Texas filmmakers warmly encouraged to apply to this this made-any-year screening event & job hub for narrative feature and short filmmakers. This is a *local hub* of the "Top 100 Best Reviewed" Connect Film Festival, with primary screening hubs in Melbourne Australia and Los Angeles. Each screening is set in a dedicated screening room at a vibrant pub or a theater with pub afterparty-- come enjoy great company, great films, great beer!

Awards are IMDb listed.

No made-by age limit! Send us your shortest, send us your best-- narrative work of any age welcome, as long as it reflects the work of active filmmakers.
We are an elite but welcoming community Connect filmmakers from 2014-17 include an Academy Award nominated director, multiple film festival directors, multiple Project Greenlight finalists, and filmmakers who have screened at festivals like Sundance, SXSW, AFF, LA Shorts, Hollyshorts, LA Film Festival, Cannes, AFI, etc. We support and encourage each other to make better films, showcase our best and short work of any age, celebrate awards, and share the substance of good films made by collaborative filmmakers
Texas filmmakers: A filmmaker representative must be present for your film to play.
Outside Texas filmmakers: A video intro may substitute for attendance.
Comedies welcome, webisodes welcome, narrative music videos welcome, experimental work with strong narrative elements welcome. Connect welcomes work from active narrative filmmakers.

Location rotates as this is a local screening series showcasing vibrant pop up events.
Please note: local work prioritized, though global work will be considered with video intro availability and understanding of the Connect project. However we urge non-local work to apply to the annual festival at: www.filmfreeway.com/festival/connectfilmfestival

=Feature samples and narrative short films only=
Connect with fellow filmmakers and enjoy great local work alongside national and international favorites.

If Texas-based, at least one "filmmaker representative" must be in attendance-- they can have worked in any capacity of production or post production. From Actors, to sound department, camera department, makeup, editing, and of course Directors and Producers. Film will only screen with a filmmaker in attendance.

If national or international a "video introduction" and accessibility through the connect email enables direct connection with our local filmmaker's community. Numerous sample videos available on request for selected filmmakers.

Submit, attend, enjoy, connect!

Screening benefits:
• Official selection laurels
• Membership in Connect Filmmaker groups, active networking
• Connect Filmmakers have collaborated on festival circuit films, successfully referred each other for jobs, and supported each other's careers, as well as being creative collaborators and allies :)
• Alumni benefits: Potential screenings in multiple CFF venues
California (LA) • Australia (Melbourne) • Texas (Austin) • Mass (Boston)
Welcome to our tribe!

Relationship to Connect Film Festival, the international festival:
• 50% discount on submission fee to be considered for the international festival with IMDb listed awards. Sample from our 2015 USA festival:
The festival alternates from Australia to the USA
2013/14: Melbourne, Australia
2015: Los Angeles
2016: Melbourne Australia.
2017: Los Angeles.

Ongoing screenings in Austin, Boston, Melbourne Australia and Los Angeles.

A cover note is highly recommended if you have any familiarity with Connect-- we are an active community and any tie to our community or knowledge of our job hub is a plus.

=We cannot overemphasize this, we are a community: Noting geographic location and willingness to collaborate on film projects is a plus=

If selected for screenings you will have to provide:
• Vimeo HD downloadable link. We prefer this in cover note, ready to screen if accepted
• Written acknowledgement of Director permission to screen, regardless of who submitted the film
• Either confirmation of in-person attendance for local filmmakers or willingness to record a Video intro for any filmmakers not able to attend. Dozens of examples available on request.

This is a narrative filmmaker's job hub. Documentaries will only be considered from filmmakers who also make narrative film.

Narrative music videos, commercials, animation, webisodes, or other narrative format films are welcome.

Connect Film Festival Screenings are related to Connect Film Festival, but a separate entity. Selection for a screening enables special consideration for the festival, but does not guarantee acceptance.

The shorter the better. 5 minutes is gold. 10 minutes is grand. 15 minutes is lovely. Longer work viewed with dwindling enthusiasm. Capped at 30 mins.

Feature samples must be submitted as: Feature trailers + samples 5 minutes or less.

Festival-caliber production value is necessary. CFF offers technical awards in sound, post-production, cinematography as well as acting and directing. Every work shown must reflect professional standards. If you have a work that you think may not reflect these standards but are keen to submit, or are an actor or writer looking to network and meet people to create original content, please contact connectfilmfestival@gmail.com Screening is only one of many ways to be involved in the project

More information on Connect Film Festival at:

Overall Rating
  • Renee Williams

    Great communication and organization! Very personable!

    July 2017
  • A wide range of genres and artists, I loved the diversity. Lindsey Loon runs an efficient, fun, friendly, vibrant community focused festival that I will absolutely resubmit to. Each artist was fully appreciated and celebrated, including myself. I HIGHLY recommend you become part of this community and submit your work. - Dennis Hurley, DownCellar Films

    April 2017
  • Vincent Morreale

    I was so delighted to be a part of this festival. It was a wonderful time, with some truly talented filmmakers.

    April 2017
  • Anna Remus

    This is a great opportunity with outstanding communication and hospitality from Lindsey. We're happy to be a part of it, and now to keep in touch with Connect colleagues. Thank you!

    April 2017
  • My wife and I are so delighted to be a part of the Connect Film Festival and Connect Productions. Working with Lindsey Loon has been a great honor and will continue to work with her on a lot of things!!! Our films 'In Utero' and 'Scar' won awards at the Austin screenings. Both films will be shown at the Boston screenings as well. Lindsey has a beautiful kind collaborative heart. Love working with her! Thank you.

    April 2017