*UPDATE DUE TO CORONA VIRUS. The government of Miyakojima has declared an emergency due to the outbreak of Covid 19 in Miyakojima. Due to this declaration, we have decided to switch our festival to 3 months later to Feb. 2022. Please understand. We have a great venue, and fantastic place to have our festival (Matida Shinmin Gekijo), the committee has decided NOT to do an online festival. We have the most beautiful hall in all of Miyakojima, it holds 962 people. Our festival will be in a theater in front of a live audience, as a real film festival should be.

The first annual official Miyakojima International Film Festival is supported by the government of Miyakojima and Elliot Grove of Raindance London. The festival will be held Feb 18, 19 & 20, 2022, at the Matida Shinmin Gekijo in Miyakojima.

The official Miyakojima International Film Festival (MIFF) is sponsored by Katsuya Shibayama (and more coming) and is an annual film festival meant to showcase innovative independent cinema and new virtual reality from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

The official Miyakojima International Film Festival (MIFF) is a true independent international film festival supporting young talent around the world.

Creating dreams and hope through cinema is our vision. Returning Japan to the glory days of cinema for young filmmakers and independent artists the goal of the official Miyakojima International Film Festival (MIFF).

Our Jury includes some of Japan's top filmmakers and other famous filmmakers as well as industry leaders on the Arts as Jury members from around the world.

The island of Miyakojima is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, perfect for sunning, swimming and snorkeling. When you’re sun-spent, migrate to the Miyakojima City Makida Shinmin Gekijou to view some of the world's best independent cinema! Toast your travel companions with Japanese shochu and wine while you nibble on speciality Okinawan specialty soba noodles.

Our festival is the first-ever film festival held in the Japanese Oasis known as Miyakojima in the Okinawan peninsula where it is warm all year round! The screenings will be held at Matida Shinmin Gekijo. And more events and parties held at the beautiful Crystal Villa.

Our Opening ceremony (Feb. 18 at 17:00) will be held at Matida Shinmin Gekijo. After that, welcoming speeches (Speech by famous Japanese director, Yudai Uenishi & sponsors)
And a world premiere Opening Film by Yudai Uenishi will be shown. Then it is off to Crystal Villa where the opening party starts at 21:00. After parties? Sure!

The 2nd & 3rd day of Festival (Feb. 19 & 20 ) starts at at 10:00am at Matida Shinmin Gekijo and runs until 10 PM. After parties? Of course.

The Closing Ceremony will be held Feb. 20, 2022 at 17:00 am at Matida Shinmin Gekijo.

The Closing ceremony will feature a speech by Yudai Uenishi (10 ~ 15 minutes) and after that, the Awards Ceremony and speeches by winners (about 1.5 ~ 2 hours) followed by our Closing ceremony drinks & snacks.

Jury Members:
*Yudai Uenishi - (Head of Jury) Director, writer, producer

Film Selection Teams

International Section:

Japan Section:
*Ai Furukawa

*Mika Tokutake
(More TBA)

Our categories include:
*Narrative Feature
*Narrative Short
*Documentary Feature
*Documentary Short
Awards will be given for 1st prizes.

The official Miyakojima International Film Festival (MIFF) hopes to be the voice and representation for films with a unique voice and message, regardless of how low the budget might be.

We are aiming to inspire, motivate and award new talent with a revitalised film festival that all of Japan can be proud of.

The official Miyakojima International Film Festival (MIFF) accepts all forms and genres: short films, medium-length films, feature films, drama, experimental, comedy, horror, slow cinema, science fiction, fantasy, animation, documentary.

Above all, we are proud to welcome you all to our indies filmmakers’ festival! Miyakojima International Film Festival (MIFF).

Selected winners will receive free fee waivers to submit their films to Raindance London.
Some winning films will be eligible for distribution deals in Japan subject to your negotiations with distributor.


10 Ants Corporation
7-3-4 #214 Tanimachi, Cyuou-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan
Webpage: http://10ants.jp/
Telephone: +81-06-6191-7605

Office Hours:
Weekdays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturdays: 10:00 AM – 12:30 AM

*10 Ants Corporation: http://10ants.jp/
*Matida Shinmin Gekijyou: https://mice.okinawastory.jp/venue/venue-all/v-367/
*Matida Shinmin Gekijyou Official: https://www.city.miyakojima.lg.jp/soshiki/kyouiku/syougaigakusyu/bunkahall/schedule.html
*Crystal Villa: https://crystalvilla.jp/miyakojima/

Awards will be given for 1st prize.

The categories will be for Awards & Prizes:

Best Feature
Best Documentary Feature
Best Short
Best Documentary
Others (Audience award, etc.)


· Selected films must be in English or Japanese and subtitled. (Japanese language films must be dubbed in English and English language films must be subtitled in Japanese.)

· All Entries must include a press pack including a one-paragraph synopsis and short staff biography with a photo of director and producer for promotional use.

· All Entries must include a list of cast including high-quality photos for promotional use.

· All Entries, if selected for competition, not in Japanese language, must include Japanese subtitling, cost to be borne by Filmmaker.

· Every submission has to pick one main category.

· Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.

· All movie entries should be sent via FilmFreeway. Please do not send discs or any downloadable files to us. ·

· By entering festival, filmmaker agrees that The official Miyakojima International Film Festival (MIFF) has the right to use any movie stills or promotional photos for The official Miyakojima International Film Festival (MIFF) promotional purposes.

Films made after Jan. 2018 eligible

Films must be in NTSC format. 

Features in theaters, TV, online streaming services, sales or distribution representation in Japan or winners in any Japanese film festival not eligible. 

If films are in Japanese, dialogue sheets are not necessary. Films in all other languages require dialogue sheets. 

Winners may get distribution offers in Japan (in airlines in-flight movies, theaters and Asia's biggest satellite TV network).

We do not pay any screening fees.

All music rights must be cleared through proper channels. 

Entries will not be returned · Entry fees are non-refundable

A project being Selected by the Selection Committee does not guarantee screening at the festival. Many factors can cause non-screening of projects, though we do our best to eliminate them.

Rules are subject to change due to current circumstances (Covid).