Sipontum is the ancient name of the present town of Manfredonia; an important Roman port, legend has it that it was founded by the Homeric hero Diomede. Inhabited since the 6th century BC, Sipontum is a place rich in history.
Following the path of the glorious past of the town, we want to start a new history and let the arthouse cinema been known and celebrated all over the world.

SAIFF is a truly independent and arthouse festival, organized by people who have been doing underground cinema (no-budget and low-budget) for over 20 years.
We are especially interested in short films/films that have no commercial purpose, the ones brave enough to seek new paths or to rework the lessons of the great authors in their own way.
The festival aims to become a reference point for all the authors who do not accept compromises.
We are waiting for your works!

There will be awards and monthly screenings with a final evening in which the film of the year will be chosen.

SAIFF is a festival with awards and live screenings every month and a gala evening, once a year, in which the film of the year will be awarded.

A selection of works will be screened in the monthly sessions; the works will be chosen from among the short films / films selected or winners, giving priority to works that also have subtitles in Italian. This will not affect the choices of the jury (who will have already voted before the screenings).

Our team knows very well the difficulties inherent in producing films against commercial needs and for purely artistic purposes; for this reason, SAIFF, in addition to having an official website and social medias where it is possible to keep up to date on the festival activities, also has a blog where the short films/films presented, winners and non-winners, will be discussed.

An important partner of the festival is "La Traccia Nascosta", club born in 2011, which will host the monthly screenings.

Sipontum Arthouse International Film Festival is twinned with the "Corto e Cultura Film Festival" now in its fourteenth edition.

Generally on the 29th of each month the winners will be made public on the official website; winners and official selection will be published on the blog (

We remind the authors that the registration fee is unique and the film entered and selected competes for all prizes.

The jury reserves the right to assign honorable mentions to short films/films deemed particularly interesting.

Film of the month (qualified to the annual ceremony)
Best Director (Feature Film)
Best Director (Medium-length Film)
Best Director (Short Film)
Best Cinematography (Feature Film)
Best Cinematography (Medium-length Film)
Best Cinematography (Short Film)
Best Actor/Actress (Feature Film)
Best Actor/Actress (Medium-length Film)
Best Actor Actress (Short Film)
Best Screenplay (Feature Film)
Best Screenplay (Medium-length film)
Best Screenplay (Short Film)
Best Documentary
Best VFX Effects
Best Original Music
Best Editing
Best Poster


We might write articles about the works in competition on our blog ( during the year.
We highly recommend the authors to correctly upload all the material on the Filmfreeway page (photos, poster, synopsis and subtitles as well as all the names of the cast and crew).
Every articles will be written in Italian, but you will be able to translate them into the needed language through the button at the top left, in the drop-down menu (“Translate”).
There are no additional costs for the reviews; we will review your works because it’s our mission to make talented artists known worldwide.
We will review the works that have most impressed us for the sole purpose of giving space and voice to your art.
We would also love to directly discuss with you, so we may contact you for interviews.

- We accept short films under 20 minutes, medium-lenght films lasting from 20'01" to 59 minutes and feature films lasting 60 minutes or more.

- Registration can only be done through FilmFreeway. All the data relating to the short films/films must be correctly entered on FilmFreeway.
N.B. All the presented short films/films must be downloadable by SAIFF team to be able to broadcast them during the live event.

- No online streaming session is foreseen, only private viewing by the judges.

- The author, at the time of subscription, declares to own all the rights on the images, music and sounds of his cinematographic work.
The organization of the festival is not responsible for any false statements by the undersigned.

- Registration fees are non-refundable.

- The short film/film must have subtitles in English (native English short film/film included).
Italian subtitles are highly recommended (to facilitate the viewing of the short film/film during the live sessions).

- Registration is not a guarantee of selection.

- The decisions made by the jury are not contestable.
The jury reserves the right to not award prizes in certain sections if it does not deem it appropriate.

- The official laurels will be available on FilmFreeway, the certificates will be sent in PDF to the winners by email.
Make sure to write the movie name correctly.

- The filmmakers authorize the festival to extrapolate small fragments of their short film/film to realize spots for the sole purpose of advertising the event on social media, TV and online.

- Live events and festival dates may be subject to changes due to causes related to the covid situation. In case of changes we will promptly update the official pages of the festival.

- To facilitate the process during the screening phase, we invite the authors to upload the video file in .mp4 h.264

- The film must be downloadable by the festival team for projections related to the festival itself and in events, school courses, public or private connected to it.

- This regulation may be subject to periodic review; we therefore invite the authors to consult it often.