"It's time to break down all the barriers of sight, sound, media and especially moving and video entertainment!"

The Madhouse Movies Film Festival (MMFF) is an arts institution in constant progression and which inspires, educates and entertains through its annual film celebration and year-round event, community outreach and social awareness through our film festival, while also supporting and cultivating the film industry of International and Worldwide and making an economic impact on all regions.

MMFF is an entertaining and educational year-round entity. Already well-known for its annual film festival, MMFF is operated as a film industry venture and continually upholds its mission to provide year-long support for film screening, production, and education globally.

Now MMFF offers students a chance to pay less for entering our competitions, found only here on FilmFreeway! If you are an actively enrolled student at a university or college, see our categories and rules for special pricing.

Madhouse MFF sometimes offers limited feedback to our films / filmmakers and screenplays / writers. Please read below what our festival expects to see when you enter your work and submission page to our festival.

Prize Awards and Certificates will go to the following categories:
and / or other awards as needed.

Our fest also considers Official Selections to be a type of award; certificates and laurels for Official Selection will also be awarded.

Madhouse MFF sometimes offers limited feedback to our films / filmmakers and screenplays / writers. Please read below what our festival expects to see when you enter your work and submission page to our festival.

By entering and / or previewing our festival online, you agree to first email our festival email and resolve with us issues you raise with us. All entering media creators agree to comply with GalaxyFlix.com rules and terms.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email immediately.

Our festival expects you to follow industry standard formatting and appeal when it comes to producing, directing, and completing your film, illustration, music, and especially any screenplay submission you enter into our festival. Not sure what we mean by industry standard and appeal? You can look at our prior seasons' competitions and see award winners, to know what our fest and panel jury considers Success. It is good to study and emulate successful films, you will find our fest's award winners typically premiered and showcased in multiple festivals worldwide, though this is not a requirement for entry nor selection in our festival.

As base advice, and if you are not a highly experienced, long-time career writer; less is more. And don't turn in a screenplay that you intended to be a book manuscript. Reduce use of adjectives describing actions / verbs. Consider double spacing action sentences. For example;

'Jerry swung the bat hard.

Molly ran and caught the ball in her mitt.'

Don't get creative with scene titling. For example;


Additionally, our fest likes a title page, contact info is okay. We do check for composition and grammatical mistakes. If your script story is strong, our panel may overlook some obvious writing mistakes, unless there are far too many mistakes in spelling, composition, and grammar.

Finally, with your screenplay, do not use words like "we see the ...". Your screenplay should not include a description of camera angles. Your paragraph descriptions of scenes and nouns should read simply and matter-of-fact.

If you are submitting a non screenplay manuscript, such as book formatting, again; follow industry standard for the style writing you are entering.

Our festival now offers student discounts as special pricing. If you are an actively enrolled student presently enrolled in and attending college / university course(s), send to us a copy of your student ID and a document showing the courses you are presently enrolled in and attending, and then enter the category of your choice with student discount pricing. The college must be a U.S. accredited college or university.

Without filmmakers there is no festival.

Digital Submissions only.

The following rules and terms are ONLY intended so that our micro festival will be operated fairly and in good faith. If you see a policy, rule or term you want changed or you don't understand, please contact us by email immediately. We totally want your feedback and we value every filmmaker, who enters our festival, input about our festival and events.

Our festival will work diligently to be the most worthwhile celebration of film and media worldwide. We will emulate and standardize to mainstream events that are common and well known.

Filmmaker agrees not to complain and advise others negatively about our festival, descriptions and policies before contacting our festival by email and waiting for a response from festival staff and communicating with us further to permit our festival to operate and manage accurately.

FFF only accepts digital submissions at this time and for this year's festival and contests awarding prizes, awards, and distribution.

Person, persons, company, companies and others entering media into festival ("you", "entrant" and similar and referred vernacular).

Incomplete media submitted for Distribution must have a strict deadline intended for completion, list of crew and cast, production notes and / or strong scripting, trailer and movie poster (if any), or any available development.

Prizes, Awards, Distribution and other materials (collectively "Prizes") awarded to entries submitted and accepted will be awarded on equal value of Prizes to entries submitted. Prizes in our micro-festival are the issued / emailed Certificates but are not limited to that if our fest staff sees to assist our filmmakers and winners further with additional prizes.

Prizes and Awards and entry fees are not refundable.

All portions of our film festival are subject to change, without notice, including Rules & Terms, prizes, awards, distribution / screenings, and all other aspects, applicability and application of our festival.

Our festival contests, awards and prizes dates / dating, final festival, distribution, public releases, and other (in favor of our film festival and its staff) may be extended to later dates and/or times until at least 2,000 or more entries are achieved such that our judge's panel can fairly judge and work on a large enough amount of films to be compared in the categories, types and selections for those prizes and awards and other stated and/or described or suggested in writing or otherwise.

By entering you agree will use your trailers, demos, descriptions, movie(s), film(s) and all other media and other you submit and / or enter into our festival and partner festival(s), to promote and advertise your film. You give our film festival GalaxyFlix, and ACRS, Inc. permission to, with limitation to our festival promotes your work online, in VOD and ISS.

Rules, prizes, awards, categories, and other are subject to change without prior notice.

Festival may enter your media submission / entry into other partnering and related festivals with your permission we may request.

Festival may partner and merge all or some other parts of festival with other festivals.

