Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival is the one and only event that combines production design with fine art and science. The next edition of the festival is going to be held between 11 and 16 October 2022 in the TISZApART Cinema, Hungary.

At the festival we are looking forward to welcome production and costume designers, fine artists, filmmakers, film professionals and university students majoring in film studies, media and communication, fine art or production design with a wide range of programs: film screenings, masterclasses held by international film masters, fine art exhibitions, round table discussions and concerts in the evening.

Our festival's aim is to be one of the forums of the art and scientific life and an international film event where the students and teachers of the Central-European universities can meet, exchange ideas and supplement their knowledge.

The organizers expect film submissions in the following categories in 2022:

I. Fine art film competition
In the category of fine art, we are looking for the introduction of works from January 1, 2020, which are intended to present (re) interpretation of fine works of art by means of film, and the life stages of one or more artists (art groups). In this category we accept films that reveal certain trends, periods and social contexts of fine art. Last but not least, we are waiting for movies that are made using some of the tools of fine arts (eg. experimental and animated films).

II. Competition of university students’ films
In this section we invite films made after 1 January 2020 of university students (under the age of 30) taking part in film, media or art studies. There is no restriction is genre however the maximum length of the films shall not be more than 25 minutes.

Deadline for submission: 20 May 2022

1. The entry fee is 5 EUR.
2. General information
You can enter films produced after 1 January 2020. One filmmaker – the director or the editor - may enter not more than two films. The organizers will provide free accommodation for one representative of each film selected for the competition by the jury.
3. Entry process
You can register for the Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival 2022 on FilmFreeway: FilmFreeway.
The list of films in competition will be officially published in August 2022:
• For the festival screening, in case of selection, you need to send the online downloadable version of your film via email to or provide it via Filmfreeway until 12 September 2022.
• As the festival is international all film in competition shall have English version for the festival’s screening.

• For the festival catalogue, we will need a photo of the director, a still from the film, a brief synopsis and biography of the director. These documents need to be provided when submitting your film or supplemented no later than 01 September 2022.
(In case you have any question or comment about the online application, please contact us via e-mail: festival [kukac]
4. Information on the film copies
We primarily can accept films via an online download link for preselection (in a format that can be copied for the preview jury). The organizers are NOT able to pay any rental or screening fee for any film presented at the festival.
The screening copies must be available for the Festival from 1-20 October 2022.
We can screen the films from DCP. Specifications for online download links: DCP 2K definition; mkv in HD or Full HD quality; avi for lower definition.

Festival organizer's address:
5000 Szolnok, Templom út 4.
+36 56 424910
E-mail address:

festival [at]

Overall Rating
  • Catia Ott

    I was very happy in participating at the festival. The location of Tisza Cinema is ideal, the films were very interesting and original and last but not least the director and the organizers were very professional, easygoing and fun! I also met some very interesting people both filmmakers and crew that I and in touch with. I hope to have another film to submit in the next editions!

    October 2022
  • Dániel Kőváry

    What happens in Szolnok stays in Szolnok!

    October 2022
  • thank you very much or everything

    October 2022
  • Pawel Kleszczewski

    Thank you very much for inviting us to the festival. We had a fantastic time in Szolnok. Great festival with great traditions !

    October 2022
  • Cyril Nehmé

    A wonderful festival that celebrates fine arts through numerous events. Very happy to have attended a masterclass and concert by the very Emir Kusturica! Impeccable organisation, communication and welcome!!

    October 2022