All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF), the flagship event of Indywood Film Carnival, announces its 4th edition. The event will return again to Hyderabad and will be scheduled from 01st December to 04th December 2018.

The third edition of Indywood Film Carnival turned out to be a humongous success and received an overwhelming response with participation of over 3000 National and International delegates from 48 countries.

ALIIFF is a unique platform for global film industry to portray excellence in film making. With an aim to inspire, nurture and integrate, our film festival brings together the different aspects of the Indian Cinema industry facilitating congregation of people and nations. For us 'Cinema is Knowledge' and we love films, irrespective of its origin and content.

ALIIFF intends to:
> To provide a unique platform for global films that will enable each territory to excel with mutual support and expertise.
> To initiate new generation Exhibition Centers in India.
> To cultivate and foster world class film markets in India.
> To provide a platform for budding artists/film makers and students to showcase and develop their talents.
> To impart training opportunities for the future generation by making them aware of the vast scope of the film industry.

International Competition for Feature Films
International Competition for Debut Directors
International Competition for Short Films
International Competition for Documentaries
International Competition for Student Short Films
Competition for Indian Movies

Animation Films
Children’s Films
Short Film Showcase
Travel Diaries


Entry Fee Waiver Policy:

Unfortunately due to the importance of the film submission revenue in operating the Festival we are unable to offer fee waivers. Recognizing the funding challenges that filmmakers face we encourage you to take advantage of the Early bird deadline.

The Board of Directors chooses and invites the films which will be presented in Competition / Out of Competition categories.

Each film which has been invited to be part of the Official Selection by the Board of Directors will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Only films that meet the following conditions will be chosen for invitation in the Official Selection:
# Films that have been produced during the twelve months preceding the Festival.
# Films that have not been released anywhere other than their country of origin.
# Films that have not been exhibited on the Internet.
# Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme during the event.
# None of the films invited must be shown outside the Festival's official theaters before its official screening at All Lights India International Film Festival.
# All films must be presented in their original language, with English subtitles. By "original language" we mean the language in which a film is or will be exhibited in its country of origin.

RULES & TERMS – 4th Edition ALIIFF 2018

1. Who Can Apply?

The films completed in 2017 January onwards are eligible for participation. The actual completion date must be indicated on the online submission form and the year of copyright must be indicated on the film. For International films where no proof is available, the date of the first theatrical screening will be considered as completion date.

(i) Feature Film – Must have a minimum duration of 60 minutes and above.
(ii) Short Film – Total running time must be less than 30 minutes in length, excluding front and back credits. No minimum running time is applicable.
(iii) Documentary – Must be less than 60 minutes in length, excluding credits.

2. How to Apply?

a) ALIIFF is a participating member of online film submission platform FilmFreeway.

b) Initial selection: For the initial selection, screenings can only be done by high quality DVD NTSC screener. We hereby request the submitters to courier the DVD screener to the festival address.

c) The deadline for receiving the online platform submission is 6:00 pm IST on Saturday, September 15, 2018 and preview material should reach Festival office by 5:00 PM IST on Monday, September 15, 2018. The DVD/pen-drive with English subtitles should reach the Festival office before the above-mentioned date.

d) Shipping: While sending preview material value must be declared as less than US $5/- (INR 300 /-). The parcel should be super scribed ‘No commercial value. For Cultural purpose only’. The Festival will not bear the cost of transportation of preview material/courier customs clearance. It will be returned on request at the owner’s cost. Preview materials (For Short Film only) from outside India can be in online downloadable links (.mov/mp4 file – PAL format) with permission to watch during the entire selection period.

e) ALIIFF won’t be baring the customs clearance duty charges incurred in the shipping of the DVD / DCP / Blu-Ray screeners.


f) FINAL SELECTION: If selected for the Competition / Non Competition Screening, the entrant(s) - must provide a Blu-Ray / DCP / High Definition DVD with EST along with Promos and Trailers after the notification date upon request.

g) Enclosures including Film Stills (min. 2 nos), Vertical Film Posters (min. 2 nos), Directors Pictures, Directors bio–filmography and a short synopsis must be sent for inclusion in the festival Catalogue to

h) If the language of the film is other than English, it should be sub-titled or dubbed in English.

i) In the case of Director’s Debut Film, the qualified movie for this category supportive relevant documents may be asked for proving or stating its eligibility, failing to which the film will not be treated as a Director’s Debut Film.

