Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival is the one and only event that combines production design with fine art and science. The next edition of the festival is going to be held between 17 and 22 October 2023 in the TISZApART Cinema, Hungary.

At the festival we are looking forward to welcome production and costume designers, fine artists, filmmakers, film professionals and university students majoring in film studies, media and communication, fine art or production design with a wide range of programs: film screenings, masterclasses held by international film masters, fine art exhibitions, round table discussions and concerts in the evening.

Our festival's aim is to be one of the forums of the art and scientific life and an international film event where the students and teachers of the Central-European universities can meet, exchange ideas and supplement their knowledge.

The world's only film festival combining visual arts with science, the Alexandre Trauner ART/FILM Festival 2023 will be held in Szolnok, at the TISZApART Cinema, from 17-22 October 2023.

The festival invites entries in the following categories:

1. Feature Films Competition
In 2023, we select 10 feature films made after 1 January 2021, where the visual style of the film is a key element. In this section, the films will be judged by an international jury on the basis of the coherence of the visual flow, the story and the visuals, and the overall impact of the visual techniques used (built sets, original locations, CGI). (Award recipients: the film's production designers).

2. „Spectacular Science” Films Competition (competitive)
In this competition category, we welcome portrait films about scientists, or documentaries visualizing scientific discoveries and nature and environmental protection. Among the named works can be experimental films that use the results of science and technology to renew the motion picture expression, as well as films dealing with the relationship between science and pseudoscience, and pseudo-documentaries that present scientific discoveries that do not exist.

3. Student Films Competition (competitive)
This category is open to films made after 1 January 2021 by students (under 30 years old) in European film, media or arts education. There are no genre restrictions, but films must be no longer than 30 minutes.

4. Hungarian Film Competition for Hungarian filmmakers from Hungary and abroad
In this category, we aim to award films that demonstrate or raise awareness of the importance of developing a culture of informed consumer decision-making in the fields of communications, media and digital culture in the broad sense, and cinema.
The special prize will be awarded to films that promote media awareness, media literacy, using online opportunities and at the same time help to fight online threats.
Entries can be submitted on any of the above themes, with a free choice of subject, technique and genre. Entries are invited in accordance with the following thematic and genre criteria:
1. The advantages of using online media consciously and the potential of this, solutions that make life easier, values, principles, approaches and practices related to its use
2. The new digital future! - Presentation of the social and personality-shaping effects of the latest technologies (artificial intelligence, blockchain, NFT, metaverse, etc.), the related media phenomena, the interaction between technology and society, and the ideas and expectations related to these phenomena with particular emphasis on child and family protection
3. Dangers in online media! - To present dangerous or harmful phenomena, situations, trends, user habits and attitudes related to the everyday use of media by children and young people, and to explore the causes and trends behind these phenomena.
4. Portrait film - the portrayal of the above phenomena through individuals and groups, their lives, personalities, habits, daily life, social relationships, social and societal background and the context of their life history, exploring the links between online media phenomena and other habits, situations and their impact on the lives of individuals is particularly encouraged.

For this category you can submit your film via this form:

For more detailed information about our categories in Hungarian, please, visit our website!


1. Entry fee: 5 EUR

2. General information
Only films made after 1 January 2021 may be entered. A maximum of two films may be entered by one filmmaker - the director or editor of the film. The organisers will provide accommodation and meals (one hot meal per day) for one filmmaker of the films selected by the jury for the competition programme for the duration of the Festival!

3. Registration
Entries for the 2023 Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival can be submitted via the Filmfreeway portal.
The shortlist will be published in August.

To be screened at the festival and for the catalogue to be produced, the following are required:
submit the shortlisted works online by 10 September 2023 in the form of a downloadable link or make it available for download on Filmfreeway
due to the international nature of the festival, all non-English language films must be provided with English subtitles for screening at the festival
to create the catalogue, please upload a photo of the director, a still from the film, a short biography of the director (maximum 300 characters, in English, in case of Hungarian submission, in Hungarian as well) and a short synopsis of the film (maximum 500 characters, in English, in case of Hungarian submission, in Hungarian as well) at the time of entry or by email no later than 1 September 2023
furthermore, please, include all the promotional materials and contacts – press kit, trailer, website, social media platforms – to help us promote the films

By accepting to participate in the ATAFF competition program, rights holders agree to have their film screened in the Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival's "ATAFF Best of" program between October 1 and October 31, 2023 for public or educational screenings. A separate agreement will be sent out for the films to be included in the programme.
(If you have any questions or comments about the online entry, please let us know at

4. Things to know about the screening copies
We can accept films for pre-screening mainly in the form of an online download link. The organisers of the screening are not in a position to pay a rental or screening fee for short films and documentaries.

Copies of the films selected for the Film Festival programme must be available to the organisers by 31 October 2023.

For the competition programme, films will be presented in DCP format or on Blu-ray disc. Specifications of the films available for online download: DCP 2K resolution in mkv format for HD or Full HD quality; avi format for lower resolution.

Address of the organiser of the Film Festival:
5000 Szolnok, Templom út 4.
+36 56 424910
Festival Director: Éva Demeter

E-mail address:
press [at]
festival [at]
vanda.flaisz [at]


Overall Rating
  • Catia Ott

    I was very happy in participating at the festival. The location of Tisza Cinema is ideal, the films were very interesting and original and last but not least the director and the organizers were very professional, easygoing and fun! I also met some very interesting people both filmmakers and crew that I and in touch with. I hope to have another film to submit in the next editions!

    October 2022
  • Dániel Kőváry

    What happens in Szolnok stays in Szolnok!

    October 2022
  • thank you very much or everything

    October 2022
  • Pawel Kleszczewski

    Thank you very much for inviting us to the festival. We had a fantastic time in Szolnok. Great festival with great traditions !

    October 2022
  • Cyril Nehmé

    A wonderful festival that celebrates fine arts through numerous events. Very happy to have attended a masterclass and concert by the very Emir Kusturica! Impeccable organisation, communication and welcome!!

    October 2022