After the success of First Edition of Mumbai Women's International Film Festival (MWIFF), Oculus Creations is setting up for The Second Edition of Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival (MWIFF)2014


To provide an international platform to the unknown, the unheard, the hidden talent of film-making in a women. MWIFF is not to portray women in front of the camera, but to showcase her talent behind the camera and give her the spotlight she always deserved!


Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival (MWIFF) is a celebration of the art form of ‘Film’, from a women’s perspective. It is to glorify works of women and to present to the world, the domination in film making by women, if provided an opportunity. A one of its kind of festival in Mumbai, MWIFF is not just about or for women, but representation of films ‘By Women’, where everything from start-to-end of a film, is done by a women!
8-Day film festival will be a grand affair of seminars, interactions, workshops, cultural programs, along with healthy competition between women filmmakers. MWIFF is dedicated to give women the opportunity to show a piece of their work, their talent!
Scheduled in December 2014, MWIFF will come all out with its fun-filled and altogether a different experience for one and all.

Information about the Awards and Prizes will be announced Soon.

General Rules of the Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival (MWIFF) 2014 states the common rules and regulations for participation in the given categories.

Competitive Categories of MWIFF 2014:

a) Short Film

b) Documentary Film

- Short Documentary Film

- Full Length Documentary Film

c) Feature/Full Length Film

d) ‘’City For Women’’

Regulations & Eligibility for Competitive Section

All applicants / film makers must read thoroughly the specific rules and regulations for each categories before applying as the regulations and eligibility are different for each sections.

Non-Competitive Section:

a) Festival Focus

b) Indian Panorama

Applicants / Film makers cannot submit their films under Non-Competitive Section of MWIFF 2014. Films to be screened under Festival Focus & Indian Panorama categories will be selected by the Festival itself with the advice of its Jury and Selection Panel.

Required File Format for Submission:

Festival requires in-total 3 copies of films to be submitted.

DVD Format for pre selection (2 Copies): Entries for pre-selection shall be accepted only in DVD format. Please send 2 DVDs containing film copies. As the Selection committee will screen the films in DVD. (Note: ‘Blue Ray’ print is not acceptable)

.MOV format for final screening (1 copy): MOV ( Apple pro res recommended ) Recommended source format is (1920*1080) Subtitles should be embedded

Trailer & Promotional Materials (1 copy) :

Film Trailer, Poster, Press Kit, copy of Short Synopsis, copy of detailed synopsis, Director’s Bio-Data, Cast and Crew details, Directors Photograph, Still Photographs of film (2 minimum), Production stills (2minimum), Censorship Certificate (If any) should be sent in a separate Data DVD or Data CD.

Requirements / Checklist for submission:

a) Fully filled Entry Form

b) 2 film copies (DVD Format)

c) 1 film copy (.MOV format)

d) 1 DVD containing film trailer, Poster, copy of Short Synopsis, copy of detailed synopsis Director’s Bio-Data, Cast and Crew details, Directors Photograph, Still Photographs of film (2 minimum),Production stills (2minimum), Censorship Certificate (If any).

e) Entry Fees via Online Payment or NEFT (Bank Transfer) or Cash by Walk-in submission.

Entry Fee

Film Submission will be incomplete if the Entry Fees is unpaid as per the deadline under which the film is submitted.

The Festival does not wave off entry fees for any applicant / film maker, it is advised not to make any fee waiver requests.

MWIFF does not pay to any Film Maker or Director or Producer / Film Distributor / Film Agent the fees to have their films screened .

Submission at MWIFF 2014

All copies of films to be submitted at MWIFF must be directed to the below mentioned festival office via courier/post

Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival – MWIFF 2014

Oculus Creations – 628, 7th Floor – Ecstasy , City of Joy Business Park,

ACC Compound, J.S.D. Road, Near East-West Flyover,

Mulund – (W), Mumbai – 400 080

Contact No. +91 022 25686980

E-Mail: /

The DVD courier package / Envelope should be marked with the following –

‘For Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival MWIFF 2014 selection & cultural purpose only. NOT for commercial use.’

For customs purpose the Symbolic value of the courier / DVD package must be mentioned as 2$ only.

None of the courier / postal charges will be borne by the festival.

** Festival recommends to use a courier service for submissions as regular post-delivery does not guarantee the date or delivery/arrival and provide us with the tracking / AWB.

Note of Dispatchment:

The festival should be notified through e-mail by the applicant / film maker, as soon as the package / courier is dispatched. The e-mail should contain the following details: Film Name, Tracking / AWB number, Date and Mode of Shipment.

This helps the festival to track down and prevent loss of your package / envelope.

Walk-In Entries for Submission :

We do accept walk-in submission at the above mentioned office address during working hours between 10.00 A.M and 6.00 P.M only. Film makers should duly fill the complete entry form prior coming to festival office. Filling of Entry Form in office is not permissible.


MWIFF does not accept films for submission which have been submitted to the earlier edition of MWIFF 2013.

For resubmission, film makers should make sure there are substantive changes compared to the earlier submitted copy.

Festival Programming / Schedule

Under no circumstances the festival program or screening schedule will be changed on film makers requests. MWIFF solely reserves the rights of programming of films selected for screening. Changes in screening schedule is totally under discretion of festival committee which is irrevocable.

Screening Format

Films selected for screening at MWIFF will be screened through DCP projection.

Right of Participation

Applicants / Film makers, Directors, Producers, Distributors or Agents are responsible to make sure that they are entitled with rights to enter a film in MWIFF.

The Festival Committee & Festival Director has the right to resolve any situation not anticipated in the regulations of participation, also to grant exceptions in special found cases.

Once a film is submitted in festival, it cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.


Films selected for final screening for competition shall be screened maximum up-to two times for MWIFF audiences.

Anti-duplication Measuress:

MWIFF takes all possible efforts to prevent piracy. All film copies, copyrighted and promotional materials will be safely stored within the MWIFF premises.

MWIFF’s Discretion:

MWIFF will decide by its preference on all issues not anticipated by these Rules and Regulations. Further holds the right to grant exceptions to the application of these Rules Regulations at any time in its discretion.

Additional Terms and Discretions:

All entries submitted must have original content. The festival committee shall not entertain or take the responsibility for any act or efforts directing to blatant or indirect plagiarism.
All entries (CDs / DVDs) should be labeled with the name of the film, applicant’s name and category.
There are no regulations to the inclusion of acting crew.
All submissions will go through elimination rounds.
There will be no reasons assigned for elimination of entries.
Films will be judged on the basis of originality, content, filming and criteria set forth by the panel of judges.
Any queries shall be questioned by the committee members at any point of time, if required.
Mature content Information: If your submission contains content intended for a mature audience, please post a warning at the beginning of your film. (Note: Do include the nature of the mature content whether it is violence, sexual content or foul language)
The panel shall determine winners and the decision of the judges will be final and binding.
Festival authority shall have no liability and shall not be responsible for any damage.
Violation of any of the rules and any attempts to win the contest by fraud will lead to immediate disqualification.
MWIFF 2014 would be allowed to use all photographs and publicity materials received along with the Entry form for non-commercial activities and the same will not be returned to the entrants.
A complete screening schedule of selected films shall be put up on the festival website on around 15TH NOVEMBER 2014.
The Event Schedule is Subject to a Change by the Organizer.