3. Deadlines

The deadline for all entries is 6:00 pm IST on Saturday, September 15, 2018. All entries submitted for selection must reach the Festival Office by October 30th, 2018.

4. Notifications

Successful entries will be acknowledged via E-mail/Submission Platforms by October 15th 2018.

5. Selection Process

Entries will be previewed by Pre-Selection Committee and the shortlisted films will be forwarded to the Jury for the final scrutinization and selection.
The decision of the selection committees and the jury will be final & binding on all and will not be subject to discussion.

6. Rights of Festival Authorities

a) Festival Authorities reserve the right to accept or not to accept any films on any ground including the likelihood of the film offending the feelings of any state, religion, country or on the grounds such as racism and religion.

b) Decisions of the Festival Authorities regarding all matters not expressly provided for in these regulations or which require interpretation of the clauses mentioned above shall be final & binding on all parties.

7. Copyright

It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials included within the submitted film. ALIIFF will not be held responsible for the unauthorized inclusion of any copyrighted materials within or relating to the submitted film. ALIIFF reserves the right to disqualify any film with any unauthorized inclusion of copyrighted materials.

8. Jury

a) The Jury for ALIIFF will consist of a Chairman along with not less than two and not more than eight members. The decisions of the jury will be taken by a simple majority of the members present and voting.
b) Jury will determine the winning films and will be composed of individuals selected by the Festival Authorities. The decision of Jury will be final and binding to all.
c) The Jury has the right to withhold an award in any category where no entries, in the Jury’s view, meet its standards for award/recognition.
d) The jury can evolve its own rules for assessment of the entries.
e) No person in any way connected with the production or commercial exploitation of a competitive entry will be a member of the jury.
f) All members of the jury will refrain from releasing any articles or reviews to the press concerning the film submitted for their judgement until after jury’s decision have been formally announced at the closing function.

9. Archive

The films once submitted for selection as well as digital tapes/media sent for the final screening will be retained for the Festival Archive. Also, CDs/DVDs, containing photographs & publicity material received will not be returned.

10. Transportation

a) Cost of transportation of DVD / DCP / Blu-Ray screeners / tapes / media and all related documents, publicity materials to the ALIIFF office shall be borne by the entrant.
b) ALIIF won’t be baring the customs clearance duty charges incurred in the shipping of the DVD / DCP / Blu-Ray screeners.

11. General

a) A film can be submitted for multiple award categories.
b) Films may be entered by any organization/agency or by an individual film Producer/Director who hold the copyright or with consent letter from the producer. There is no restriction on number of entries.
c) ALIIFF is under no obligation to provide comments or feedback's regarding the submitted film to applicant or any other representative of the submitted film.
d) For promotional/publicity purposes, clippings from any film entered in the festival may be shown on the National/International Television/Local network/Internet etc.
e) Submissions with incorrect/inadequate/illegible/ambiguous particulars will not be considered.
f) No legal claim can be filed for participation in the competition.
g) No invited film shall be withdrawn from the festival programme.
h) Selection at any other International festival does not ensure selection to ALIIFF.

12. Awards

Official Award: The Festival Jury will be the final and only authority to judge the films for competition. There are 6 awards in the Competition Section.

