A festival is like a puzzle where every piece plays an essential role, it is a result of a collective commitment generated by the passion and hard work of everyone involved. With a mission to transform the way people see the world through films, the foundation of All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF) was laid in the year 2015.

The festival started its maiden journey in the year 2015 on the shores of the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin and later moved to the City of pearls, Hyderabad for its 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition (2016, 2017 & 2018) respectively. Showcasing over 100 films every year, the festival encompasses films of all genres, lengths and formats.

Founded by Mr. Sohan Roy, the Hollywood director of Indian origin and a media entrepreneur, ALIIFF which is established under ‘All Lights Film Society’ is set forth its sail in the vast cinematic world. ALIIFF has introduced a lot of notable films such as Theeb which later went on to win the Oscar in Foreign Films category in 2015. The event encompassed 100 plus film screenings, awards, interactive sessions and was attended by hundreds of celebrity delegates, exhibitors, investors and had 4000+ footfalls.



• ALIIFF offers screenings, lectures, discussions, workshops, events, professional development and opportunities to meet; hear and learn from filmmakers around the world.
• We organize retrospectives and tributes to major, figures as a contribution towards a better understanding of the history of cinema and Red carpet screenings for new releases which draws major media attention.
• ALIIFF’s annual program includes dramatic features, debut features and short films along with daily filmmaker conversations, panel discussions etc.

• To raise awareness and promote International cinema in all its forms as art, entertainment and as an industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue.
• To identify, support and nurture the next generation of film lovers.
• To discover new talent, and the bringing together of professionals and journalists from around the world.
• To develop a unique platform for the promotion, marketing and sales of all genre movies.

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Entry Fee Waiver Policy:

** Unfortunately due to the importance of the film submission revenue in operating the Festival we are unable to offer fee waivers. Recognizing the funding challenges that filmmakers face we encourage you to take advantage of the Early bird deadline.

** The Board of Directors chooses and invites the films which will be presented in Competition / Out of Competition categories.

** Each film which has been invited to be part of the Official Selection by the Board of Directors will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Only films that meet the following conditions will be chosen for invitation in the Official Selection:
# Films that have been produced during the twelve months preceding the Festival.
# Films that have not been released anywhere other than their country of origin.
# Films that have not been exhibited on the Internet.
# Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme during the event.
# None of the films invited must be shown outside the Festival's official theaters before its official screening at All Lights India International Film Festival.
# All films must be presented in their original language, with English subtitles. By "original language" we mean the language in which a film is or will be exhibited in its country of origin.

RULES & TERMS – 5th Edition ALIIFF 2019


The films completed in 2018 January onwards are eligible for participation. The actual completion date must be indicated on the online submission form and the year of copyright must be indicated on the film. For International films where no proof is available, the date of the first theatrical screening will be considered as completion date.

(i) Feature Film – Must have a minimum duration of 60 minutes and above.
(ii) Short Film – The Short films between 05 - 30 minutes will be eligible to enter.


a) ALIIFF is a participating member of online film submission platform FilmFreeway.

b) Initial selection: For the initial selection, screenings can only be done by high quality DVD NTSC screener. We hereby request the submitters to courier the DVD screener to the festival address.

c) The deadline for receiving the online platform submission is 6:00 pm IST on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 and preview material should reach Festival office by 5:00 PM IST on Tuesday, October 15, 201. The DVD/pen-drive with English subtitles should reach the Festival office before the above-mentioned date.

d) Shipping: While sending preview material, the value must be declared as less than 05 USD (INR 300 /-). The parcel should be super scribed ‘No commercial value, For Cultural Screening purpose only’. The Festival will not bear the cost of transportation of preview material/courier customs clearance. It will be returned on request at the owner’s cost.

e) Preview materials (For Short Film only) can be in online downloadable links (.mov
/ mp4 file – PAL format) with permission to watch during the entire selection period.

f) ALIIFF won’t be baring the customs clearance duty charges incurred in the shipping of the DVD / DCP / Blu-Ray screeners.


g) FINAL SELECTION: If selected for the Competition / Non Competition Screening, the entrant(s) - must provide a Blu-Ray / DCP / High Definition DVD with EST along with Promos and Trailers after the notification date upon request.

h) Enclosures including Film Stills (min. 2 nos), Vertical Film Posters (min. 2 nos), Directors Pictures, Directors bio–filmography and a short synopsis must be sent for inclusion in the festival catalogue to submissions@indywood.co.in.

i) If the language of the film is other than English, it should be sub-titled or dubbed in English.

j) In the case of Director’s Debut Film, the qualified movie for this category supportive relevant documents may be asked for proving or stating its eligibility, failing to which the film will not be treated as a Director’s Debut Film.

