fact that all people and owner of the pictures give all rights to the submitters so the orgnaizers can use the pictures in the publication materials and press.

With submitting the film the pariticipant accepts that the agreement shall happen by following the rules as stated above.

5. Information on the film copies

We primarily can accept films via an online download link for preselection (in a format that can be copied for the preview jury). The organizers are not able to pay any rental or screening fee for any short or long documentary film at the festival.
The screening copies must be available for the Festival from 1-20 October 2019.
We can screen the films from DCP and Blu-ray.
Specifications for online download links: DCP 2K definition; mkv in HD or Full HD quality; avi for lower definition.

Overall Rating
  • A wonderful festival, thank you for awarding Long Yearning. Excellent communication.

    October 2019
  • Jalaladdin Gasimov

    Thank you very much for your invitation, and support. Everything was well organized.

    October 2019
  • Jarek Migoń

    Amazing place, good environment for filmmakers. I have not expected such good atmosphere. I'am so grateful for hospitality.

    May 2019
  • A mature and perhaps for this very reason nurturing festival, the same very young in spirit. No matter if you are a fledgling or seasoned filmmaker, you will terribly benefit in term of inspiration with the overflowing programme, a cultivated and refined selection of films of every length and genres - yet all following an intriguing fil rouge around fine arts and every year with a special regard (2018 it was the eye for Production Design) - and the extraordinary masterclasses (we could attend lectures/shows by Rajak Laszlo, Allan Starski and Peter Greenaway). The atmosphere is sophisticated yet cheerful, veracious and genuine. The evenings are highly enjoyable with a diverse musical offer stretching from the impressive local orchestra of Szolnok performing soundtracks and film scores to truly uproarious guest bands. The venue is brilliant in its beauty – quite both mutually in front and inside an old, beautifully lightened synagogue and the theatrical premises comprehensive of a bar and of the main cinema and another comfortable little theatre; between the two buildings a perfect patio on a tiny square for amiable conversations and interesting networking. All that spiced with the great hospitality and kindness of the staff and all the organization members. Great event – we were really proud to have the international premiere of our feature documentary “Ugo Dossi: Art and Space” at this fantastic film festival - loved it sincerely!
    Sara and Chris

    November 2018
  • Festival in a small town near Budapest. BUT a strong, big program, the level of reception of guests from around the world is comparable to a major international event. A lot of premiere shows, master classes, friendliness, ... a lot of good can be said about this festival. I am happy that I was there. Thank you!

    November 2018