1. International Competition For Feature Films - Golden Frame Award For Best Film– Memento , Certificate and cash award of INR 1,00,000/- to be shared equally between the Producer and Director of the film.
2. International Competition For Debut Director's Films (Features) - Golden Frame Award For Best Debut Directors Film– Memento , Certificate and cash award of INR 1,00,000/- to be shared equally between the Producer and Director of the film.
3. Competition For Indian Movies - Golden Frame Award For Best Indian Film – Memento , Certificate and cash award of INR 1,00,000/- to be shared equally between the Producer and Director of the film.
4. International Competition For Short Films - Golden Frame Award For Best Short Film – Memento , Certificate and cash award of INR 50,000/- to be shared equally between the Producer and Director of the film.
5. International Competition For Student Short Films- Golden Frame Award For Best Student Short Film – Memento , Certificate and cash award of INR 25,000/- to be shared equally between the Producer and Director of the film.
6. International Competition For Documentaries - Golden Frame Award For Best Documentary – Memento , Certificate and cash award of INR 50,000/- to be shared equally between the Producer and Director of the film.

13. Disclaimer

All disputes in respect of any matter relating to the ALIIFF shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts and forums in Ernakulam.

ATTENTION: - All Communications, Blu-Ray / DVDs, and Documentation should be sent freight prepaid, addressed to:

Aries Telecasting Private Ltd.
C/o All Lights Film Society
BCG Tower, 1st Floor,
Opp. CSEZ,
Seaport Airport Road,
Kakkanad, Cochin – 682037
Ph :+91 9539967373

Overall Rating
  • javad daraei

    I am very happy and welcome every year to participate in your festival and thank you for this fine festival.

    December 2017
  • Clive Read

    While I had a very pleasant stay at the festival I was very disappointed regarding some issues. Maybe you could consider these for your next festival. My comments are strictly concerning the film screening side that took place in Princess street.
    1. Audience attendence
    Biggest dissapointment for myself and other filmmakers I spoke to was the lack of attendance at the screenings. If there was anyone it was the crew themselves. Usually 1 or 2 people in attendance.
    Publicity. I could find no info on the movies screened. Normally a booklet is available with a brief synopsis of each movie. Also yr website was not updated and not much on yr FB site. At the Durban International Film Festival there are student reporters who put out a publication every second day in the form of a brief newspaper

    Interviews, reviews, background social photos so on. Also free busses from the city for film fans.

    2.People would walk in and out at any time distracting viewers with bright light falling on the screen.
    Install an L shaped light trap at each door. Simple wooden structure with black cloth or plastic

    3. Sound.
    Although the equip was professional there were often times when it was so loud as to have a lot of distortion on the speakers. Film makers go to a lot of trouble and expect their movies to have clean sound.

    Your audio staff need to be aware of this and determine where the problem lies. If incoming levels on the mixer are overloaded it wont help to turn down the volume on the amplifiers.

    I noted the many billionaires invited to hopefully invest in the industry. Personally I had to borrow money to attend. The Blu rays cost me 12000 Rupees to burn and courier and they weren't used. I was also promised 1 night free accomodation and although I enquired daily with the support staff this never happened. I was given 1 meal voucher after asking a number of times.

    Opening and Closing functions
    I realize you want to attract investment but half the audience walked out at the opening function due to endless business awards with little connection to the industry. The closing also dragged on after a good first half. I was never invited are made aware of any after parties or meals. I ate all meals in my room when I could have been networking with other filmmakers etc.

    I was promised red carpet photos from your team and hopefully these will still arrive by email.

    I might sound a little upset which I was but on the positive side your staff were very friendly and tried to help where they could. I would highly recommend visiting the Durban International Film Festival now in its 39th year in June 2018.

    December 2017
  • Beret Strong

    We couldn't be attend -- too far away -- but we had a good experience with communication with the festival and it sounds like it's a very memorable event. We appreciate having our film included!

    December 2017
  • Dexter Hemedez

    The organizers made sure that the Festival was all worth it! Interacting with different filmmakers and the jury was unforgettable!

    August 2017
  • Yaser Talebi

    "This is a great festival my film was in. ALL LIGHTS INDIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL was professional and communicated extremely well. Looking forward to submitting again. Highly recommend"

    December 2016