k) Submission rules for the category "Celebrate Malayalam Cinema"
> This category includes feature films / short films in Malayalam language.
> Feature Film: Films with the duration of 60 minutes and above are eligible to compete in this category.
> Short Film: Films with the duration of 30 minutes and below are eligible to compete in this category.
> Non-English movies must have subtitles in English.
> The films completed after January 2018 are eligible for participation.
> Films that have not been exhibited on the Internet.
> Zero Entry fee for Feature film and Short films
> The movie with-out censorship to be informed prior at the time of submission


The deadline for all entries is 6:00 pm IST on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. All entries submitted for selection must reach the Festival Office by October 15th, 2019.


Successful entries will be acknowledged via E-mail/Submission Platforms by November 15th 2019.


Entries will be previewed by Pre-Selection Committee and the shortlisted films will be forwarded to the Jury for the final scrutinization and selection. The decision of the selection committees and the jury will be final & binding on all and will not be subject to discussion.


a) Festival Authorities reserve the right to accept or not to accept any films on any ground including the likelihood of the film offending the feelings of any state, religion, country or on the grounds such as racism and religion.

b) Decisions of the Festival Authorities regarding all matters not expressly provided for in these regulations or which require interpretation of the clauses mentioned above shall be final & binding on all parties.


It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials included within the submitted film. ALIIFF will not be held responsible for the unauthorized inclusion of any copyrighted materials within or relating to the submitted film. ALIIFF reserves the right to disqualify any film with any unauthorized inclusion of copyrighted materials.


a) The Jury for ALIIFF will consist of a Chairman along with not less than two and not more than eight members. The decisions of the jury will be taken by a simple majority of the members present and voting.
b) Jury will determine the winning films and will be composed of individuals selected by the Festival Authorities. The decision of Jury will be final and binding to all.
c) The Jury has the right to withhold an award in any category where no entries, in the Jury’s view, meet its standards for award/recognition.
d) The jury can evolve its own rules for assessment of the entries.
e) No person in any way connected with the production or commercial exploitation of a competitive entry will be a member of the jury.
f) All members of the jury will refrain from releasing any articles or reviews to the press concerning the film submitted for their judgement until after jury’s decision have been formally announced at the closing function.


The films once submitted for selection as well as digital tapes/media sent for the final screening will be retained for the Festival Archive. Also, CDs/DVDs, containing photographs & publicity material received will not be returned.


a) Cost of transportation of DVD / DCP / Blu-Ray screeners / tapes / media and all related documents, publicity materials to the ALIIFF office shall be borne by the entrant.
b) ALIIF won’t be baring the customs clearance duty charges incurred in the shipping of the DVD / DCP / Blu-Ray screeners.


a) A film can be submitted for multiple award categories.
b) Films may be entered by any organization/agency or by an individual film Producer/Director who hold the copyright or with consent letter from the producer. There is no restriction on number of entries.
c) ALIIFF is under no obligation to provide comments or feedback's regarding the submitted film to applicant or any other representative of the submitted film.
d) For promotional/publicity purposes, clippings from any film entered in the festival may be shown on the National/International Television/Local network/Internet etc.
e) Submissions with incorrect/inadequate/illegible/ambiguous particulars will not be considered.
f) No legal claim can be filed for participation in the competition.
g) No invited film shall be withdrawn from the festival programme.
h) Selection at any other International festival does not ensure selection to ALIIFF.
I) Cash Prize will be handed over only to those winners who are physically present at the venue.
j )If the winner fails to collect the accolades at the time of the event, the courier charges of the same have to be borne by the Movie team.


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All disputes in respect of any matter relating to the ALIIFF shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts and forums in Ernakulam.

ATTENTION: - All Communications, Blu-Ray / DVDs, and Documentation should be sent freight prepaid, addressed to:

Indywood Entertainment Consortium LLP
BCG Tower, 1st Floor,
Opp. CSEZ,
Seaport Airport Road,
Kakkanad, Cochin – 682037
Ph :+91 9539967373

Overall Rating
  • Ra chezhian

    It was a great pleasure to attend this grandeur festival
    The hospitality is so good

    December 2018
  • It deserves more than 5 stars . Very well organized festival with lovely people and equally good audience . I recommend it for all .....

    December 2018
  • Keith Large

    Wonderful festival with outstanding communication from the festival organisers.

    December 2018
  • Anne Abdalla

    Although I couldn’t attend the festival, but the communication before the festival was amazing!

    December 2018
  • mario morin

    Poor communication
    They didn t get back to me in time when they selected my film

    December 2018