With its long tradition, the Film Festival of Fine Arts in the city of Szolnok will be completely renewed in 2018 with a new name and also expanded by a feature film category. In addition to the section of fine art, we also wish to be a festival of visual arts and production designers in the spirit of the world-famous Hungarian-born artist and Oscar-winning production designer Alexander Trauner. Continuing his legacy, we rename the festival as Alexander Trauner ART / FILM Festival.

The festival provides forum for films, which can in some way be connected to fine art and productions designers. In the category of visuals our festival focuses on European feature films, where the visual aspect of the film is decisive for its message.

During the festival we screen homage-films, there will be master classes, mini conferences and workshops for filmmakers. We also provide a market for buyers who are interested in art/design films.

For the festival we are expecting films made after January 1, 2016 in the following categories:

1. In the visual category, we expect full-length European creations where the visual aspect of the film is decisive for the film's message, and the visual design's contribution to the production process is well-perceived.

2. In the category of Fine Art, we are looking for the introduction of works from January 1, 2016, which are intended to present (re) interpretation of fine works of art by means of film, and the life stages of one or more artists (art groups). In this category we accept films that reveal certain trends, periods and social contexts of fine art. Last but not least, we are waiting for movies that are made using some of the tools of fine arts (eg. experimental and animated films).