Mission Statement

Festival Cinema Invisible is an annual event organized by Free Culture Invisible LLC, which is an independent organization dedicated to celebration and promotion of films and other artistic and cultural expressions produced within or about the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, which may be problematic and challenging within the country of production or focus.
Too many recent films from the Middle East, North Africa and beyond are unable to achieve entry into the channels of distribution and the wider audiences that they deserve. The annual Festival Cinema Invisible creates visibility for endangered cinema of the region, giving filmmakers the opportunity to develop and grow while bringing their work to the attention of viewers who are eager to broaden arena for cultural exchange and diverse visions.
By introducing authors, artists, and filmmakers who may not have access to other venues, FCI provides a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas. Through nurturing purposeful communication and meaningful cultural exchange, FCI aims to help artists learn and grow by exhibiting their creative works, while encouraging the international public to expand their understanding and knowledge of the works of art they may not otherwise experience.

For the 2020 Festival Cinema Invisible, we are looking for features, documentaries, shorts and animated films coming from or about topics related to the Middle East and North Africa. Filmmakers of Middle Eastern and North African origin regardless of their place of residence, as well as filmmakers making films about topics or subject matter related to the Middle East and North Africa are encouraged to submit their films.

Submission Guidelines:

- Categories: Feature, Documentary, Short, Experimental, and Animated Films. Maximum runtime is 90 mins.

- 2020 FCI submission deadline is May 31. All films must be postmarked no later than 5 PM (EST) on May 31.

- All films must have English-language subtitles or be in English.

- 2020 Submission fee is $10 for all categories.

- All films should not be viewable online to the public to be considered as a selection for the festival.

- FCI cannot consider films received after the submission deadline.

- FCI will not return submitted works so please do not send original materials.

- FCI cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of your print/video materials.

- By submitting the film for the festival, the applicant hereby warrants that she/he/they:
1. Has the legal right to submit the film to Festival Cinema Invisible.
2. Owns and/or controls the film and all its parts.
3. Declares that film(s) submitted to FCI is free and clear of any and all litigations, commitments and obligations to other individuals and/or organizations and it does not breach the rights of any persons or entities.
4. Agrees that FCI reserves the right to present the film to available markets including the Festival Cinema Invisible and any “Best of FCI” and “FCI spin-off” re-screenings.


- ALL films submitted to FCI will be reviewed by the Programming Committee.

- If your film is selected for inclusion in the festival, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail by July 31. Please send a press kit and an online link to your film after notification of acceptance.

- Selected titles will be posted on the FCI website. The FCI website cites several categories of Invisible Cinema including Hidden Cinema (where themes or ideas are hidden, however unconsciously, in the works of one or more filmmakers), Censored Cinema (where the film is not permitted to screen within its country of production), and Unseen Cinema which includes films that have been forgotten or ignored.

Overall Rating
  • Sam Christie

    Great festival and resulting communication. Great online resources. I will be entering again this year.

    January 2020
  • I can't attend but It is a good film festival

    May 2017
  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Brilliant festival, thanks for selecting my film 'Dyab'. Thanks

    May 2017
  • Unfortunately i couldn't attend the festival, but the whole thing is just an amazing organization with great films. Thank you to Festival Cinema Invisible for selecting my film.

    May 2017
  • Eiraj Afkar

    I enjoyed the festival you and thank you

    April 2017