San Mauro Torinese is an Italian small town with a population of 18.925 in the Metropolitan City of Turin, in Piedmont (Italy).

STIFF 2017 Will finally allow us to promote the spread of international cinema outside the city of Turin.

San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival accepts films of any lenght or genre.


Films from any country and in any language are accepted, but they must be subtitled in English or Italian.

All films realized starting from January 2012 can participate.

The first edition of STIFF is going to take place in december 2017 at Cinema Gobetti in San Mauro Torinese (Turin, Italy).

Awards & Prizes

Awards will be announced at the end of submissions.

Decisions about the selected films are final and irrevocable.

Rules & Terms

The authors of the selected films will be contacted directly by the staff of he festival.

The awards will be announced and bestowed during the closing night of the event.

Once contacted, the producers of the films will have to fill in our authorization form for the screening (that we will send later to the selected films only). If it is not sent, participants will be excluded from the selection.

The material received during the selection can be used by the press (both printed and on the web) to write articles about the 2017 edition of the Festival and by the Organization of the Festival on its website and other official social networks.
Audiovisual excerpts of 15 seconds maximum of each work will be selected by the Press Office of the Festival, also guided by the author himself if necessary, and used by the broadcasting press to write articles exclusively about this 2017 edition of the Festival or by the Organization of the Festival on the website and other official social networks.

The films submitted to the contest will be part of the catalogue of the Festival and the video archive of the Tobaze Association. The works will not be exploited commercially as to defend the interests of the authors and the producers. If the materials are employed in a different way from that previously mentioned, the authors will be contacted preventively and asked about their willingness for a new employment of them. Moreover, in compliance with the law against piracy, all the needed measures will be taken in order to defend the copyright of the works submitted to the Festival.

The participation to the Festival implies the respect of the following rules. People who submit their work to the Festival have the responsibility to guarantee that they are legitimately authorized to don so. The Artistic Director has the right to make decisions about situations which are non-compliant with the rules and to make an exception in particular and justified cases. The Organization of the Festival reserves the right to modify the rules about dates and awards.