BFF 20th Anniversary

June 16-21, 2020 in New York.

BFF is monitoring the events in New York and around the world closely for when it is safe for us to come together again. Bikes bring people together. We are in this together.

BFF is enthusiastic to announce our 20th anniversary festival dates:
December 10, 2021 - January 10, 2022

Film Submission Deadline:
Friday, October 15, 2021

All filmmakers will be notified either way on or before November 6, 2021.

The festival will be virtual and available to watch worldwide.

In New York, our home and base, there may be outdoor socially-distanced bike rides and parties to celebrate depending on the status of the Delta variant and venue/event allowances at that time.

More details and announcements to come at a later date.


In its first year the BFF buzzed with National Press and sold out shows. It has not stopped since.

Brendt Barbur, Founding Festival Director, was compelled to start the Bicycle Film Festival when he was hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York City. He insisted on turning his negative experience into a positive one. In 2001, Barbur started the Bicycle Film Festival as a platform to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and, of course, film.

The Bicycle Film Festival has been a major catalyst for the urban bike movement, one of the most powerful and culturally relevant forces of the last two decades. The BFF is sure to carry this momentum into the next decade. The BFF is a huge catalyst for the rise of city cycling internationally.

More and more people are riding bikes daily. People now identify with bicycling as a lifestyle. There is a huge fervor for bicycle culture. The Bicycle Film Festival is the place for brands to interact in an authentic way to this demographic. The Bicycle Film Festival is here to raise and reinforce the positive profile of cyclists to celebrate bicycling in its myriad of forms.

There is no denying the environmental and health benefits that bicycling inherently entails. Bicyclists promote a healthy lifestyle using an ecologically sound form of transportation. Our base audience is composed of young, trendsetting city-dwellers who love and identify with film, art, music and sports. We have a loyal following that travels to different cities and countries to be part of the Bicycle Film Festival. The festival has had a significant impact on youth culture and has been embraced by many, including leaders in the realms of music, fashion, design, fine art, sports and film.

We screen films from established artists to emerging filmmakers who have a shared passion for bicycles.

Each year, the BFF programming selects short and feature length films from over 25 countries. Documentary, live action, narrative, animation, music video, experimental - all are welcomed. We celebrate the bicycle in all its human powered forms.

Past participants of Bicycle Film Festival have included: Spike Jonze, Erykah Badu, Karl Lagerfeld, Francesco Clemente, Shepard Fairey, Albert Maysles, Michel Gondry, Alex Katz, Kaws, Mike Mills, the Neistat Brothers, Tom Sachs, Ridley Scott, Kiki Smith, and Ai Weiwei.

Bicycle Film Festival has been produced globally in 90 cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, and Istanbul to over 1 million attendees worldwide.

The BFF has exceeded expectations. It is able to draw more and more attendees from year to year. Every year we sell out screenings throughout the world.