Film and media entries / submissions do not reflect the views, opinions, and other of and in favor of festival and persons and companies involved with festival.

Festival does not cater to entries and submissions. Festival is not responsible nor liable for violations of rules and terms and partner rules and terms.

Festival is intended for adults only.

Reservation and all rights are kept by festival to reject and stop anyone not conducting good conduct, good faith, and or who is/are violating the rules and terms of our festival.

Producers, talent and/or others of entries, films and media submitted may be requested to provide news, info, interviews, appearances and more at, during, and after our festival and final festival dates, promotions, and other.

There are no strict dates and deadlines applicable to festival, festivals, persons and companies coordinating, partnering and involved in the festival.

You give festival non-exclusive, limited use of your entry / entries for the purpose of promoting your entry / entries during our event and additional festival annual competitions and event = for positive promotion of your work and our fest.

* By entering Festival you agree to all festival rules and terms.

** Festival reserves the right to reject any, regardless of Guaranteed Festival Acceptance and other entry and issue, entry or media which does not conform and comply with all festival rules and terms herein, subjectively and in favor of festival.

Guaranteed Festival Acceptance is not an Official Selection and it is not an award. It expedites review and places your entry into distribution in our final festival.

† Official Selection Laurels: entry must comply with all Rules and Terms of festival. Filmmaker must contact festival to arrange Official Selection and promotion.

Persons inquiring, filmmaker and others submitting entry / entries is / are completely and fully liable and legally responsible for all their inquiries, communication, entries, issues and resolutions including copyright issues, damages, and all other.

Persons inquiring, persons previewing, filmmaker / entrant and others involved agree not to and will not sue or bring any form of litigation against festivals, persons, staff and companies involved with festival and its partners.

You give Festival non-exclusive and requested (we will request to further distribute your entry if we really like it) right to distribute, offering festival partnering assistance to other corporations, advertise, promote, and show your entry (always with your requested permission, of course).

Wherever outside matters are concerned, especially in the event of litigation: festival owner(s), coordinator(s) and others involved in festival have no assets, property, money, and other of their own wherever festival is concerned. All properties, financing and money are the property of festival itself as its own entity, do not belong to owner(s), coordinator(s), and others involved in festival. Festival owner(s) may use assets gained from festival only insofar as festival increase are concerned for distribution and festival promotion, gain and more for festival.

All persons and staff working for, owners, management, coordinators, judges, and others for festival are Independent Volunteers providing not-for-profit work and have no stake in nor income from festival. Volunteers may use fee entries allotted to them to pay costs associated with festival and to continue to be available for volunteering. Festival is only a non-involved medium for transaction between filmmaker and venues such as online, theater and film markets not part of nor involved with festival.

Prizes and awards and other of festival are coincidental and merited by filmmakers upon winning.

If we really like your entry and if we have accepted your entry; we may contact you and ask if you would like to be part of our festival jury or be part of other film, filmmaker and other partnering events; but partnering up is not a requirement of our festival.

For the Automatic Festival Listing category and more: You may receive an email stating your media entry is Not Accepted or that your entry is Accepted (Official Selection) into our festival. After review of all media entered into our fest, the emails sent through FilmFreeway are automatically generated emails from FilmFreeway and those emails have nothing to do with your Automatic Festival Listing you purchased. The generated email means that our festival will or will not be awarding you with Official Selection award laurels and further showcasing your work during our final event, as a notice. Specifically, your entry and public listing of your entry is shown with your work's title and your credited name - at our final event - when you enter Automatic Festival Listing.

As our direct partners have always stated publicly and clearly;

a. If festival does not clear / make at least $5000.00 (five thousand dollars) in entry fees during a / its presenting season of competitions and showcasing, then festival will not premiere nor showcase official selections and awarded entries at public venue / ground cinema theater event. Instead, if the amount of entry fees is less than five thousand dollars, festival will showcase and premier only the Best Of / Awarded entries and Official Selection (official selected) entries at a private or non public theater / screening.

At worst, in the event our fest does not meet the minimum office and entry fee costs ($5,000.00), during final event our fest may only premier / showcase the Best Of / Final Winning media entries in a closed, private theater / cinema event. As always, however, fest will try to accommodate every Official Selection and final winners / Best Of awarded entries.

b. Because of the sheer large amount of high quality, officially selected media entries festival receives, not all officially selected entries will appear / premiere onscreen at our final screening event(s) per annum or season. Our festival estimates a "large number to mean that if our jury panels select over thirty entries then not every official selection should showcase onscreen during our live, seasonal finale theater event.

c. Festival may not show every Officially Selected film onscreen, due to the high number of entries, critical and panel review, and number of selections. Festival may show specific scenes or clips from selections in onscreen / live / theater venue (private, non public theatrical venue).

Overall Rating
  • Eduardo Rufeisen

    Great festival to promote your work!

    March 2017
  • Maria Aliaga

    Everything was amazing! Thank you!

    February 2017
  • Vira Burmenko

    We were glad to have been selected for the Madhouse Film Festival with La vie d'un clown"! The process was straight forward and clear.

    February 2017
  • Danny MAlin

    Thank you for accepting my film.

    February 2017

    What an honor to have been selected into your festival and even more an honor to have received that special certificate for our film. Your festival is a class act on its own. Very professional and with timely notifications of selections. 5-STARS!!!

    February 2017